Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, July 30, 2007

Okay, people, get out your lighters. Chase found this awhile ago and I LOVE IT. Of course, who doesn't love this song as originally written by Toto, but this is just a super fun version. And this guy writes GREAT stuff on his own if you check out his website. He's got some crazy way of doing rhythm with his hand...he's got his guitar rigged in a cool way...Anyway, check it out! My super 80's siblings are gonna appreciate this, I know that. Chrysta, Sara, Christy, break out your acid-washed jeans, Olgilvie home perm kits and blue eyeshadow!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I know, it's been a long time since my last post. Naughty Anna! But, I've been busy. To my credit I have (through the power of email/computers) finally gotten almost every last detail of the reunion in order and ready to go. That's right! It's almost party time. To all Kilgore's: Don't forget your Iron Chef Chocolate Challenge recipes, your baby monitors, your bug spray, your t-shirt money (shameless plug), your hiking boots and your advance copies of Harry Potter. For the sake of the group we're going to have Taylor put together a power point presentation entitled "Harry Potter, and How He Has Changed My Life, Like, Forever Because He's So Totally Radical And I Really Really Love Him and I Hope My Dad Let's Me See The New Movie Even Though I'm Not 13 Yet Because My Friends in Young Women's Saw It and Now I'm Really Really Jealous." Okay, kidding. But y'all know HP is going to be a hot topic. If you don't believe me, check the Iowa Kilgore's blog (seriously, maybe we should be doing a HP INTERVENTION for all of the addicts in our family).

SO anyway, the last two weeks I've had a sinus infection followed up immediately by poison ivy. For those who were living at home during the summer of '98 you may remember that I'm slightly allergic to the stuff. So, it's been an itchy couple of weeks.

I don't really have anything to say. This is mostly just a random blog because I know people check it and I thought it was unfair not to put something new up every once and awhile.

OH! We got a cartop carrier. I'm excited about it because we don't have a roof rack on the CR-V and I've always thought we couldn't use a cartop carrier, but we found a kind that works. It's a soft-pack kind, too, which is nice for storage. Anyway, even though we're getting a van in a couple of months I am happy to have some extra space to bring stuff to the reunion and not have to JAM the car full (Jen, next time you're shopping you could just borrow this instead of trying to fit yourself into the Accord...:).

Um...well...I think that's it. I'm attaching a picture of Cameron. I found him asleep in a corner of his closet this week. It was awesome.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well, Kilgores, here it is. The final t-shirt design. We had to share it with a few because of t-shirt issues so we decided to share it with all. Congrats to Alyssa for coming up with the slogan and big kudos to Chase for designing it. He stayed up late more than once working on it so it met my exact specifications. I think it turned out well.
Can't wait to see you all soon!!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Drumroll please................................................................
It's a girl!!!!!!!!
We're thrilled. I truly never expected it (though I did purchase girl clothes on Monday because they were cute and on sale - I really thought I'd be returning them). I fully expected a house full of boys with nary a particle of pink. And yet here we are. Cam was right all along.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

12 hours to go...that's right. Only 12 more hours until we find out if it's a boy or girl! AAAAHHH! And geez, do you think the doc will have plenty of belly to rub that wand over or what? I thought you'd all enjoy taking a look at my belly last week (18 weeks in the white shirt) and then today at 19 weeks. Of course I shouldn't be wearing stripes, but what the heck. My motto of the moment is "if it fits, wear it." I think you can see that I've really popped over the last week (and, apparently, so has my bum). I guess these tired, ole' abs just gave up. They fought the good fight, they really did, but three pregnancies in four years is a lot to ask of any set of muscles. Oh well. Like Chase tells me, I've given those abs up for a worthy cause. Mom, now I get it. So thanks!
Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well, we had the contractor over and he's estimating under $1000 of damage for three different spots of damage, which is good. Turns out the leak wasn't coming from the window itself -which is why the ghetto caulk wasn't doing any good - but from unsealed roofing around the decorative trim - you'd have to see the roof to understand. Anyway, the contractor will be talking to our realtor who will be talking to the seller and then we'll know something concrete about exactly who will be paying for the repairs. If all else fails we'll go through our home warranty company, however it all depends on the deductible! If roof repairs have a deductible of 1% of the home price then we'll end up eating all of the cost, which, thankfully, would be manageable, but not desireable. Again, we're really hoping the seller owns up to her super bad behavior!

Anyway, the weekend was fun'ish. Chase took another section of the CPA which he thinks he passed. I think we had to wait a good 6 weeks after the last exam to find out his scores, so we'll get back to you when we know. He feels quite confident, though. Chase also found out last week that he has been promoted to Senior Associate. He was expecting this, but it's always nice when it happens, right? So congrats to Chase! Looks like those long hours are paying off! His performance reviews were great, too. 4 out of 5, which is basically the highest they'll give anyone who isn't living/sleeping/showering at the office. So we have a happy little accountant on our hands.

So this week is the big week! We'll find out if the nursery will be pink or blue. I'm trying to find things to do until Thursday to keep me busy, but I woke up with a sinus infection/bad cold so I'll probably just lay around between now and then. Oh well. I'll keep y'all posted!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend! Here are some pictures for good measure...Chrysta mentioned that it's funny how my kids never wear clothes. Well, they do in public, but she's right. They love to dress like little stripling warriors! Miles even reads in the buff!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Well, I'm learning that we have to be patient in our afflictions. Seriously, this rain is just NOT GOING AWAY! The contractor is coming on Saturday to give us an estimate on the damage, but in the meantime the leak is not sealed and keeps getting worse. It's basically raining in the house! There's no real way to put a bucket under the leak so we just have to put towels everywhere and hope that catches it. This is what my hallway looks like right now. Hmmm...seems like a good time to invite guests!! Every time I try walking through the hallway it's like walking through a mist. Everyone please pray that the seller fesses up to her misdeeds and just pays for the repairs. I am not in the mood for anything to be long and drawn out. And let's all pray that this rain STOPS! Even with our window leaking we're not in as bad of shape as a lot of people in our area who are totally flooded. It's SO sad. And who woulda thunk it? I mean, it's Texas!

So on a completely different topic, I have to share my newest "thing." Okay, normally when I'm pregnant I don't have any crazy cravings. Chase has been sent out on maybe one food run and I'm sure it was for something completely normal like ice cream. SO, I'm not blaming my newest food kick on pregnancy, so much as it's probably just a side effect of my general craziness.

Crescent Rolls.

Yep. You know, the ones that come in the cardboard can and you peel it until they pop. Well, I found a recipe awhile ago where you can make them into little squares and stuff them with goodness and then bake 'em. And now I'm hooked. I want to put EVERYTHING in crescent rolls. Chicken, tuna melts (my fave so far), blueberries and cream cheese, ham and cheese...everything seems to taste better in a crescent roll! Thankfully they do make a reduced fat version or I'd be in trouble. My next incarnation: cheesy scrambled eggs and sausage in a crescent roll pouch! YUM! Try it. I bet you'll like it, too.

Lastly, for your viewing pleasure I thought I'd show you a pic of Cameron wearing the hiking backpack. Chase had put Miles in it whilst vacuuming the floor on saturday and Cam thought his puppies should have a ride, too! Cute!