Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I just wanted to throw some pictures on here to show you the funny moments of our week...

This is Cameron's sandwich from last Tuesday. I had given him a meat and cheese sandwich with some fruit and edamame on the side. Chase has recently taught Cameron the joys of putting random stuff in your sandwich - like, say, Goldfish. So Cam has continued the trend and decided a "mame" sandwich would be delicious. He enjoyed it thoroughly.
After bathtime I put the boys in their pj's and ran to take care of Sophie for a minute. This is what I cam back to find. Cameron called them "pirate hats." Ahoy there, matey.

Anyone who has walked within 20 feet of Cameron in the last 2 months has been asked to play his newest favorite game, Hide and Seek. I take pity on the poor kid and play a dozen times a day. Miles has no clue how to actually play the game, he just follows whoever is hiding (and usually gives away the location by being loud and noticeable). You can see that Cameron is all the way under the bed. Miles? Not so much.
Cameron also hasn't figured out that it's not a good idea to hide in the same place over and over again.
Naked babies are cute.
Really cute.

So this is Saturday morning. For a couple days in a row Sophie was waking up at 6 to eat so Chase would just bring her in so I could feed her and sleep at the same time. The combination of eating and the super warm bed is a one-two punch that puts this girl OUT.
Completely unaware that I'm flashing lights in her eyes.
This is Saturday afternoon. Miles somehow grabbed a packet of Instant Grits (Chase's) and took off with it. I found him on my bed where he had ripped a hole in the middle of it...
and then sticking his fingers in to eat it. He would lick it off his fingers and go back for more. Needless to say this was a HUGE mess.

Sunday morning princess. We've FINALLY figured out the red-eye function on the camera. No more evil baby eyes. Pittsburgh Sara this picture does not do this dress justice. It's SO cute!
Me with the kids before church. Miles is already halfway un-dressed.
Also, let's take a minute and talk about this dress. It's my very, very favorite dress. It's highly unfashionable and quite old but it's become my favorite dress over the years. Why? BECAUSE IT STAYS ON! Every time I try to wear something cute to church my children undress me in the pew. Seriously! Am I the only one who has this happen? I try to contain my child on my lap and next thing I know my skirt is over my head! How the heck did that happen and really, do the elderly couple next to us need to see my underwear?! They are constantly pulling and tugging at me, thus rendering me completely and utterly immodest. It's horrid. But this dress? It stays put. Buttons stay buttoned (unlike my blue dress that LOOKS like this until Miles sends the buttons flying). So as long as I have tiny, little children who are constantly trying to expose me, I will have this dress.
These are "sandwich cups." We made these for lunch after church. You just take a piece of bread, cut the crusts off, roll it out and then put it into a lightly greased muffin tin and bake for ten minutes at 375. Lots of fun.
This is Chase's lunch. Banana sushi. He took the aforementioned crusts and put PB on them and then wrapped them around the banana slices. Then he made a nice little jelly dip. He's so funny sometimes.
And this is my cute husband (who took the final section of the CPA exam today...I'm not telling until we receive official word in 6 weeks so just hang in there...). He's cute.


Sara said...

Great photos! I LOVE that dress on Sophie...and Miles continues to crack me up.

P.S. Photos coming soon. There are a few up on facebook, but i'll send you a lot more (incl ones of food for Chase) as soon as my roommates uploads hers (hopefully tonight)

Sara Kilgore said...

Darling Sophie, darling dress! And your modest red dress is most darling, too.

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

Anna you look gorgeous for church, well you always do even in your pjs, but especially gorgeous for church that day! and Sophie's dress... LOVE THAT! It is so cute! BTW Loved the Wiggles shout out "Ahoy there Maytee!" I hope that is on your wiggles tape and not just ours, which by the way... I hate the pirate.

Pooh said...

I think I may have to try the banana sushi thing. That was actually looking pretty good...

Alyssa said...

Ummm Chrysta? Did you really post that comment at 1:05 a.m. on the day you're scheduled for your third C-Section?? You are crazy. Certifiably, I do believe.

Moving on... great pictures Anna! I especially like Miles' hide and seek abilities. Sweet.

Chris and Sarah Wise said...

Um so I totally feel you on the kids undressing you thing. I've only got Madison, but I'm pretty sure about half the ward has seen pretty much all of me! I have to wear a floor length turtle neck to avoid exposure. Then I'm sure she would still find a way to expose me.

critts said...

Yay Anna - I found your blog (this is Steph Ryan btw). Cute pics from the week! Love Chase's banana sushi - I'm sure Marcus would love that too.

letter_2_elise said...

Your kids are so gorgeous! I cannot believe how grown up they are. It's good to see you guys. We hope you are doing well and loving life. Come see us

Justin and Kristyn Bradley

Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

This post made me laugh. Especially the part about your dress. I'm with you. Dressing becomes more practical and less fashionable as you have more and more children.