Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Friday, April 11, 2008

So there was even more rain and hail on Wednesday night AND an enormous storm system that was dropping tornadoes all over the place. We woke up at 4 AM to roaring winds and hail beating on our windows. I was convinced it was a "rain-wrapped" tornado and we ran to turn on the TV. The weather man confirmed that a tornado warning was in place and advised taking shelter in an interior closet or bathroom. So we quickly cleaned out our coat closet, grabbed cell phones and put on clothes. We were just about to grab the kids and head for cover when the storm passed. It was such an eerie feeling that it calmed down as quickly as it did. Anyway, the kids slept through it but we couldn't get back to sleep until 5. And, as usual, Sophie woke up approximately 35 seconds after I drifted off...So there was no way I was heading out for an early morning run on Thursday.
So this morning I couldn't get myself out of bed after Sophie's 5:30 feeding. I just wanted nothing more than to crawl back under the covers and die. So I did for another hour until the kids got up and I had no choice.
So the point of this blog is to inform you all that, for the mean-time anyway, I give up. Running is going to have to wait until Sophie gets on some kind of regular schedule that allows me more than two three-hour stretches of sleep per night.
But I've buckled down and decided that walking will just have to do. This morning I put the boys in the stroller and strapped Sophie into the Beco carrier (easily the greatest invention known to man - it kicks the Bjorn's trash!) and headed out for a walk. It was great! The boys ate some Cheerios and only whined sporadically. Sophie slept in the sauna-like atmosphere under the fleece jacket I was wearing. I even threw in a couple sets of walking lunges at the end to help tone my two rear-ends. Three miles later I felt pretty dang good!
So, while I look forward to running in the semi-near future, I'm happier doing something than doing nothing. Walk on!


Pooh said...

I will be doing the exact same thing as soon as the doc gives the A-OK. You go, girl!

Steph said...

Oh Anna I'll I have to say is girl you walk....rock....ok dumb joke.ha ha! Really, your awesome (0:

Chris and Sarah Wise said...

go you! and hey you'll still burn a lot of calories pushing a stroller with 2 kids and carrying another one! I'm sure you'll get pretty fast results!

The Fowers said...

Sigh... I remember being so sad that I couldn't keep 2 kids happy for even a walk!! You are so bold to try, but unless you get a nanny and a personal trainer... ... and while we're dreaming, a cook? You are motivating me to try harder on my last 10 pounds, and Madeline is already 18 months!!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

walk on girl

critts said...

Wow - I'm so impressed! I can't believe you are so good about walking/running and getting up so early. I'm lucky if I'm dragging myself out of bed at 7:30.