Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Saturday, April 23, 2011

After writing this blog I now remember why I haven't blogged in awhile. It takes FOREVER. Enter at your own risk.

So many things to catch up on.

March started out with a bang with Haley developing a wheeze, then a cold, then landing in the hospital, then getting out, then not getting better, and not getting better, and not getting better, and seeing a pulmonologist, and then sort of getting better, and then getting a little bit better and then getting much better. I've administered approximately 99,999 breathing treatments during the last 2 months.

P1050871 P1050873

So that's kept me kind of busy.

And then there was the half marathon on April 9. It was awesome. I went, I ran, I came home, my hip hurt. The good news is that I don't have an injury. Turns out I'm just kind of stupid. I KNOW I should have been doing strength training with my running, but I just kept ignoring it. Well, a weak core makes for a sore body. Who knew? Anyway, I'm still running and that's all that matters. I will say that Haley being sick was a serious challenge to my running routine. It required mucho discipline-o to stay on top of it! I was really proud of myself for sticking it out when I would have otherwise bailed on running.

Anyway, if you're at all interested in pictures or details you can check out Jeni's blog


And in March Miles decided to turn five. We wanted to celebrate but given all the craziness I didn't have time or energy to devote to a big party. Instead I baked 5 dozen cupcakes and we invited all of Miles' best buddies (and their families) to join us at the park. I didn't plan games or activities or anything. We sang happy birthday and then I told everyone to eat and play. And so we did! It was the best party ever. I would totally recommend.

P1050830 P1050834 P1050832 P1050838 P1050839 

We also had to share the love at preschool. Miles thought he was pretty cool handing out lollipops to his friends at Miss Jill's class.

P1050827 P1050828(1) P1050829

The next week I helped my friend throw a baby shower for another friend. Cristina finally got a girl so we had to celebrate with an explosion of pink! Pink drinks, pink food, tiaras and boas. And you know what? I love party food.


Then there is the everyday stuff like haircuts

P1050821(1) P1050823(1)

(he was begging for a mohawk so I let him have one for about 24 hours).

And Sophia getting into my makeup.


What I really need to write about, though, are the funny random things my kids say everyday. I feel like I need to follow Miles with a dictaphone so I can record his every thought.

Or I could just show you this video. The best part is how totally serious Miles is when the subject is martial arts. And as you can see Miles' martial arts are, well, mixed.

**This video is rated TV-PG because Miles DOES say something about hitting the bad guy in the penis. I promise that's not anything we've taught him, rather I think it's something he's picked up watching ANY DISNEY MOVIE EVER CREATED. I think crotch-shot humor is in all of them...

***After watching this video again I should point out that Miles was playing with the drawstring in his shorts. It was hanging down inside his shorts and bothering him. Chase had to clarify that for me...Because he looks a little preoccupied if you know what I'm saying.

Another funny Cameronism/Milesism happened the other day whilst folding laundry with the kids. Ever since Chinese New Years Cameron has been seriously obsessed with China and all things Chinese. This has led to his need to inspect every tag in his clothing to see where the garment was made. Much to his delight they are mostly made in China. After several announcements of "MOM! This was made in China!" I said, jokingly, "Haley wasn't made in China. She was made in the United States." Instead of laughing Cameron said, "Uh, she was made in heaven."

Then Miles (who was singing "Shot to the heart and you're to blame you give love a bad name") said, "Mom how was Haley made?" Trying to avoid the actual explanation, I said she was made out of love. To which he replied, "I don't have any love in my heart. Only for Gruma and Grumpa and you and daddy..."I think he probably would have listed pretty much everyone he's ever met, but he was distracted by all the Bon Jovi playing in his head.

And since you're still reading, how about a Sophie story?

Sophie needed a clean pair of underwear during Haley's nap. I didn't want to wake up Haley by going into their room and getting the required undies so I said, "You know what? Just go grab a pair out of brother's drawer." After giving me a LOOK Sophie went to retrieve them and came back wearing turquoise batman underwear. Inside out and backwards. After prancing around in them for a minute she turned her bum toward me and said, "Look mom! They have pockets!"

Later that night when we were checking on the kids we found her sleeping like this: