Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

To the Divine Miss M.

No, not Bette Midler. This is someone younger than her. And prettier. And fantastic-er. And she lives in my ward.

Anywhozey, short of dedicating a song to her on the Delilah show I feel the need to give a big cyber-shout out to my divine friend for her much-needed services today.

So while you watch this video just know that as I grip the left side of my head in agony tonight I'll be thinking lovely, lovely thoughts of you. Who knows, maybe I'll name a kid after you one day? (though, I still have yet to follow through the with promise I gave the epidural guy - Paul - five and a half years ago, so maybe not?)

And don't think I don't know your birthday is coming up, Miss M.


Jeni said...

first, I LOVE bette.
Once I was in the hospital really sick and my sister brought this to me with my walkman. She played it for me and told me that I was the wind beneath her wings. I was the forgotten background noise in our family and so this meant soo much to me!
second. TELL me if there is anything I can do to help when you are snotty...
third, happy anniversary tomorrow!

The Fowers said...

Hah! I just snorted out loud. Until about 2 days ago (when I read your LOL blog) I thought LOL meant "lots of love" (you have GOT to be LOL'ing right now at how old and geezery I am...someone needs to sit me down and go over texting lingo 101 with me QUICK!) so here is LOL right back at you!