Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Saturday, October 27, 2007

So do you wanna hear my new obsession? You'll laugh when you read this, but it's true. My newest obessesion is BUDGETING! Perhaps it's because stuff keeps breaking and we have to keep paying through the nose to fix it, or perhaps it's the idea of having 2 in diapers. I like to think it's just me following the counsel of Marvin J. Ashton...but one way or the other I started budgeting a couple of months ago and I love it.
It started small. I just wanted to know where all my money was going! I kept track of everything in excel. Then the next month I decided I was going to actually put better LIMITS on myself, now that I knew where the money was going. Now, one thing to know about us is that we aren't big spenders. We don't go shopping unless we actually need something, and even then we try to find the cheapest available thing. So we've always been relatively wise about our spending. But a budget can REALLY reveal what's going on with your pocket-book. I never counted all the quick trips I was making to the grocery store, or the trips through the drive-thru when I was too tired to cook. I really was shocked to see all of those little purchases add up over the course of 30 days! They put a big dent in the budget!
So, I have to say that I was actually having a harder time than I thought this month when I was trying to stay within the parameters of my new budget! At first I was feeling slightly constricted (as I had chosen to give myself VERY conservative limits). But something funny has happened. It's now become some wierd competition that I have with myself. Seriously! It's like, "How much can I save on my grocery budget this month?" Or, "Where can I get the cheapest and cutest baby clothes?" I don't want to feed my poor family spaghetti every other day. Everyone knows Chase needs more variety in his diet than that. The good thing, is that I've found lots of other people out there with the same obsession! I found some "online friends" who are super-crazy about coupon clipping and know where to find the best "deals and steals." And I've found some cool websites to help with dinner planning (my first lesson in grocery budgeting is to have a good meal plan every week). I signed up for the local paper and I'm going to start clipping coupons more!
Anyway, I encourage everyone to join me on the budgeting bandwagon!
Oh, and here's a fun website I'm currently loving...it does all the work for you! Hooray!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I actually am cringing as I post this. But, alas, I can't actually do anything to hide my huge-ness, so why not share it on the world-wide-web? Since it's not going away anytime soon I'm better off just embracing it, right?

So here's me at 33 weeks preggers. Big and HIGH! I didn't even realize I was carrying that high! I carried really low with the boys, so it's kinda funny to see it. This may explain why I can't breathe at night. Also, I've officially reached the point where I'm pretty ready for this whole business to be over with. I'm just too big and the boys are just too busy and require too much chasing!! Granted, when this little diva comes out she'll still be attached to me in a carrier for another 4 months, but they're so much more flexible than actually having the baby INSIDE! Ugh. So for all of you who are enjoying your mid-section, your sleep, your breathing, your eating without heartburn...just think of me and pray that little Sophie decides to make her grand entrance in a reasonable amout of time. 7 weeks is SO LOOOOOOOONNNG!

The other pics are from a week or two ago when we went to the Frisco Sculpture Park (or something like that...). We went with Miss Stephanie (as the boys call her) and Preston, our good buddies. Technically you weren't supposed to climb or play on the artwork...oh well.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I just had to throw this picture on here. Cameron has been taking a "super singers" music class that my friend teaches. Each week there is a theme and then music and activities to go along. Last week was "Farm" and this is Cameron being a white, wooly sheep. Allison says he's enjoying himself during the class, but he obviously wasn't at this moment...

Friday, October 12, 2007

I was reminded today that it's been awhile since I've blogged. So I'm returning. But I'm not returning empty-handed. No, no. I'm returning with a challenge. In case you haven't noticed, the Christmas season will soon be upon us. And you know what that means. Christmas parties, snow (for those not in Texas), Christmas trees and decorations, visiting friends and loved ones and general good will and Christmas cheer all around. And Christmas sweaters. You know what I'm talking about. Those beautiful garments adorned in bright greens and reds, often with pictures of old Frosty himself.
So, the challenge: Or maybe it's more of a contest...Find the ugliest, most fanciful, overly decorated sweaters you can find for your family. Thrift stores are replete with these things so don't tell me you can't find some. If you're really having trouble you can contact my mom and see if she will allow you to raid her stash.
Once you've found a gem for each family member you need to go somewhere PUBLIC and have a STRANGER take your FAMILY PICTURE, at which point you will submit it to me via email. The deadline is - of course - December 24, with the winning family to be unveiled on Christmas Day.
I would also encourage you to each post your submissions on your own blogs - that way we can all have fun!
Happy Holidays and happy hunting!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Just trust me. You need to see this. Thanks Sara for sending it my way!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So today was quite a day...We started the day by getting a new garage door. It has been a LONG time coming since the thing has never worked properly and we've never had a garage door opener the whole time we've lived here. So it is with joy that I announce the arrival of our newest baby: A 16'X20' almond colored steel garage door and 1/2 HP Chamberlain opener. We are truly in love with this new addition to our house and we all literally cheered when we arrived home tonight and pushed a button to open the garage. It was fabulous. Just amazing. Seriously, people, I'm 7 months pregnant and opening the garage door manually was getting OLD!

Tonight we had tickets to the MLS US Open Cup finals. One of the things I love about Chase working for a big firm is that we get free tickets to events all the time! This was our first soccer game, though, and we were unaware of just what it would be like! The crowds were pretty sparse but they made up for it in the level of pure insanity! Soccer fans LOVE to shout at the refs and players - often insulting them on a very personal level. How lovely. AND, to our delight we discovered that soccer fans love to imbibe! Everyone of age was carrying the requisite giant plastic cup 'o beer. And for those too dizzy to make it up the steps for some MORE beer, there are the beer vendors who come around every 30 seconds or so with buckets of beer! So we weren't surprised (but we WERE horrified) that Miles learned to say "Beer" tonight. Fantastic. I can't wait to put that into the baby book.

For his part Cameron learned to say "shutup" from a kind gentleman with bulging forehead veins and very flushed cheeks sitting to our right. Thanks, dude.

All told, though, we had a great time! I love living in a city that has every sport available. We've been to Mav's games, Rangers, FC Dallas, Arena football and we still have so many more to see! The boys are going to love growing up here.

Enjoy the pics! I'm starting to see why everyone asks if my boys are twins! They even pose the same!