Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, April 28, 2008

Where, oh where has my husband gone?! It's 11:14 pm on April 28, and I'm sitting here alone waiting for Chase to come home. Busy season is still going strong for us. Last week was the worst. I came down with a nasty, nasty bug on Monday night that I'm still getting over. Of course it happened at the same time that Chase had three different audits to wrap up. He went in early and came home late every night last week (including SATURDAY!), he ran home during the second hour of church on Sunday to check in with his staff people, when he is home he has to continue working late into the night, and he's working this week even though he had originally scheduled to take Monday-Thursday off! Sigh. I feel badly for the poor guy. He feels so awful having to work these hours. I know it's good for his career and he's learning a lot. But wow, I can't wait for busy season to REALLY be over. Sara, don't you just miss PWC?
As long as I'm posting movie clips, I should probably post this one for TWILIGHT. I'm so ready to vampire it up on December 12!!!!!!!!! Save the date!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

COOL! I read in the Church News that there is a new movie about Emma Smith out. It's already playing in Utah but it will be playing in select theaters around the U.S. this summer.
Anyway, check it out and watch the trailer here
http://www.emmasmithmovie.com/ it looks really good!
To try and bring the show to YOUR AREA, email your name, city, state and zip code to movies@candlelightmedia.com (check under SHOWTIMES for more info).
Let's try to get this movie to Dallas!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Deep thoughts for the day:
I need to stop comparing. All too often I get focused on what other people are doing, what they have and what they look like. I get a little down and think that the grass must truly be greener in someone else's yard (okay, that part is real, though, because I don't have a whole lot of grass in my yard, mostly weeds that we mow...but I digress). I see people and think my life might just be better/easier if I could be as skinny as them, or as fashionable, or as creative, or as good at baking/canning/gardening. Wouldn't it be great if I knew how to decorate a house like that, or if my house were newer and fancier, not to mention cleaner? Wouldn't it be great if I could take lots of trips and see more of the world. Maybe I should read more. Maybe I should read less. Maybe I should try pilates. Maybe I should only eat bacon and eggs. Maybe what's working for them would be the magic cure for my life!!!!
Or maybe I need to just stop looking at others and look around me right now! The adorable little girl cooing at me right now; the sweet, sensitive Spider-dude watching 101 Dalmatians; the crazy, but oh-so-lovable 2 year who is passed out in his bed; the hard-working, generous and kind husband who makes every day better than the last. I have a roof over my head, good health and enough money that we can take care of ourselves and try to help others. I have a body that is strong enough to create, carry and deliver three little miracles (and hopefully, someday in the DISTANT future, more miracle(s)). I have a knowledge of the gospel that gives me hope, direction and complete joy. Really, when it comes to the important stuff, the things that matter most, my cup is so full and I'm so thankful for that.
I know that the Jones' are hard to keep up with. I know that I will always have to battle that urge to compare myself with everyone else. But for today I'm glad to feel like I'm winning.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My life lately:
Well, I'm walking more. That's good. I'm also going to buy a jumprope - Thanks, Personal Trainer Kelly. Now I've got to work on cutting out the three dessert/night thing...
Anyway, it's been a busy week! I probably say that a lot, but it's actually true. I'm just crazy these days.

Over the weekend we got a lot of work done in the yard. We have a 30 year-old house. This means our lawn and landscaping (if you could call it that) is also 30 years-old. We're pretty sure none of it has been tended at all in the last 30 years, either. When the seller listed the house she planted winter rye grass (which works great when you first plant it but dies quickly) to make the lawn look nice and then dumped approximately 400 tons of red-wood mulch on top of the shrubs that she razed. So this spring we've been discovering a lot of stumps and a very patchy, weedy lawn. And removing the mulch has proved to be quite a task as well. So far I've personally filled 4 lawn bags with it and there's a lot to go. Oh well. Baby steps, right? One day we'll have our landscaping looking good again.

Saturday was also the day that we finally hung the blinds and curtains in Sophie's room! Yay! My friend Stephanie is going to come help me shorten the blinds and then I'll take a picture. It looks REALLY good, though!

And to top it off we got a visit from my SIL Christy on Saturday. She was having a weekend to herself and attending her MOMS Club conference, and all of that brought her to Dallas. We had fun chilling out, eating and remembering funny Scott stories. She got to meet Sophie for the first time, too, and that was a blast! When we were sitting down to eat dinner Cameron said the prayer and he included Christy by saying, "And we're thankful for Zach's Sara." I guess if Gaby has a Sara, then Zach must have one, too. Awesome insight, Cam.

Sunday was your usual day (see the Easter post) and that evening my brother, Jerry, called to say that he would be in town for a few days for business. Cameron was thrilled to have a real, live Gaby connection in the house and I started dreaming of projects I could ask him to do. In the end we spent our time eating, watching Napoleon Dynamite, watching various clips of the Flight of the Conchords (thanks Jen and Bri - we're all hooked now), Jerry changed the lightbulbs in my kitchen (we spent a full month or more in darkness because I was convinced the wiring was bad...I should have just changed the lightbulbs. Cool, Anna), and the guys played basketball. After a few days of witnessing the sheer insanity that is the Rawlins House, Jerry said, "Well, Anna, I have real respect for what you're doing here." In other words, "you people are nuts, I'm ready to go home."

Today we got to babysit Ashley and Kailey while the international movers pack up their belongings in preparation for their move to China. It was a lot of fun to have them play one last time. We are going to MISS the Breinholts. I know China is pretty excited that they get to keep them for awhile, but the rest of us are pretty bummed. C3 ward just won't be the same...Can you tell that Cameron is a fan? Anyway, we played, we ate, we played some more, we ate some more. A good day overall.
Speaking of eating, let me just tell you that my daughter LOVES to eat. She's one of those kids who starts to get fidgety about 90 minutes after her last meal. By 1 hour and 47 minutes she has reached epic levels of starvation and lets you know. She starts with the fidgeting which quickly becomes grunting and back-arching. Then she starts to gnaw on her fist. Next thing you know she is attempting to devour entire stuffed animals or burp cloths. If you happen to be holding her this is the time she starts diving for flesh - any flesh will do. If her lips make contact with it she goes into suction cup action which results in a very high-school-looking hickey. Finally, when she can stand the pain of deprivation no longer she gives in to a full-body scream that would cause the neighbors to assume I'm abusing her. The whole thing is rather dramatic, really. But what I just can't get a handle on is WHY she thinks she's so hungry. Has she SEEN herself lately? The girl is in the 95th percentile for weight! What? That's not good enough?! Is she really such an over-achiever that she has to beat the other 5% of kids who are fatter than her? Is this what people call "eating to win?"
ANYWAY, at least she's cute (which is really the only reason I give in to the theatrics at all).

In Cameron and Miles news, I have to share: I bought them play swords. Yes, I know. I've given many lengthy speeches on how I would never let my kids play with guns, etc. But under the tutelage of Deb I've come to accept the fact that, with boys, it's "all about the weapons." HOW MANY TIMES have I seen them make weapons out of sticks and lego's? And they are at least 10 times more dangerous than the ones you can purchase at your local Walmart. So on my last trip to the Dollar Tree the boys spotted some foam swords that make clanging metal sounds and I hesitated for about 2 seconds before saying, "Sure, why not." They've never been happier.

Friday, April 11, 2008

So there was even more rain and hail on Wednesday night AND an enormous storm system that was dropping tornadoes all over the place. We woke up at 4 AM to roaring winds and hail beating on our windows. I was convinced it was a "rain-wrapped" tornado and we ran to turn on the TV. The weather man confirmed that a tornado warning was in place and advised taking shelter in an interior closet or bathroom. So we quickly cleaned out our coat closet, grabbed cell phones and put on clothes. We were just about to grab the kids and head for cover when the storm passed. It was such an eerie feeling that it calmed down as quickly as it did. Anyway, the kids slept through it but we couldn't get back to sleep until 5. And, as usual, Sophie woke up approximately 35 seconds after I drifted off...So there was no way I was heading out for an early morning run on Thursday.
So this morning I couldn't get myself out of bed after Sophie's 5:30 feeding. I just wanted nothing more than to crawl back under the covers and die. So I did for another hour until the kids got up and I had no choice.
So the point of this blog is to inform you all that, for the mean-time anyway, I give up. Running is going to have to wait until Sophie gets on some kind of regular schedule that allows me more than two three-hour stretches of sleep per night.
But I've buckled down and decided that walking will just have to do. This morning I put the boys in the stroller and strapped Sophie into the Beco carrier (easily the greatest invention known to man - it kicks the Bjorn's trash!) and headed out for a walk. It was great! The boys ate some Cheerios and only whined sporadically. Sophie slept in the sauna-like atmosphere under the fleece jacket I was wearing. I even threw in a couple sets of walking lunges at the end to help tone my two rear-ends. Three miles later I felt pretty dang good!
So, while I look forward to running in the semi-near future, I'm happier doing something than doing nothing. Walk on!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Well, it figures. I guess I am officially a busy mom of three...sigh.
For the last 4 months I've been trying to pray my body back into shape. I didn't gain an unreasonable amount of weight - just the same 30 pounds I gain each time. And I breastfeed so that's supposed to just burn the fat right off, or so I'm told. But alas, here I sit 4 months post-partum with about 10 pounds to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and another 10 pounds after that to get to my dream weight. You know, the weight I haven't been since I was a junior in college. Actually, scratch that, I've been my dream weight twice in the last 8 years - once when I was running my butt off to get ready for Brian and Jeni's wedding (I looked awesome, I'll say that much), and again when I was about 3 months preggo with Miles. I had the worst morning sickness and dropped 12 pounds (but again, I looked awesome).
ANYWAY, I'm not much of a dieter. I really do best when I just eat normally. What really works for me is running. It is hands-down the only exercise that i really love enough to get up and do! And as a bonus, it takes off the pounds quickly and shapes up all of my post-baby parts.
The kicker? I have only done 2 or 3 post-baby runs. All of which took place at night because that was the only real time I could go. (2 seats in the double jogger + 3 children = Anna has to run without the kids until Cameron goes to school full time.) Unfortunately I'm not a night exerciser. By the time the kids are in bed and I've got the house somewhat recovered I barely have enough energy to get through flossing and brushing. So night running is out.
Of course this has left me trying to fit in aerobics videos or using my exercise ball and free weights...This lasts for about ten minutes because I have to go put Miles' diaper back on, or break up fights, or take the toothpaste away from Miles, or provide drinks and snacks to children who are suddenly famished and thirsty. The list goes on.
So yesterday I decided I've had enough! I decided that I was getting up early to go running today. Sophie has been sleeping much better - usually just waking once or twice a night. So while I can't survive on 5 or 6 hours of sleep EVERY night, I can do it three times a week and sneak in a few runs.
Things started well enough. I got the kids to bed on time, got the house cleaned up and spent a little time with Chase (watching the Biggest Loser which I accidentally recorded instead of AMERICAN IDOL!!!!! Not cool...I hope someone Tivo'd it!) and headed to bed around 10:15. Of course Sophie woke up at 10:30 and absolutely had to be fed so she would calm back down. No big deal, I'm still on schedule. Right. At 11 PM the hail and lightening started. I still wasn't worried. I just put on my jammies and got under the covers. Until 2 AM when the storm outside got violent. 2:15 Cameron arrived in our room screaming. He crawled in with us and we tried to get back to sleep. A few minutes later I figured I'd better check on Miles. He was fine so I got back in bed and pushed Cameron out of my spot. The next hour was spent sleeping about as well as I could with Cameron's knees and elbows in my back. I had to keep pushing him out o f my way. Then at 4 AM Sophie was awake so I had to get up and feed her. I was back in bed 15 minutes later only to be awakened at 5 AM by Sophie again! She just couldn't go back to sleep. I let her cry for awhile but it was clear she wanted my attention. After another feeding she went calmly back in her bed but quickly developed the LOUDEST hiccups I've ever heard! I turned off the monitor in our room and I could STILL hear them! Finally around 6 I was able to get back to sleep. There was no way I was getting up to run on only 3 solid hours of sleep!
So there it is. It figures, right? I guess tomorrow I'll follow Cameron's advice and "try, try again!"

Monday, April 07, 2008

I hope her eyes stay this blue. I originally thought I wanted a brown-eyed girl, but how could I not be happy with blue?!
Sophie is starting to reach for things.
We're not sure why Cameron feels the need to sleep naked. We ARE sure that the boys love to sleep together. We put them to bed individually and this is always what they look like when we check on them a few hours later.
Miles in crisis mode. He's going through the "everything is a lovey" stage. You can see that he could only be consoled with his favorite blanket, his old crib sheet, a puppy, two basketballs and a Batman action figure. And he still looks sad!
Sophie is learning a lot of new tricks these days! She has figured out how to shove her thumb all the way to the back of her throat while sleeping. This is good and bad. Good because she's self-soothing. Bad because I've been trying to keep her on the BINKIE! I can throw a binkie away in 18-24 months. I cannot throw her thumb away. Trust me, we've got Miles who is a thumb-sucker and it's going to take forever for him to give it up.
Sophie's other new trick is rolling over! What a champ!
A big shout-out to the birthday girl! It's her four-month birthday.
The boys waiting for cookies to come out of the oven.
So, the cookies I made were pumpkin chocolate chip with pecans. I didn't have chocolate chips, but I had a couple bunnies that needed to die so I chopped them really finely along with the pecans. I gave the boys their cookies and went back to finishing up the next batch. A minute later I look over to find Cameron picking apart his cookie one molecule at a time. I said, "Cam, what are you doing to your cookie?" He said, "I'm taking out the chocolate and nuts. I don't like chocolate and nuts in my cookie." So he ended up eating about a teaspoon of cookie.
Miles could care less about chocolate and pecans as long as it's a COOOOOOOKIE!
The demolished cookie. (Yes, the crumbs tasted fantastic. No way I was throwing THAT away!)

Happy Monday! It's about 5 PM here and I couldn't remember if it was still Monday or if it was Tuesday yet. That says something about my life, doesn't it. I often joke to Chase about the fact that I live in the movie "Groundhog Day." I walk into the kitchen every morning and say, "Wait, didn't I just clean this place YESTERDAY?" Right.
Moving on...this weekend was conference. It was wonderful to listen to the Prophet and Apostles and other authorities. Of course when I say listen I'm referring to what I'm doing while simultaneously wrangling three small children who are hungry, bored, tired, and easily excited. I'm just grateful I got to listen to Elder Ballard's talk at the end of conference! And I'm glad Chase got to hear it, too:)
In other news, I have a brand-new nephew and I am in love with him. I wish I could be in Georgia! I love new babies! I'm willing to be he smells fantastic! Of course, I'm not envying my sister, Chrysta, who I am SURE hasn't slept much in the last five days. But still...babies are so worth it! Yum.
Anyway, i have a bunch of pictures and videos to post so stay tuned. I'll do that later today.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hmmmm....Is he or isn't he?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I just wanted to throw some pictures on here to show you the funny moments of our week...

This is Cameron's sandwich from last Tuesday. I had given him a meat and cheese sandwich with some fruit and edamame on the side. Chase has recently taught Cameron the joys of putting random stuff in your sandwich - like, say, Goldfish. So Cam has continued the trend and decided a "mame" sandwich would be delicious. He enjoyed it thoroughly.
After bathtime I put the boys in their pj's and ran to take care of Sophie for a minute. This is what I cam back to find. Cameron called them "pirate hats." Ahoy there, matey.

Anyone who has walked within 20 feet of Cameron in the last 2 months has been asked to play his newest favorite game, Hide and Seek. I take pity on the poor kid and play a dozen times a day. Miles has no clue how to actually play the game, he just follows whoever is hiding (and usually gives away the location by being loud and noticeable). You can see that Cameron is all the way under the bed. Miles? Not so much.
Cameron also hasn't figured out that it's not a good idea to hide in the same place over and over again.
Naked babies are cute.
Really cute.

So this is Saturday morning. For a couple days in a row Sophie was waking up at 6 to eat so Chase would just bring her in so I could feed her and sleep at the same time. The combination of eating and the super warm bed is a one-two punch that puts this girl OUT.
Completely unaware that I'm flashing lights in her eyes.
This is Saturday afternoon. Miles somehow grabbed a packet of Instant Grits (Chase's) and took off with it. I found him on my bed where he had ripped a hole in the middle of it...
and then sticking his fingers in to eat it. He would lick it off his fingers and go back for more. Needless to say this was a HUGE mess.

Sunday morning princess. We've FINALLY figured out the red-eye function on the camera. No more evil baby eyes. Pittsburgh Sara this picture does not do this dress justice. It's SO cute!
Me with the kids before church. Miles is already halfway un-dressed.
Also, let's take a minute and talk about this dress. It's my very, very favorite dress. It's highly unfashionable and quite old but it's become my favorite dress over the years. Why? BECAUSE IT STAYS ON! Every time I try to wear something cute to church my children undress me in the pew. Seriously! Am I the only one who has this happen? I try to contain my child on my lap and next thing I know my skirt is over my head! How the heck did that happen and really, do the elderly couple next to us need to see my underwear?! They are constantly pulling and tugging at me, thus rendering me completely and utterly immodest. It's horrid. But this dress? It stays put. Buttons stay buttoned (unlike my blue dress that LOOKS like this until Miles sends the buttons flying). So as long as I have tiny, little children who are constantly trying to expose me, I will have this dress.
These are "sandwich cups." We made these for lunch after church. You just take a piece of bread, cut the crusts off, roll it out and then put it into a lightly greased muffin tin and bake for ten minutes at 375. Lots of fun.
This is Chase's lunch. Banana sushi. He took the aforementioned crusts and put PB on them and then wrapped them around the banana slices. Then he made a nice little jelly dip. He's so funny sometimes.
And this is my cute husband (who took the final section of the CPA exam today...I'm not telling until we receive official word in 6 weeks so just hang in there...). He's cute.