Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So today was quite a day...We started the day by getting a new garage door. It has been a LONG time coming since the thing has never worked properly and we've never had a garage door opener the whole time we've lived here. So it is with joy that I announce the arrival of our newest baby: A 16'X20' almond colored steel garage door and 1/2 HP Chamberlain opener. We are truly in love with this new addition to our house and we all literally cheered when we arrived home tonight and pushed a button to open the garage. It was fabulous. Just amazing. Seriously, people, I'm 7 months pregnant and opening the garage door manually was getting OLD!

Tonight we had tickets to the MLS US Open Cup finals. One of the things I love about Chase working for a big firm is that we get free tickets to events all the time! This was our first soccer game, though, and we were unaware of just what it would be like! The crowds were pretty sparse but they made up for it in the level of pure insanity! Soccer fans LOVE to shout at the refs and players - often insulting them on a very personal level. How lovely. AND, to our delight we discovered that soccer fans love to imbibe! Everyone of age was carrying the requisite giant plastic cup 'o beer. And for those too dizzy to make it up the steps for some MORE beer, there are the beer vendors who come around every 30 seconds or so with buckets of beer! So we weren't surprised (but we WERE horrified) that Miles learned to say "Beer" tonight. Fantastic. I can't wait to put that into the baby book.

For his part Cameron learned to say "shutup" from a kind gentleman with bulging forehead veins and very flushed cheeks sitting to our right. Thanks, dude.

All told, though, we had a great time! I love living in a city that has every sport available. We've been to Mav's games, Rangers, FC Dallas, Arena football and we still have so many more to see! The boys are going to love growing up here.

Enjoy the pics! I'm starting to see why everyone asks if my boys are twins! They even pose the same!


Sara Kilgore said...

Just be grateful that "Beer" and "Shut up" were the only things they learned to say!

Owen added rain, jump and Happy Birthday (Do-Day) to his repertoire yesterday. He's a genius I'm sure. He's a Kilgore, come on!

The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

Good thing it was a soccer and not a hockey game!!! That's ALL I will have to say on that!

Congrats on the door!

Pooh said...

Oh honey, I live in Bavaria, where "bier ist brot" (beer is bread, i.e. it has its own spot in the nutrition pyramid). You go to a normal restaurant and everyone's drinking it in 1 LITER mugs or bottles. It doesn't even register with me anymore.

Three year olds feeling free to say OTHER choice words (and their parents finding it *cute*) are why, after working at the on-post child care at Fort Benning, I will be ensuring that Hudson attends non-military schools as much as possible.

Congratulations on the newest member of your family. I'm so happy for you and your garage!

Alyssa said...

The popped collars are a nice touch. I'm guessing they get that from their dad??

Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

Ah I have been wanting to go to those games! Fun! Oh I am so proud of little Miles for learning another word! Yeah for him!