Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Friday, April 23, 2010


Okay THIS is a trailer. SUPER excited now! Oooooooh it's gonna be good!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

24 weeks

P1040804 Here I am at about 6 months preggers with baby #4. I wish you could see the detail on this shirt, because it's easily my fave.

Ignore the Evil Emperor Zurg on the counter.

Also ignore the muddy color of the walls. I've painted them TWICE trying to get the color right. First it was chewed grape bubblicious purple, now it's faded chewed grape bubblicious purple. Neither is flattering in that bathroom. I'm starting over next week...

P1040805 Annnnnnnnd a side pic. Because it's necessary to show you why I get the weird double takes when I'm pushing the cart down the aisle. I go FORWARD when I'm pregnant. At least until about 8 months when my body just goes all-over-round.

You may notice that while my stomach goes FORWARD my bum gains equally in the BACKWARD department. I feel like a giant, walking letter S.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In case you were wondering...

...about Sophie's potty progress (because I know you were. Don't lie. You think about it all the time.), let me just say that when I picked her up from the gym daycare (YES, the GYM! I go so that I can watch The Price is Right. Not really, but I've never watched that show before and now find myself staring at it during workouts...so weird), she said, "Mommy! Potty!" And I said, "do you need to go potty, Soph?" And the daycare worker said, "No. She just went a couple minutes ago."

Yeah. That's right.

And now that I've put that in writing she will probably have no less than 36 accidents today, just to spite me.

Girls are a whole different ball of wax, I tell you.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sugar crash

I miss my easter candy. I just do. I know it's good that it's gone. I know that it's good that our next "candy" holiday is months and months away. But I really love having an excuse to have seasonal candy in the house. I'm lame like that.

But chances are you are, too. Maybe a little? Yes?

Nothing good to post. After dismantling the kids' easter eggs and sorting the candy into piles (yes, still writing about candy), I told Chase to hide the candy from me. I've had too much and sugar makes babies BIG. At least this is what my friends who have endured gestational diabetes tell me. And I tend to believe them. So anywho, my babies are big all on their own. I don't need a baby inflated by sugar. So I told the man to take it. Take all of it! Far away!

He hid it in his closet. I know because I found it two days later with not much trying.

He also hid the Halloween candy there.

So when Chase got home yesterday and saw a suspicious looking wrapper sitting next to me he was right to question. But he didn't mention that he was MOVING the hidden candy!

But he did.

And I am sad.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Easter bunny is my nemesis.

This is a package of my favorite Easter candy (excepting Cadbury Creme Eggs, naturally). I purchased it yesterday.


Have you noticed that it's empty?

Yeah, that's right. 30 hours later the bag is empty.

However, in my defense...





yeah. I got nothing.

That pack of Chicks and Rabbits was TASTY! Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm.


This is the new residence of those Chicks and Rabbits.



In other news, Miles had a little easter egg hunt at preschool this morning. I foolishly let him carry his 12 eggs into the house and I ran to check my email quick-like.

And this is what I returned to.

Post Egg Hunt Madness



And just for kicks, here's Sophia looking crazy adorable.P1040752 P1040753

That is all. Go about your day.