Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yummy goodness

About a month ago I decided I was going to make more of my kids snacks. I was spending a bundle on granola bars every week. I insisted that they had to eat a healthy kind since they devour so many, so that meant a lot of money shoveled into the hands of granola bar makers that could, instead, be residing in my wallet.

SO, the search began. I found a recipe easily but it took a few tries to get it just right. But today's batch was divine. So I thought the only fair thing was to share the love.

Behold, the Granola Bar.

  • 3 1/2 cups rolled oats
  • 1 cup crisp brown rice (can use regular rice krispies)
  • 1/3 cup milled flax seed
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup butter, softened
  • 3/4 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup smooth peanut butter
  • 2/3 cup chopped dates
  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Lightly grease one 9x13 inch pan.
  2. In a large mixing bowl combine all ingredients as they appear. Mix the dry ingredients quickly before starting to add wet.
  3. Firmly press mixture into the prepared pan. Bake at 325 degrees F (165 degrees C) for 15-18 minutes or until golden brown. After removing from oven use a spatula or other firm object to press bars into pan again. Let bars cool completely in pan before removing cutting and serving.

And, if you needed proof of just how delicious these bars are, check out the happy customers...

 P1030660P1030662  P1030664 P1030665

Oh, and I also found this little gem of a recipe. It's originally found on the back of the Hodgson Mills milled flax seed box.

Monday, May 18, 2009

treats for the tootsies

Bought some shoesies over the weekend. As I approached the cash register I had this conversation with myself:

Question: Anna, do you really think it's wise to buy two pair of shoes?

Answer: Um....probably not.

Sub Answer: I don't care.

No worries. I got 'em at Ross! Forty bucks = two pair of cute shoes! Woot!

P1030618 I was obviously feelin' the wedge platform shoe...

And, for your viewing pleasure, the children.

P1030616 Brian graduated from UNT on Sat and it was raining cats and dogs. Miles got to the car afterward and decided he was too wet to wear clothes on the way back to Bri and Jen's. So there you have it. Naked Miles (well, not ALL THE WAY naked...). And that's Cam's new "photo face." You'll be seeing more of it in the future, I'm sure. I'm cool with it. He's rad.

P1030613 Bino's at the grad. Fan-freakin-tastic.

P1030607 Cindy Loo Who post-nap.

P1030604 The boys are massively into forts these days. Because I have four older brothers I remember the allure of forts and I usually let them make them as big as they want and I'll keep them up for awhile. I was exceptionally happy to see them make one in their room this time! They had a blast sleeping in it.P1030599 Five journals I keep. One for each of the kids**, one spiritual journal and one regular journal. Journal writing, me love you long time.

P1030567 The kids hard at work rolling out their own pizzas. I still can't decide if this was a good idea or a bad idea...Notice Sophie's one spark-a-ly shoe. Is she her mother's daughter or what?

P1030582 Truth in advertising.

P1030583 Home: It's where you hang your hat. Or your crime-fighting gear. Whatev.

P1030559 So bohemian.

P1030595 I convinced the boys this is how Wolverine eats his fruit, too. They bought it.


**The idea of writing journals for each of my kids can be attributed to my MIL, Tori. She kept one for each of her boys. Upon marrying Chase I got to read his and it was just about the best present I could have gotten. Fave entry: "Chase, we love you, but we wish you would JUST STOP BITING!"

Friday, May 15, 2009


I've been addicted to a couple really great musicians lately. You have to check them out.

Mates of State. Love them. They're usually my fave to workout to because they're poppy and upbeat. But "Nature and the Wreck" is their best song, by far. Youtube it.

AND, if their music didn't make them awesome enough go watch this video. They're a mommy and a daddy, too!

Bon Iver. This guy is heartbreakingly rad.

Breathe Owl Breathe. They remind me of my first two years of college at this liberal arts school that was full of patchouli-wearing hippies. Which, of course, is why they are awesome. Listen to "Drop and Roll" and change your life. And did I mention there's a cello. Oh, the cello.

Other good stuff I've been jamming to:

Get Up Kids, New Buffalo, Pinback, The Decemberists, Sunny Day Sets Fire (which I originally thought was a joke/spoof of two great bands Sunny Day Real Estate and Boy Sets Fire - They might be...I haven't uncovered the story of their inception. I only know they're cool.)

As with all music you have the watch the lyrics - I usually do a check of lyrics before I download something. I'm terrible about not realizing what songs are about until they're already emblazoned on my brain and I'm singing them to the kids in the van. So now I have to do the precursory search. I would recommend you do so as well...

Friday, May 08, 2009


If you're reading this and you're in the Dallas area LISTEN UP!

The Walk for Bridger sign-up has plenty of spots open! I know you've been meaning to sign up, right? Right. So mosey on over to

www.mysignup.com/walkforbridger and get your name on that list!

If you want a race t-shirt you have to sign up TODAY!

So what are you waiting for!?!?!?! Support Bridger and his family! Show 'em some love! And if you don't know the Gustafsons, come anyway!

Hope to see EVERYONE there!


Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,

Last night my Cutie-McShmooper hubbers and I celebrated the big 7! Seven dreamy, magical years together. What a wonderful day!

We started out the day with the spouse rubbing my back as I gripped my head in agony, then shuffled to the kitchen to take at least 5 different pills in hopes that one or two might actually clear up my congestion. And, wouldn't you know, it worked! Great day already!

Then it was off to work for Chasey-poosey. I stayed home to mind the offspring, per the usual.

7:30 rolled around and it was date time! And you know an anniversary date is a special kind of date. Because no one (and by no one, I think you know to whom I'm referring, Diary) mentions the word, "budget." Yay! But as we all know there's a mighty recession across the land and it is prudent to take it easy on the 'ole wallet. So we head to Uncle Julio's with plans to hit Mr. Sushi afterward (couldn't decide between the two so we decided to do BOTH!). Uncle Julio's was fab. Guadalajara Plate, Mexican Butter, warm tortillas, Roasted Veggie tamales, chips and salsa. Mmmmmmm... Delicioso (see, I even understand Spanish better now)!

We eat while discussing plans for the future and reminding the other how loved they are.

Afterwards, heading to the car in the moonlight, we decide we're far too stuffed to hit Mr. Sushi tonight. And why not string this out a little, right? Mr. Sushi gets re-scheduled for Friday night! Wahoo!

So we go where every anniversary-night-dater goes. Target! I mean, hey if it's good enough for our wedding night, well by golly it's good enough for the Spectacular Seven Night! We cruise the aisle utterly unfettered, pick up some candy and hit the check-out line.

And what was for the finale, Dearest Darlingest Diary? Why, a trip to the cinema to engross ourselves in a lovely little film about a well-muscled mutant with a bit of an anger management issue. Fantastique!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

To the Divine Miss M.

No, not Bette Midler. This is someone younger than her. And prettier. And fantastic-er. And she lives in my ward.

Anywhozey, short of dedicating a song to her on the Delilah show I feel the need to give a big cyber-shout out to my divine friend for her much-needed services today.

So while you watch this video just know that as I grip the left side of my head in agony tonight I'll be thinking lovely, lovely thoughts of you. Who knows, maybe I'll name a kid after you one day? (though, I still have yet to follow through the with promise I gave the epidural guy - Paul - five and a half years ago, so maybe not?)

And don't think I don't know your birthday is coming up, Miss M.

Only one more day until the 7-year anniversary of our Opposite Marriage!

Woot, woot!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Truth, Truth, Lie...

Okay, fine. Here's the explanation.

It occurred to me one day as I was insta-chatting with someone that I was using an obscene amount of computerese. I must have typed "LOL" after every third sentence IN ADDITION to using it as a response to the other chatters chatter. Later in the day I was thinking about the comp-versation (computer conversation - that's totally a word. Well, it is now, anyway.) and had a flashback that I can only attribute to something like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - I was that disturbed. Does everyone remember when email, instant messaging, and later texting, first came about? You all used capital letters at the beginning of sentences, right? Complete sentence structure, perhaps? Actual words, maybe? Well, I did. I swore up and down I was only going to use real, Merriam-Webster approved words in my e-communications with people. As a student of communications, I reasoned, I should never, ever allow myself to degrade the already-messy English language.

But I did. Just like sin, it creeps in here a little and there a little. And it all started with the ever popular, "LOL." Laugh. Out. Loud. But am I actually laughing out loud? Really? Have I EVER laughed out loud? You know, I probably have. And in those instances I probably had the wherewithal to type out a nicely-worded sentence about the chatters' witty witticism. KWIM?

So, that's all. In the effort to promulgate truth and honesty the world over, I've decided to use the phrase "LOL" just a tad more judiciously.

In addition, I am removing the following phrases from my e-vernacular entirely.

LMBO - Laughing my butt off. At no time has my bottom come unglued from the rest of my body during a compversation. If it had I promise you that compversation would never have ended because my personal efforts to remove said bottom have been, well, fruitless.

ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing. How on earth could I be typing AND rolling on the floor laughing? It seems senseless to begin with.

So there you have it. One more glimpse inside the neurotic mind of Anna.

p.s. If you've ever been the recipient of one of my ill-advised "LOLs" don't be offended. While I probably wasn't Laughing Out Loud I was more than likely Giggling Inward. So maybe I'll just use "GI" from now on in place of "LOL". What's the likelihood that will catch on?