Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No more excuses

Okee-dokee people. You're all going to need to check out this handy little chart. Memorize it.

Note: It's rated PG-16, Tay. Sorry. Better luck next year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Did the Eagles get together again?

Because it's been freezing over here all day! SNOW IN TEXAS!!!!!! How 'bout them apples?

So I guess that's one big fat check mark in the "Christmas 2009 Rules" column.

Though, I just found out the Pee-Yay'ers will get Sam and K, too. Ugh! Are you kidding me?! I missed them last year due to the big Nor'Easter that blew through and canceled their flight:( Lame! But next week I will have Zach and Ty, and that is something to make the Pee-Yay'ers drool indeed. Eat your heart out, people!

Also too? I wrapped the Christmas Eve presents today and remembered why I love the Kilgore Family Christmas Tradition Book. The number one rule is that only family gifts are wrapped. Santa brings everything in it's au naturale state. And that is a good thing. Because I hate wrapping with a fiery, fiery passion.

Also, also too? Today I was thinking of Dad's old robe. He had the best black velour robe with orange'ish stripes. He would come out Christmas morning looking like he'd only gotten about an hour of sleep (which is probably accurate) wearing that robe. You knew when you saw that robe that it was CHRISTMAS! Dad, why did you let Chrysta talk you into a new robe, huh??

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Open letter to Deb, Lylla, Sara and Bird

Dear sisters,

I am so thrilled for you that you are spending this blessed holiday wrapped in the warmth of one another's company. It makes the cockles of my heart fuzzy and gooey to know how you will laugh, sing, and watch Twilight together. To know that tomorrow evening you will lounge at 6 Mine Rd. on carpet that should be pink in a room that should have pink Charlie-brown-esque wallpaper on it and eat non-nut products...well, my JOY knows no bounds.

But here's the deal. I don't want to hear about it! At least, I don't want to hear about it until AFTER it's all over and done with. If Deb and Sara show up in matching side ponys - I don't want to know. If Lylla appears in a yellow jumpsuit singing fish songs with Taylor - I don't want to know. If Bird's ear holes have gotten even bigger and she's tattooier - I don't want to know.

Until later.



So, you know. Have fun. Smush your faces together for facebook profile shots (don't forget the gang signs). Paint each others fingernails. Walk around Candy Lane together. Pick up some breakfast at the Pantry. Heck, have pillow fights and sing Pat Benatar into hairbrushes for all I care!  I'm sooooo over it.



(and probably Christy, Chrysta and Nicole if they're being honest)

P.S. Merry Christmas. I probably should have said that first.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don't you just love the people?

P1040465 Miles wearing Cam's costume from the holiday play at school (which was fabulous and featured a song called "Turkey Tango." Classic.).

P1040468 I just like Sophie's hair in this shot.

P1040470 Cameron cut out these individual triangles of paper, taped them to his knuckles, and called himself Wolverine. His imagination blows my mind on a daily basis.

P1040488 This is the kids and Cousin Brandon on the tramp at Grape Grandma's house. They were abusing Brandon, per the usual. I'm only putting this up because Brandon likes to be "talked about on the internet." B - you are awesome. Danielle was busy helping with Thanksgiving dinner or something...

P1040511 P1040510

This little girl just turned two. And she's REEEEEEALLY good at being 2.

(Don't you love the boots with this outfit? We love hand-me-downs from our fashionable friends!)

P1040515 Chase and a few guys from Elder's Quorum (or their wives, I should say) made these Christmas goodie plates for some people at church. After he was done he said, "You know what's funny, though? When people see these they're going to say, 'Boy, Anna worked hard!'" And he was right. When I dropped these off someone did say that! I corrected her, though! Anyone who KNOWS me knows the crafty/cutesy genes went straight to Lylla and Chrysta. I got nothin'.

P1040517 P1040518

OK, clearly Sophie is over-represented here, but how could I resist? This picture shows all of her sides perfectly. High heels, cellie, baby and Superman Hat. Nevermind that she's missing clothes. I had just dumped her in the sink after spilling milkshake everywhere. This is how I found her after I finished cleaning up the kitchen. I guess she thought, "Hey. I should get dressed. This should do it."

Bonus points to those who recognize the title of this blog!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So I have this little sign on my mantle. It's red and glittery and says, "Peace." And sometimes, in the middle of my whirlwind days of husband, kids, home, church, gym, PTA, shopping, Christmas partying, VT'ing, friending, cookie exchanging, etc....well that sign is downright confusing.

"What peace?!" I chuckle to myself as I whip through the house grabbing shoes, coats, kids and plates of cookies. "Where is that lovely, glowey holidayness that is supposed to be infusing my every waking moment during the month of December?"

And then, when I sit down to read my scriptures or listen to inspired words from our leaders, or just put on some good old Mormon Tabernacle Choir, that's when my spirit remembers.

The only peace of this season, in fact, the only true peace in this life comes from one source. There is no way to buy it, you can't create it with scrapbook paper and mod podge, and you won't find it at Walmart. (What?! I thought you could find everything at Walmart!!! GASP!) The peace that lasts, the peace that is meaningful can only come through believing in our Savior, whose birth I am celebrating this season.

I know His condescension to Earth was and is for my behalf. I know that through His humble upbringing and ministry He is able to understand me completely. As he suffered the pains of Gethsemane and the cross, He descended below all of us for the purpose of lifting us. The King of Kings left His heavenly home and came to an imperfect world to offer us a better way.

The Prince of Peace, he is called. And that He is. I hope you are all able to enjoy peace this season (whatever and whomever you celebrate), and throughout the coming year.

Want to know more?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crazy Delivered: Straight to your doorstep

Thursday was a busy, busy day. I appreciated that. I was excited ALL DAY and it would have made it horrible if I'd been watching the clock.

So around 7PM I headed out to meet up with my girls. And can I just take a minute and say that for me, the whole Twilight business is really about MY GIRLS. It's all bonding all the time when we're talking Twilight. Jen, Kathleen, Mama R and I have all loved doing this together. I'm so glad I caved and read these books.

So yeah, 7PM, dinner with my lay-days. We hit up Jason's Deli in our "Edward Prefers Brunettes" t-shirts. Mom and Abby are blond and if I had thought about it I would have made them "Emmett Prefers Blondes" t-shirts. Next time, chicas. At dinner I swear I was so excited that I ate super fast and gave myself a wicked case of indigestion.

After dinner we hit the theater at 8:30 where we met up with more people. Chase and Eric joined us as well as BFF Steph and a few of Jeni's girlfriends. We proceeded to stand/sit in line (me subjecting everyone to my griping about my indigestion - sorry!) until 10PM when they let us into the theater. We couldn't really tell how far back in line we were, so Jen starts literally BOOKING IT into the theater. Partly to be funny, but I think partly because we weren't sure if we'd get good seats. But it wasn't necessary. We got awesome seats all together. We were a large group so there was some worry we'd have to break up. Though, Chase and Eric did choose to sit by themselves apart from our group. I'm not sure what they were accomplishing with that. It just looked questionable. And for those who know Chase, yes. He did bring his laptop so he could stare at spreadsheets all night long. That's my monkey man. Boatloads of FUN AND NON STOP ROMANCE! OOOOOHHHHHH!! Ladies, he's taken.

Two hours of girl talk later the lights went dark and a lot of screaming commenced. And after 45 minutes of trailers I think they finally decided to start showing the freaking movie.





I know I said it would require a TI-82 to figure out how many times I would see this movie. I was wrong. It's going to require something more sophisticated. A complex set of algorithms and a couple spreadsheets at least.

There was less cheese, more muscles, better action, less blue tint to everything, and (somewhat) less awkwardness. Bella may have even smiled. And I don't think I saw her bite her lip once. NOT EVEN ONCE! The werewolves were fantastical, Edward was swoon city. Jessica Stanley made every scene she was in, per the usual. Rosalie was actually drop-dead (pun intended) gorgeous! Chris Weitz did a phenomenal job, overall.

My only gripe? Not enough of this guy. Sad face!


See why he's my favorite???? Good gracious!

And now! The crazy!


IMG_2298 IMG_2299 DSCN2930  DSCN2927 DSCN2924 DSCN2923 (see Chase sitting on the floor below me? See Abby's sad face at not having a t-shirt?)

And, I had to tag this on. It's hilarious.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I know you're all waiting for me to bring the crazy...

But if I'm the one so obsessed, why do you keep checking my blog?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So close...yet so...far...away


Emmett, you're going to have to stop calling me. Listen, I'm a happily married woman! With children! I know, I know. You find me beautiful, alluring, and incredibly intelligent. Yes, the word sexy isn't strong enough to describe me. I get it. But, you know, there's got to be someone else out there for you. Other fish in the sea and whatnot.

So hang in there, kid. I have a feeling things are going to turn out for you in the end. Somehow.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If you forgot about this website...

You'll want to revisit it. And don't forget it next time. I'm sick of always having to remind you of things! What am I, your mother?!

And just so you know that I'm not ACTUALLY spending all my time on the Internet, you should know that my house looks amazing right now, Miles is on the mend, my carpets are freshly steam cleaned and I had the most delicious breakfast involving spinach and tomatoes. So there.

Enough of my justifications! Just go here!

...and when you're done you can go here and check out the latest on the New Moon Saga. I swear I've never seen that website before today. Stop judging me!


Monday, November 16, 2009

This is it.

The week has finally arrived and 12 year-old Anna (12 YOA) is beyond excited. To celebrate 12 YOA will spend some time doing things like, watching countless clips online when I should be steam-cleaning the carpet - because, let's face it, no 12 year-old steam cleans carpets; going to Jen's house tonight to watch a couple MTV New Moon specials; making a customized New Moon t-shirt; making said t-shirt at my Twilight Watching Party on Wednesday night with a boatload of friends (side note, will be serving "Blood Red Velvet Cupcakes" for Team Edward and "Puppy Chow" for Team Jacob); wearing a clock around my neck Flava-Flave style on Thursday so I know exactly how much time is left until 12:02 AM.

12YOA is going to have a good week, it seems.

Though, 29-For-8-More-Weeks-And-Cherishing-Every-One-Of-Them Anna is going to have to step in occasionally to do things. But I'm going to try to keep it to a minimum.

Also too? Saw THIS guy on Saturday night, which made my heart happy.

I used this clip for a few reasons: 1. You get to see how funny he is when he plays live. He's freakin' hilarious. 2. you get to see his sparkly red guitar strap, which I was admiring during the show. And 3. because he played this on Saturday and it's one of my absolute faves. If you've never heard of Rufus, well now you have and you should consider yourself accountable for this priceless knowledge.

Cool story from the concert: It was held at Bass Performance Hall, which is one of these places where rich, old people get season tickets and attend everything. So it was fun to have so many of them in the audience for this particular event. Rufus may or may not have been what they were expecting. So anyway, one of these rich, front-row-seat season ticket holders happened to make her way to the upper galleries where we poor (read: normal) people were sitting. I guess her husband decided not to attend the event and she had a ticket to give out. She saw a teenage kid in skinny jeans and chuck taylors sitting by himself and offered the ticket to him. I watched with complete envy when he disappeared with her, only to have my envy escalate into green-eyed monster jealousy when I saw him re-appear with her. She was LITERALLY front row, center. Like, 5 feet away from Rufus when he was standing with his guitar. In the end, though, I decided this kid definitely deserved it. I mean, if you're a big enough fan that you're willing to come to a concert completely by yourself, you deserve to be hangin' with the sugar-momma in the front row. That's all I'm sayin'. Cheers to THAT kid.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To the Super Heroes

Dear Scott, Jerry, Karl, Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Randy, Uncle Mike,

I love you. And today I want to say thank you. Thank you for believing in this gorgeous, amazing country enough to want to defend it. Thank you for believing in our constitution and freedoms enough to want to defend them. Thank you for putting yourself on the line time and time again so that I can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors. It is no small task to serve in the armed forces. Leaving behind loved ones to go fight in a war or conflict simply because your country is requesting it of you is nothing short of heroic. Though, it is cool that some of you can literally fly. Let's be honest here.

To the wives of the above (Christy, Sara, Chrysta, Mom, et. al),

Maybe a bigger thank you? It's hard to decide who deserves it the most. The men who put their lives in harms way or the women who bravely stand aside and let them do what they feel is their duty. The women who manage to keep house and home together so that when The Soldier returns he has a soft place to fall. I've been blessed to watch some of you through these days, weeks, months and years of deployments. I've seen as you've come through them with grace and, most astonishingly, a deeper conviction of the rightness of your partner's path. The days are certainly not easy, and the nights are absolutely harder. The questions from children, the tears of goodbyes. You bear it all because YOU BELIEVE. You believe in your spouses' ability to effect real change in the lives of others. The sacrifice you make is equal in greatness, and I just don't think you will ever receive enough thanks.

To the Armed Forces at Large,

Thank you. I don't know you and you don't know me. But we have this great country in common. And when I see you in the airport I have to hold myself back from hugging you, my gratitude is so overwhelming. And, you know, that would probably be awkward for everyone. But really, if I could send each you a pan of brownies (and I make REALLY good brownies) I would do it. Because you deserve it.

In my home we really believe in super heroes. Some wear capes, and some just happen to wear Camo.

Edited to add: You can see some great pics of my military family at my SIL Christy's (aka SUPER TROOPER MOM) blog here. She's got my bros, bro-in-law and dad. All current or former military.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Oh, and another thing...

These guys are going to be huge one day. I just feel it. I stumbled on their "single ladies" cover one day and fell in love. You heard it here first. (maybe)

Friday, November 06, 2009

We're camping this weekend...

But all I actually want to do is sit around in a thick cable-knit sweater, sipping herbal tea and listening to this.


Thursday, November 05, 2009


Just wanted to get that out there. That is all. Go about your day.


*Where's my Team Emmett shirt?

Monday, November 02, 2009


 P1040431 P1040437 P1040440 P1040445 P1040443 P1040446 P1040434 P1040433

We trick-or-treated for a full 90 minutes. Sophie walked every stinkin' step of the way. And I'll be honest and say that I was kinda hoping she was going to get bored/tired/distracted by candy after the first couple of houses so that I could just take her back to the house. But no. Sophie wanted to prove her mettle and she would SHRIEK every time I tried to pick her up. She was SO tired but just wouldn't give up. By the end she was struggling to walk up the ramp parts of the sidewalk (you know, where it slopes up from the street), her legs were so tired! But would she let me hold her? Nope. Her little pumpkin got so full because people were letting her grab as much candy as she wanted. We had to keep emptying it out because it was too heavy for her to lift. She screamed every time we emptied it and kept screaming until more candy was put back in it. By the end of the night she was a MONSTER. (how fitting) She would walk up to a house and people would duck down so she could pick the candy she wanted and she would literally SCOWL IN THEIR FACE and belligerently  grab as much candy as she wanted. It was both hilarious and horrendous.

As for the boys, they are seasoned trick-or-treaters. They rocked the neighborhood. At one point Miles did embarrass us by looking at the proffered candy bowl and saying, "Um no. I don't like that." And then staring at the man as if waiting for him to go find something else he would like. That was pleasant. Miles also wanted to stay at the door talking to everyone. I literally had to pull him away from almost every door. He's just a friendly kid...

And now we have 20 tons of candy. I've been trying to convince Chase to let me donate it to Operation Gratitude, but he's not buying it. He has some pretty incredible willpower and can limit himself to a specific number of candy pieces per day. I, on the other hand, have no such willpower. For me it's a simple math equation. Me + Giant Bags of  Halloween Candy = Gaining Forty Pounds in Two Weeks. So I'm going to keep working on him...I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

PSA: Something Every Child Should Know

The front of your underwear is NOT an appropriate make-shift pocket.

Great Escape

So last week I hit the road for a girl's weekend in Washington DC with a good friend from my college days, Pittsburgh Sara. This was a totally unprecedented trip. Usually if I'm spending a night away from my children I come home with another child. On the whole, I'd say this was 8ooo times better than staying in a hospital for four nights.

I don't have pictures (I left the camera here so Chase could capture every moment of my absence). I'll just tell you that it was a lovely experience. My parents came down to see me (I grew up mainly in central PA, about 2.5 hours away from DC) and we visited the International Spy Museum and ate in Chinatown. That first day I kept feeling this weird sense of disconnect whenever I would look into my purse and not find wipes, diapers and action figures. Or when we got back to PSara's house at 7 and I didn't have to immediately start dashing around putting people in tubbies and getting jammies out. It was an odd sensation to say the least. But I soaked it in and just enjoyed it.

During my trip we also did Georgetown (complete with Georgetown Cupcakes which is the kind of place where people stand in line out the door and down the street IN THE RAIN. It's that good.), sushi, my lil sis Bird came down, we vegged in front of the TV, shared new favorite music, girl talked until the wee hours, and rolled over and went back to sleep every morning after waking up excruciatingly early just because that's what my body is trained to do. It. Was. Great.

I DID come home to find five staples in Miles' head. The story is that Cameron and Miles were fighting on Great Grandma's trampoline (after spending the night on it) and Cameron swung a backpack at Miles' head not thinking about the filled-to-the-brim metal water bottle in it. So he split Miles' head wide open (I do have pictures of that below...don't scroll down if you don't like gore). Chase managed to pack them all up and rush to Urgent Care. And AFTER that he managed to get them all home, tubbied and off to Church on time for him to speak. And apparently it was a great, not-to-be-missed talk...

Anyway, I just happened to have a friend, Michelle, who ALSO had a girl's weekend right before mine. Her husband, Jedd, had this to say about the business of Daddy Daycare. It made me laugh so I figured I should share. I did change their son's name for privacy purposes. But I kept it natural so you shouldn't be able to tell.

"As both Michelle and Anna skipped town recently to visit girlfriends/sisters and "recharge their batteries," I thought I'd make a few observations.

First, I'm all for some "me" time like that, as taught in the Book of Mormon and by Oprah.  You need some time away from your loving families, especially your loving children (the nightly cries of "where's my mommy?" and "why won't mommy come home?" were no trouble -- really.  They didn't last long at our home, as I kept forgetting to feed the kids so their energy levels were low and they quickly fell asleep.)

Anna, you missed a great talk by Chase.  I think I even heard our ward's resident general authority emeritus say he learned something new from the talk, which is really saying something for a GA.  (Too bad for you it was one of those singular, "too special to repeat" talks).  Also, I understand the well-stapled gash in Miles' head was caused by innocent roughhousing and will NOT result in any visit from CPS.  Chase said the Police Dept. assured him of this.  Oh, and Miles' adorable venture up to the podium during Chase's talk was handled expertly by Chase--he didn't miss a beat.  Everything was totally under control at all times.

Silly things happen while moms are away -- like My Child With XY Chromosomes almost lighting the house on fire, the kids "accidentally" watching Curious George 15 times in a row, Cheerios becoming a new food group, screaming about lunches that are "not how mommy makes them!", playing outside during lightning storms -- it's all very quaint, kind of how Tarzan might have experienced life in his early years.  I worry that thoughts of things like this going on while you're away will weigh on your minds, perhaps cause you to feel a tinge of guilt.  Don't let that happen!

My point?  You need to take MORE trips and worry less about what is going on at home.  Put that cell phone away, relax, watch "Pride & Prejudice" 67 times ("Jedd, see how he looks at her!?").  Because Chase and I already prepaid for a weeks' worth of babysitting at Going Bonkers for the next time this happens (that's the place with padded walls, right?).

But please come back.  On the earlier flight if possible."

Thanks for that, Jedd.

P1040396 P1040394 P1040352 Camping on the trampolineP1040353


Staples in the head below...Don't scroll if you can't handle it.










Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...

Today I embark on a girly weekend with my friend Pittsburgh Sara. Who doesn't live in Pittsburgh. So anyone trying to stalk me in either Pittsburgh or Chi-town this weekend is straight outta luck. THAT"S why I kept the CHI-TOWN reference in my blog. Confuse the stalkers!

Anywho, I'm looking forward to my little vacay but have to admit I'm kinda sad. This morning Chase went in to grab Sophers out of bed and she only wanted mommy. Like, I had to go in there and get her. She wasn't budging for anyone but the REAL THING. So that made me sad right away because I don't want to think of her starting off each day for the next couple of days sad at the world because I had to go off and be selfish.

But, really, it's going to be great for all of us, right? Because come Monday night guess who is going to get the Daddy Treatment (ie. children screaming like you're the beatles when you walk through the door - Chase gets this every. day. must be nice to have your own personal fan club. i wouldn't know.). Yeah, that's right. ME! I'm already picturing the frantic screaming when they pick me up curbside at the airport that shall not be named.

Ooh, goody.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anna's Advice For Making Every Day a Great Day

Doesn't matter who you are, this advice is for you! I would add my testimony that when we dedicate our time, efforts, thoughts and all our strength to the Lord something miraculous happens; we are blessed with abilities beyond our own. It's something that must be experienced to fully understand. When we turn our will over to the Lord - giving back that tiny part that is truly ours to give, for all other blessings are His already - He blesses us beyond our capacity to receive. For this, and so many other reasons, I love the Lord.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can a werewolf imprint on a cougar?

I stole that line from a clip I saw online. Some chick in her 30's was interviewing Chaske Spencer(? that's his name, right?), who plays Sam The Werewolf in New Moon...I thought it was humorous.

Anyway, here's a cool rundown with clips from each song on the New Moon soundtrack. Also too, I've included Entertainment Weekly's review of the soundtrack. Oct. 20 will be a good day for me.

"After the success of the first installment, music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas (Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy) gets her pick of the alt litter here, with each contributing original, previously unreleased material: From the opening chords of Death Cab for Cutie’s dusky guitar rapture ”Meet Me on the Equinox” to the spooky robot-ennui of Thom Yorke’s ”Hearing Damage” and Grizzly Bear’s gorgeous folk-pop pastoral ”Slow Life,” New Moon rarely falters. A peacocking remix of Muse’s shamelessly operatic ”I Belong to You” becomes a Bowie-esque glam-rock stomper. In its wake, Bon Iver and St. Vincent quietly unfurl ”Rosyln,” a duet of hushed, almost church-like beauty.

Moon (due in stores Oct. 20) yields several happy revelations from its lower-marquee names: Nordic songstress Lykke Li’s nearly a cappella ”Possibility” is a lovely little Swedish snowflake, and jokey rockers OK Go achieve an impressive sort of Flaming Lips-y quirk-gravitas on the sprawling, cinematic ”Shooting the Moon.” Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s acoustic campfire lament ”Done All Wrong” segues seamlessly into the jaunty, Strokes-ian guitar fuzz of Hurricane Bells’ ”Monsters.” Think of New Moon as a sort of survey course in new-now-next rock: a mixtape with teeth. A"

Monday, October 05, 2009

Tylenol Recall

If you haven't heard there was a massive children's and infants Tylenol recall. Check it out here and clear out your medicine cabinet!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Eye candy

Even with a dirty post-cookie-consumption face she's crazy cute. How's this for an outfit? I kinda feel like she's channeling Mary J. Blige here. P1040229 P1040228

What do you think?

She just...you know...GETS me.

So I have this friend. She's basically awesome. So one day this friend (let's call her Stephanie Bean) shows up to my house with a little pink bag and says, "I don't care if you like it. I just had to make it for you."

When I opened the bag I found this:


Yes, that WOULD be an Edward fan shirt with blood dripping from the heart. I literally almost fell over when I opened it and then starting laughing really loudly. Like, make-the-kids-stare-in-panic loud. This shirt is fanfreakingtastic. Will I wear it to the mall? Probably not. But that's beside the point. The point is she gets me. She loves me and she gets me. It's like I said, "Hey Steph. How much do you love me?" And she said, "This shirt much." I mean, she cut out the little letters and blood drops and sewed them individually. That's love, folks.

The best part of this shirt was Steph's explanation of how the shirt came to be. She said she was just laying in bed one night and it came to her, in detail, exactly how she should make this shirt. I mean, it's not quite the same as hitting your head on the toilet and coming up with a flux capacitor, but considering it's a Meyer-based shirt it probably makes sense. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh, Pat. You slay me.

Just to prove that my dad really does believe in the power of a good lecture (and that I get my sense of humor from him and mom equally), I have to share the following email we got from my dad after he read my last blog.

"Chase, congratulations on your lecture complete with flow chart as seen on Anna's blog.  A couple of suggestions:  

  • Make sure you save the material.  I always used manila folders but that was before computers were in wide use so you may want to do it electronically.
  • Start a numbering system.  You can simply number them sequentially or you may want to develop categories for your lectures using alpha characters and then use numbers as you have to issue subsequent lectures within the category.  For example, S-1 could be the first lecture in the series related to behavior at school and so on.

If you are diligent, you will not have to do nearly as much preparation when Miles, Sophie and subsequent children are in need of the same lecture.

The numbering system will not only enable rapid recall of the lecture material when needed, but when one of your children requires repeated re-issues of the same lecture (as Anna did) you will eventually be able to simply ask them to reflect on the required lecture by referring to its number and save both of you a lot of time.

You are becoming a very efficient father.  That's a good thing.  Keep up the good work."

And it should be duly noted that Chase's reply to this email was, "Thanks for the "Pat" on the back."

I can't tell anymore where he ends and I begin.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My dad would be proud. Of Chase.

At Cameron's school they use the stop light system for behavior. When you're being good you're on "green." Misbehaving gets you moved to "yellow." Continue on and you're on "red." Cameron has been on green every day of his school career thus far - we're so proud. But today as I arrived to pick him up he rushed out to me with a very serious look on his face and blurted, "I'm on yellow. I had to move my clip to yellow." He was riddled with pure guilt...I just said, "uh oh" and looked to his teacher for some explanation. She said that Cam had been pretty sassy with his P.E. teacher.

After getting in the car I immediately called Chase for a consultation. Cam wasn't sharing details, claiming he "forgot" what had happened. I couldn't decide if he needed a time-out, if he needed a firm talking to or what. So Chase just said to wait and let him deal with it. Fine by me!

So I had to run out and finish up some errands this evening and I arrive home to this:

P1040201 My dad would be so proud. Chase was in full-on lecture mode. And what's a lecture without...

P1040202 yeah. a flow chart. Where you at now, Cameron? Huh? Huh?

As you can see, Cameron was talking to Tristen and the coach asked him to stop talking. Cameron didn't stop talking and missed out on getting a sticker. He was mad so he told the coach he was never coming back to P.E. and never coming back to school. The coach's "feelings were hurt" (I'm sure he's at home nursing a pint of Ben and Jerry's right now), and thus we see how Cameron landed on yellow.

Sometimes I just LOVE being married to a CPA.

Oh, good grief.

It will require a TI-82 to figure out how many times I will likely see this movie.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stress blogging?

I have about 4.6 bajillion things on my "to-do" list right now. At the top of the list?

1. Procrastinate by blogging even though you jolly-well know better.

So. Some thoughts.

  • Cameron is now six. For his birthday he got a new bike and a rad helmet that has skulls on it. Also too (and may I interject that I'm glad this Sarah Palin phrase has continued on all the UMC blogs...because she truly deserves to be mocked into the next century for using it repeatedly), it has been raining every day since Cam's b-day. Meaning his brand-new bike is sitting in my kitchen just waiting to be used. Cam comes home from school, puts his backpack on the table and then lovingly gazes at his bike and dreams of cruising around the neighborhood. It's a bittersweet experience for me. I'm glad he has the bike, he LOVES the thing, but it breaks my heart that the tires are still clean. It deserves to be out in the sunshine.
  • And hey, speaking of school...I can't decide if I love it or hate it. I love that Cameron is having a good time. I hate that they send me notes requesting money every other day. Because my taxes aren't enough. I'm trying to figure out how they would feel about a pound of flesh being dropped in the mailbox with a note saying, "Now we're even. Sincerely, Anna."
  • Sonic burgers. They're delicious. If you don't have a Sonic near you I simultaneously feel sorry and relieved for you.
  • Smoking. My brother is quitting after smoking for nearly 20 years (I'm guessing here, but I think I'm close). He's also running and biking. So basically he's my new hero. I have a feeling he's going to kill the next Kilgore Reunion/Fanny Autrey Memorial 5K run. WOOT!
  • MTV. I know it's not family programming but wowzers bowzers. It's just disgusting. Like, make me want to toss my delicious sonic burger disgusting. There should probably be hyphens in that last sentence. But really, I tried watching the VMAs on Sunday so that I could watch the New Moon trailer (because I'm 12 like that). My SIL was tivo'ing it and thank goodness she was because we were able to fast forward through pretty much every syllable Russell Brand uttered, Lady Gaga's weird lingerie-on-men's-faces performance, and much, much more. oh and we also were able to watch the new moon trailer over and over while certain people who are not me insisted on pausing on the scene where you can see rob pattinson shirtless but like i said that wasn't me. but for five bucks i'll tell you who it was. jeni. not me. jeni but not me.
  • Kanye West. Just, yeah. (shakes head)
  • Patrick Swayze is dead. And now Baby will spend the rest of her life in the corner.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A panther in the house of Joe...

Tonight as I sat in Parent Teacher night listening to my son's kindergarten teacher there was one thing that stuck out to me:
T-shirt days.

At our elementary school there are designated "days" when you wear specific t-shirts. I think this is probably pretty commonplace. Fridays are "Spirit days" and you wear the school shirt. The first Monday of the month is "USA DAY!" and you're encouraged to wear red, white, and blue or something patriotic.

But what I'm really excited for? Like, really, really, super-duper, crazy excited for?

Every other Monday is "College Day!" Kids get to wear the school shirt where mom and dad went to school. That's right, once a month or so I'll get to advertise Pitt Pride to the world as I send little Camstar to school. Yee-haw. I mean, I practically have my own travelling Oakland Zoo in the van already, right?


Leaving the school tonight I couldn't wait to run home and pick out a new Pitt shirt for my eldest. And in so doing I faced that old rush of feelings as I typed www.pitt.edu into the browser. Oh, man. I really loved Pitt. I mean, REALLY loved Pitt. When Chase was getting ready to enter recruiting interviews in his senior year we very seriously considered Pittsburgh because I have such lovely feelings about the place. I mean, Oakland is a filthy hole, but I just can't help myself. There's just too much to love.

For instance, how could I forget the place that (most likely) gave me heart disease? Or the best breakfast ever known to man? Or those days when I sat at the bottom of the Cathedral waiting for approximately four hours to get an elevator to the 30th floor for class? Or hanging out in Heinz chapel to study (is that sacrilegious?) because it was so amazingly peaceful? Or being lost in Hillman Library because it's enormous and I want to read everything in it? Then there's that super weird date I went on  between finals one time and the guy tried to impress me by telling me that he once brought a knife to school...in kindergarten. And I faked a final and left (ooh, look at the time!). Or the fact that I could take the bus anywhere, anytime. Or the greasy vendors set up on all the corners. Or the amazing parks and botanical gardens just minutes from my urban campus. The incredible architecture. Working for this guy and figuring out just how parties/people get elected (fill the potholes, get the votes). Pittsburgh-Sara, Jeanne, Melissa, Eileen, Kiersten and the entire Oakland Ward. The South Oakland Icon. My mom interrupting my upstairs neighbor/elders quorum president in the middle of his shower to help her hang curtains in the apartment that she didn't really approve of me living in all by myself but went along with because she's supportive like that. Sodas on the sofa - heck, just the fact that every student apartment had a nasty sofa on the front porch. Lugging groceries home from Giant Eagle. Learning the proper pronunciation of the word Steelers. Living in my dorm and then moving to 221 Coltart Ave, 15213 (you have to check it out on google maps so you can actually see it...it's the one on the right side. It's special to say the least). Sitting in my first honest-to-goodness journalism class and listening as my instructor (Marylynne Pitz, who just wrote this piece) called her editor on the morning of September 11 and whispered "Do they think it was Osama Bin Laden?". Returning home that afternoon to find frantic messages from my sister who was only getting news that a plane had gone down in Pittsburgh.

So many memories.

I could go on.

But you want to know what's funny? My attendance at Pitt is something of an anomaly in my family. In fact, it's a point of ridicule with my Nittany Lion siblings. They go on and on about Joe Pa and his amazing ability to coach while in a state of cryogenic freeze; and how Penn State is so forward-thinking because they actually allow cows to enroll; and some professors come straight to class from their organic farms and blah, blah, blah. And you know, hey. That's great. Good for them.

But in that great debate of culture vs. agriculture, you know where my loyalties lie.


p.s. I should be banned from blogging. The length of my posts and my inability to edit myself in any way is getting slightly out of hand. All apologies.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Head of the Class

So here are the shots of Cam last Monday at his first day of school. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Cameron yesterday on his first sick day from school. He was irate that I dared keep him home from his beloved kindergarten. So irate, in fact, that at lunch he glared at me coldly and said, "If you don't let me go to school tomorrow I'm going to leave and go to Nana's. SHE'LL let me go to school."

So yeah, first day.

P1040050  Getting into Daddy's car! Cam has a booster in Daddy's car and he gets to ride to school with Daddy every day. Cameron thinks this is basically the best idea ever created.

P1040051 Getting out of the car. Because it's important to catch EVERY MOMENT, right? Cameron will never again get out of daddy's car on the first day of his entire school career. I'm glad I have photographic evidence.

P1040054 Us and Cam. Cameron is obviously trying to break free of our loving, adoring grasp. "Mom! There are PEOPLE watching!!"

P1040055 The first thing you do when you arrive is head to the cafeteria and get in the line for your grade. We walked in and saw all those kids sitting there, the room humming with noise and activity. I looked down at Cam and saw his ghostly white face get even ghostlier. But he stayed strong. He walked to the back of the line and sat down. We stood to the side trying to find that balance between being close enough to make him feel safe and hovering.

P1040056 Once the bell rings a teacher comes to take the kindergarten line to their classes. Again, we walked down the hallway trying to give the kid his space. As we got closer to his classroom Cam looked around and then made a grab for daddy's hand. This is the point where I very nearly burst into tears.

P1040057 Cam showing off his sweet lunchbox (that broke on the first day).

P1040058 The last thing I saw before I walked out of the classroom and left him to the care of his (totally rad) teacher. He was so brave! And trying to act pretty cool. I think he pulled it off, don't you?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My peeps.


P1030801 (Check out the eyebrows...)


  • Coloring. Cameron could sit for hours with a stack of scratch paper and a box of crayons. He mostly draws super heroes, but occasionally will deign to draw pictures of family/friends. He gives me such enormous piles of pictures. I need to find a way to adequately show off some of them. Also too, Cameron loves to give his pictures as presents.
  • Super heroes. Everything in Cameron's world is somehow related to super heroes. He comes by this naturally. His father is somewhat of an expert in the realm of super hero knowledge.
  • Books. Cameron is a big reader and has always loved books. My favorite thing in the world is stumbling upon my children tucked away in quiet corners of the house engrossed in a book. Miles and Sophie have followed this pattern of book worship. I support it, naturally, with frequent trips to the library. But the beloved books on the shelf get plenty of play.
  • His siblings. Regardless of how little they are, Cameron is usually quite patient (to a point, anyway) with them and is great at making compromises as the need arises.
  • KINDERGARTEN! We met the teacher  tonight and Cameron is thrilled at the idea of starting school on Monday. He's counting down the days.
  • Cars, action figures and the world of make-believe. Cameron is famous for setting up little towns all over the house. He'll clear a couple shelves on my bookcase, or use his megablocks to set the scene. Then his cars and "guys" can be found for hours on end in their own little world. If I'm being honest I'll tell you it reminds me of playing with my Barbie dolls; the cars all talk to each other. Though, there were probably far fewer threats of bodily harm issued during my Barbie play...
  • Caesar salad. The kid loves caesar salad and would probably willingly eat it until his gut exploded.
  • Taking showers. He thinks he's pretty cool now that he showers on his own.


  • Going to bed.
  • Most of the Newberry Award books (with the exception of Where the Wild Things Are) I try to read to him. He knows I'm trying to broaden his horizons and he's having none of it.
  • Cleaning his room. He HATES to help me clean. He'll do it, but there's usually a fair amount of garment-rending, wailing, gnashing of teeth involved.




  • Having his back scratched. He asks us so often to scratch his back I'm surprised there's any skin left.
  • Staying close to mom and dad. He loves us. What can I say?
  • His gee-gee (hard g sound). It's his blanket. It's in tatters and it's filthy from being dragged all over the world. But he loves it and he's only little once, so I don't fight that battle. He has to leave it in the car most places, but otherwise I'm cool with it.
  • His thumb. Of course the Geeg and the thumb go together. So yes, 2018 Miles, go ahead and blame me for the dental work you're going through.
  • Music. Anyone who has spent any considerable amount of time with Miles knows that he has excellent musical taste. He demands Keane, Coldplay, Radiohead and the Beatles. Oh, and the Move It song from Madagascar and "I'm Blue" from Eiffel 65. But that's because it mentions the color blue.
  • The color blue. Miles is insane about blue. He loves Sonic the Hedgehog because it combines the color blue AND music. His favorite outfit is blue shorts and a blue shirt. He loves brushing his teeth because our toothpaste is blue. When I pick him up from nursery I never have to guess which color page is his because it's always the one that's entirely blue. The kid just really, really loves blue.
  • Songs at bedtime. yes, more music. But he REALLY loves his bedtime songs. He just lays there looking like an angel and snuggling up close, having his back scratched and listening. It's the best time of day for everyone in our house. The song "lullaby" from the Children's Songbook is his very fave.
  • Swords, nun-chucks and other ninja paraphernalia. Just because.
  • His trike. The look of sheer joy on his face when he's riding like the wind is a better gift than I deserve.


  • Stuff that's not blue.
  • Not being allowed to watch TV/Movies all day.
  • Sophie getting in his face.
  • Time-outs.
  • Eating vegetables except broccoli and asparagus.
  • Large groups of noisy people. It's just overwhelming, poor guy.




  • Being a diva. Girlfriend is a diva. There's no other way to say it.
  • Getting her way. See above.
  • Telling her brothers what's what.
  • High heels. She was in Drama Queen Heaven (not to be confused with Dairy Queen Heaven, which is where I live) when we went to Nana Rawlins' house tonight and discovered high heel dress-up shoes! There was so much strutting going on tonight.
  • Following Miles and Cameron around and taking their toys and then acting like a victim when they take their toys back. See above.
  • Babies. She loves seeing real-life babies, and she loves playing with her doll/animal babies. She pulls out her old baby bathtub and bouncer chair and plays house. It's suuuuuuuuper cute.
  • The thumb and the gee-gee. Our future orthodontist can go ahead and plan that Caribbean cruise anytime.
  • Books. Sophia is also into books. As soon as I sit down to rock her before bed she points to the stack of books on her dresser and says, "book!" I'm not complaining.
  • Eating three calories a day.
  • Dancing and jumping. Dancing is at least safe. And it makes my heart hurt it's so stinkin' cute. She especially loves to get on my bed and hold onto the footboard and wiggle her bum. Oh thank heavens she was blessed with a cute bum. I think I would miss it if she didn't have it.


  • Eating any kind of food unless it contains mass quantities of artificial preservatives. What's with that anyway, Soph? Enjoy your starvation diet. I'm not giving in.
  • Getting her diaper changed. We're in the limbo land of not wanting diapers anymore but not quite ready for potty training yet. It's going to be a fun couple of months.
  • Being carried. I'm thinking of changing her name to Kelly Clarkson she's been so independent lately! She screams "WALK" the minute I unbuckle her carseat. If I dare try to carry her she flails and flips and makes an enormous scene until I put her down - which I absolutely do.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More vacay pics...

Okay, so we had our camera with us but we had memory card issues. That's why I only came home with pictures of the jumps and karaoke. Here are a few more that I've stolen from my SIL Sara.

chase in a waterfall Chase in the rapids again Chase jumping off stuff again

If you didn't know it, my husband is part fish. At our last reunion in Colorado he earned his reputation (with my family, anyway...his family knows all about his amphibious tendencies) by immersing himself - for no good reason - in the icy, mountain stream that ran behind our condos. This year he maintained his rep by never letting any body of water pass him by.  The man is loco for liquid.

alpine slide with cambo Me and Cambo (rhymes with Rambo...)people i love hanging in the air People I love hanging in mid-air.water slide chase and cam Chase and Cam on the waterslide.

Ober Gatlinburg was awesome. Particularly the Alpine Slide. If you've never done one, you should! Just maybe not the one in Winter Park, CO. My sis, Lyss, lost her hide on that Alpine Slide.

Kilgore Reunion 1 All of us.Kilgore Reunion 2 How we normally look.Kilgore siblings 1The sibs. I'll admit I don't love pics like this now...only because our family feels "naked" without the spouses. I prefer pics with my Siblings-in-law who are so awesome they make me want to start a fan club...

kilgore siblings 2 33 people in my family. 33 reasons why being a Kilgore is basically better than being almost anything else...Just sayin'. And our t-shirts? That's a skull and cross banjos logo. Yeah, I know. We're that cool.


Hanging with my main man, B. We'relikethis.