Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Bella

Okay, so after some semi-public ribbing from my supahcool niece about my Thursday night plans last week, I have some things to say. So listen up, Tay.

I like the Twilight books/movies. I'm still not entirely sure why. I haven't been able to put a finger on it. I mean, I've been a book snob since I was five. And a movie snob since high school. Twilight is so out-of-control BAD in both book and movie form that it really makes no sense. But at the same time I JUST LOVE THEM, OKAY?

I'm not going to act like I'm too cool for Twilight. When have I ever been too cool for anything? (Except in high school. But all high schoolers are too cool for, well, I don't know. Everything but air and water.) It's starting to seriously grate on my nerves when I read about women who went to the movie, but are too cool for the movie. Um? How exactly does that work? Just admit that you love it too, okay? JUST ADMIT IT.

Now, as for the movie itself. It was pretty okay. I loved it and it was okay. There were parts I wanted to cringe because of the cheese, and parts where the cringe was because of bloodyicktasticalness (hello, bella's blood all over Edward's face for like 25 minutes?).

But for all the stuff I didn't like about it, there was just enough that I DID like about it. First, let's talk soundtracks. Twilight has always done a good job with music. But this go-round they brought back some oldies at just the right moment - like during the wedding scene when we heard the Iron & Wine song "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" originally heard during Bellward's prom dance? I thought that was so money. Carter Burwell's original Lullaby made a reappearance (re-a-hear-ance?), too.

Beyond music, I thought there were some great cinematic moments. The best was Bellas' transformation scenes...Hard to describe since I've only seen the movie once (for now), but I was pretty impressed...

And hi. Kellan Lutz. In this movie. How can you not like...?

At the end of the day, I don't think it's going to break your cool-o-meter to like Twilight. So maybe we can all put on our big girl pants and our capes and fangs and get along, okay?

Also, read here. I like how Nat (the sophisticated New York lifestyle blogger) puts it.

Friday, November 11, 2011


I just gave Haley her very first ever taste of a Reese Peanut Butter Cup. She responded by demanding more immediately using grunts, pointing, trying to crawl over me to get to the package and by generally acting like a cave baby.

When I shook my hands to sign "all done" she cried, whined and, finally, turned her back to shun me.

I know how she feels. I feel the same way after a PB cup has gone bye bye.

And as I sat down to memorialize this, my daughters first of many PB cups (if she's like me, anyway, which she appears to be), I realized I totally skipped All Hallows Eve in my memory keeping.


Let's just say it wasn't a really stand out year. Trenchy was complete just days before Halloween and I didn't have much time to decorate or cook halloween related meals or anything fun. We just trunk-or-treated AND trick-or-treated, which I think i should get bonus points for.

So here are the few measly pictures I managed to scrape together.

P1060717 P1060718

This is a post-trick-or-treating photo op I was scrambling to get. The first thing you'll notice is carpet. And no trench.

The next thing you'll notice is cute kids strung out on high fructose corn syrup, and lots of it.

Cameron was the new Captain America, not to be confused with Captain America 2009... Miles was Thor. This was serendipitous because his BFF showed up in the EXACT same costume. Sophie was Cinderella (first princess costume ever! Thank you for finally picking something girly, Soph.) And Haley was Snow White. But only for Trunk or Treat. Mommy and Haley stayed home, cleaned the house and went to bed early on Halloween.

I hope for a better Halloween next year:) I expect that we'll still have construction at that point - we're thinking floors and counters will be fall of '12? - but construction by choice and construction by force are two totally different beasts. Just ask my sister, her overflowing toilet and her three kurdish boyfriends.

So on a funny note (funny odd, not funny haha...what's funnier than kurdish boyfriends and overflowing toilets?), while my house was undergoing major surgery I somehow got all into crafts. Like, I spend time looking at CRAFT BLOGS and planning what will go on my MANTEL for the upcoming holidays. This is so weird to me. And yet, so fun. I've been having a blast. I'm still a complete newbie. I haven't made anything out of this world yet, and don't plan to, but it's fun nonetheless. And moms need fun every now and again.


Ghosts made of my children's foot prints? Sign me up.



P1060713 This looked a lot fluffier/prettier before the construction crew drilled two access holes directly underneath it, completely covering it with concrete dust. Que sera.

P1060752 This is a gray yarn wreath. It looks lavender in the pic, but it's a better gray.

P1060719 I made those apothecary jars...you can tell because they're crooked:)