Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, August 12, 2013

For reals this time

Remember that post from last year? Sorry about that. Do you forgive me yet?

If you're not my Facebook friend (hey, let's fix that!), you may have missed the big announcement yesterday. We are having another baby on January 31st!! I swore up and down we weren't going to do an announcement about this. But last week Chase decided it was time to tell the kids. They are so excited they can't contain themselves. Sophia specifically couldn't contain herself at church yesterday. She came home and confessed that she told Sister Hunter, Sister Bales and all the kids in her class. But that's okay! Because they don't know me.

Yeah, Sophia. Right. I KNOW EVERYONE.

Anyway! Baby number five is definitely on the way. We were thrilled when we found out in late-May, but by early-June I was feeling the repercussions. Morning sickness took the wind out of my sails big time. All of those big plans for schooling through the summer? GONE. All those fun weekend trips around the state that we planned for some killer family time? GONE. My ability to clean a house and cook a meal in the same week? GONE. I'm still having a tricky time with my gag reflex, but I'm feeling much better these days. At almost 15 weeks I'm also losing the ability to suck in my gut. Not that I was great at it before, but it's becoming more noticeable by the day. Gone are my 25 year-old muscles with their sweet elasticity. My future plastic surgeon (yes I just said that - this temple needs some remodeling) can go ahead and plan that trip to the Caribbean. But whatever! Totally worth it to have another squishy, cuddly baby to carry around on my hip. And I happen to think we make extraordinarily adorable babies. So bring on the stretch marks!

Other than baby, there isn't much to catch up on. The kids finished out the school year successfully. They still think homeschooling is fantastic, so we plan to continue this fall.

Cameron and Miles enjoyed their first summer on swim team and had a great time at their first (and only) meet. Swimming has definitely become our family sport. Sophia is looking forward to joining the winter team with the boys this fall. She's worked hard and can now swim across the pool all by herself. The winter team will be perfect for helping her maintain and develop her skills.

Haley made big strides by finally potty training 10 days before her third birthday. And oh yeah, she turned three! She continues to be a challenge and a treat simultaneously. She can enchant and exasperate like no one's business! We sure do love that girl of ours.

Chase has stayed busy at work. His company was just sold last week, and he's currently working through the transition. He's also gearing up for another year of teaching early morning seminary (a scripture study class for high school age kids). He loves doing it, but it will be interesting to see how we all fare once the baby arrives!

Next week we head out of town for cousin Taylor's wedding in Iowa. We can't wait to see our Kilgore family. I've had lots of time to reflect on family this summer and have determined that I was born into, and have married into, the greatest families that have ever existed. I'm surrounded on all sides by generous, loving, amazing people! I'm incredibly blessed to be a Kilgore-Rawlins. I love this family of mine.