Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, May 18, 2009

treats for the tootsies

Bought some shoesies over the weekend. As I approached the cash register I had this conversation with myself:

Question: Anna, do you really think it's wise to buy two pair of shoes?

Answer: Um....probably not.

Sub Answer: I don't care.

No worries. I got 'em at Ross! Forty bucks = two pair of cute shoes! Woot!

P1030618 I was obviously feelin' the wedge platform shoe...

And, for your viewing pleasure, the children.

P1030616 Brian graduated from UNT on Sat and it was raining cats and dogs. Miles got to the car afterward and decided he was too wet to wear clothes on the way back to Bri and Jen's. So there you have it. Naked Miles (well, not ALL THE WAY naked...). And that's Cam's new "photo face." You'll be seeing more of it in the future, I'm sure. I'm cool with it. He's rad.

P1030613 Bino's at the grad. Fan-freakin-tastic.

P1030607 Cindy Loo Who post-nap.

P1030604 The boys are massively into forts these days. Because I have four older brothers I remember the allure of forts and I usually let them make them as big as they want and I'll keep them up for awhile. I was exceptionally happy to see them make one in their room this time! They had a blast sleeping in it.P1030599 Five journals I keep. One for each of the kids**, one spiritual journal and one regular journal. Journal writing, me love you long time.

P1030567 The kids hard at work rolling out their own pizzas. I still can't decide if this was a good idea or a bad idea...Notice Sophie's one spark-a-ly shoe. Is she her mother's daughter or what?

P1030582 Truth in advertising.

P1030583 Home: It's where you hang your hat. Or your crime-fighting gear. Whatev.

P1030559 So bohemian.

P1030595 I convinced the boys this is how Wolverine eats his fruit, too. They bought it.


**The idea of writing journals for each of my kids can be attributed to my MIL, Tori. She kept one for each of her boys. Upon marrying Chase I got to read his and it was just about the best present I could have gotten. Fave entry: "Chase, we love you, but we wish you would JUST STOP BITING!"


Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

How cute! I love the cape hanging up with the other coats. Everything needs its own special place :)

Alyssa said...

Um, I really thought that Soph's "bohemian" pic was actually a pic of Mary Kate Olsen. Or Ashley. Which one is all bohemian again? Because that's the one I thought she was.

Mandi said...

So I went out and bought two journals yesterday. My Mom did this, too, but only for a short time when we were little. Now if I can only keep up on them.

Pooh said...

I went shoe nuts at Marshall's the other day. Pink nubuck flats and bright red Born flip flops with a GIGANTIC red flower on the front. What day did you go? Maybe it was sisterly shoe ESP? I went last Thursday.

Forts. They're big here, too. It all started with Bear Grylls making shelters out in the wild. Anyway, my sofa cushions are attached and the boys don't have bunks yet, and I was getting tired of having to fix forts that were falling down because the blankets were too heavy and there would be much screaming (Cannon) if I didn't fix. So for Christmas I paid waaayyyyy too much money for these Offi Space Frame fort-builder pieces and added two lengths of parachute nylon from JoAnn's and a play parachute from Target. Add a few giant spring clips from Staples and you have a mighty fine fort. Or, as we have today, the secret agent headquarters. It really must be ESP, because I was about to go take a picture for posting.

You're brave with the pizza.

Your sparkling white cabinets and wainscoting look lovely. Still. How are your spray-painted door pulls holding up?

Way to be all guilt-inducing with the journals.

Pooh said...

And, um, oh yeah:

You actually gave your boys tiny little SPEARS on purpose????? Mine would end up puncturing a lung. Or better yet, puncturing a brother's lung. Good luck with that.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Lyll, what's funny about that is Chase's brother actually said Soph looks like Michelle Tanner in her baby days. And I think he's right. So maybe one day she'll be a more Mormon, far more modest, less anorexic version of MKO?
Chrysta, the painted hinges have worked out fabulously. The white paint on the cabinets and wainscoting needs touch ups in a few areas, but for the most part is surviving quite well. I'm thinking of doing a red sissel (how do you spell that?) rug in the kitchen. But then I don't know because my kids throw such crazy amounts of food on the floor...
Also, too, after taking the picture I cut off the pointy part of the skewer. But only because Cam sat there looking at it for a few minutes before I realized he was staring danger in the face.
Also, Also, Too, I just happen to really enjoy journaling. I have since I was a kid. No guilt necessary. You take 1000 times more pictures than I do, so your kids will still have some preservation of their childhood.

Pooh said...

It's spelled sisal. And there are tons of cute outdoor rugs these days that are made of polypropelene. Use one of those and you can just stick it out on the deck and hose it off occasionally. Plus, they're pretty cheap. Even the most expensive ones are under $500 for an 8 x 10, but the normal ones are usually around $200 for that size. Can't beat that.

Glad to know you realized the error of your ways and removed the temptation (of spearing Miles) from Cam's vicinity. Now I know they have a better chance of making it to the reunion.

Pooh said...

Oh. I'm pretty sure that I totally spelled polypropelene wrong, but my brain stopped working about three hours ago, and I'm too tired to go look it up. Feel free to mock me. (Although in my defense, I've just managed to properly insert commas into the run-on sentence above, so maybe it equals out?)

Jeni said...

i also have learned that chase used to push brian alot and that brian got bottle fed rootbeer.... nice.

Nicole said...

I thought I commented on this post, but apparently not?

I heart your new shoes.

That's it.

Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

I love the way you look at life. Truly a joy to read. Soph does look like MKO, but I like Cindy-Lou Who better. Darn cute. The superhero gear hanging in the front hall is classic. Can we say children, or more specifically - boys, live here?