Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

Yesterday Chase started a new job with this company. Grant Thornton audits this company and he's been the Senior on the audit the last two years. They had a position open up and called Chase out of the blue to ask to meet with them. It took several weeks to get everything lined up, but he started his new job yesterday. For those who know, or are concerned about any SOX issues, it's a private company (for now) so there was no cooling-off period necessary.

He has an official title - Cost Manager. And an office with four walls and a door (no windows, no nameplate...but it beats hotelling!). The company is growing and I'm not entirely sure what I'm at liberty to say. But the idea is that his position is going to grow and evolve over the next few years as the company makes some major changes.

Anyway, there you have it. A new job, a new salary, new benefits, new office. Chase parted with GT on really good terms - his mentors and partners are all happy for him and made multiple offers of, "Let us know if we can ever do anything to help you!" That was my biggest fear - that this would create a rift between us and the company that has been very, VERY good to us. So we feel really good about the way it has all gone down. GT was a superb training ground for Chase and allowed him to develop and impressive skill set. We'll miss the end-of-audit parties and Christmas parties with all our friends there. But we're confident that this is the right road for us.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Do you think if they did a geographical survey they would find that there is a strong correlation between proximity to Dairy Queen and enlarged waistlines?

Because if I lived even one mile closer I'm pretty sure my arteries would explode.

Me+PBC blizzard 4EVR.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am Mother.

Around Mother's Day I thought about doing a series of posts focusing on the role of mothers in today's world. I thought of posting all of the reasons I chose to be a mother even when the outside world looked tempting, promising. I imagine I intended to write some sort of treatise, expostulating and waxing poetic.

But then, I just got too busy...you know, being a mom!

So rather than use my own language, I'll just borrow that of Elder Neal A. Maxwell. It's superb and reminds me of just what I'm doing every day.

"When the real history of mankind is fully disclosed, will it feature the echoes of gunfire or the shaping sound of lullabies? The great armistices made by military men or the peacemaking of women in homes and in neighborhoods? Will what happened in cradles and kitchens prove to be more controlling than what happened in congresses? When the surf of the centuries has made the great pyramids so much sand, the everlasting family will still be standing, because it is a celestial institution, formed outside telestial time. The women of God know this."

and (my personal favorite line)

"You rock a sobbing child without wondering if today’s world is passing you by, because you know you hold tomorrow tightly in your arms."

(taken from "The Women of God." Ensign, May 1978)

I very strongly believe there is great power in motherhood. There will be time, when my children are gone and creating their own homes and lives, that I will be "free" to sleep in, travel, work more, etc. I know I will never, ever look back on these years - sleep deprived and chaotic as they may be - and say, "I wish I would have spent less time with those darn kids!" I know the years during which I am the WORLD to them are short and yet so very vital. And no matter what else I do to help shape the world THIS is my real chance! These little creatures that Chase and I are co-creating with God - just imagine their potential! The things we talk about as we snuggle in bed; conversations had during long trips; values shared and taught through every day living; examples set and followed. All of these will shape and form my children. And when they are ready to be out in the world what will they share with their friends? Whose life will they change for the better? Sure, they could be President or discover the cure for cancer. And the world would laud them and mark them a success. But my goal? My real goal is to produce children who quietly befriend the shy, awkward kid and help him know he is a Child of God, beloved of the Father; a kid who walks around confident that mom and dad love him; a child who looks for the best in others; someone who is a great teacher, while still being teachable. The possibilities are absolutely endless.

This is what drives me. This is why I am Mother.

Friday, June 12, 2009

And we're off!

SO the reunion is about 7 weeks away and Chase and I have decided to have a little healthy competition. We're going to see who can lose the most percentage of weight (Biggest Loser Style). I'm totally going to win because I'm ahead of the game with the working out. Chase is - overall - a better eater than me, though. I blame it on Kilgore genes which have, for 26 years, allowed me to eat anything I wanted while not really having too many consequences. I just never noticed the asterisk on the Kilgore Gene Contract which mentioned that my metabolism will go to pot upon having either a.) my second child, b.) my 26th birthday, or c.) all of the above. It's been an uphill battle since those events.

Anywho, we haven't decided what the winner will receive but I guess I should start thinking about what I want since I will TOTALLY be the winner. Eat that, Chase! Seriously, eat it. I'm going to WIN!!!

p.s. NO, there will be no before pictures or stats. I have standards. Plus there are probably sensitive viewers who read this blog. No need to scar the innocent.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Also too...

A couple weeks ago I decided to make Rice Krispy treats using brown crisp rice. Um, you should also too. Holy cow! SO GOOD! I'm not sure exactly how great a benefit you're getting by using brown crisp rice over regular krispies, but I know they taste good. And the ones I use (Barbara's) are organic, so hey, there's a plus. Additionally, I add 1/4 C. milled flax seed to the marshmallows and stir it in right before adding the crisp rice. I think it gives it a nice nutty taste and really does add nutrition!

Chrysta, you were asking about homemade granola cereal that's healthy also too. Maybe take a look at this recipe (there are tons of recipes on that site. I'm a SLAVE to that site.)? I'm not an expert on health. Maybe Kelly (health guru extraordinaire and good friend) will chime in.

Friday, June 05, 2009

The lazy days of summer are here!

P1030730 P1030731

The boys' self portraits. Love the details, Cam. (and just fyi, that backwards letter "P" located directly on his crotch is to signify that he is wearing pants. And you know, I appreciate that. Miles appears in his usual ensemble.)

P1030721 Shari, check out those wings! I got this pink Radio Flyer MoPed-style trike at Walmart after Christmas for $15!!! I was going to hold onto it until her birthday in December but after Miles pushed her off HIS bike for the 80 millionth time I decided that the girl needs her own whip. So Chase put this together for her and she spent about 5 minutes posing on it before hopping off to let the boys have a turn. Later I noticed her sitting happily on Miles' trike while he and Cameron fought over Pinkie. Problem solved.

P1030720 The Trio of Spideys...

In other news, with the end of school/beginning of summer I will find myself with a wonderful addition to the family. Every Monday and Friday Chase's cousins, Brandon and Danielle (ages 11 and 9), will spend the day with me as my mother's helpers. I am beyond excited! They are so great with my kids and I know we're going to have a great time together. I'm already dreaming up all the things they can help me with and all the stuff they can do with the kids. I may even just plan on taking a NAP on Monday and Friday afternoons. What would that be like?! Oh, joyous day.

Also too, it bears mentioning that the Kilgore Fizz-amily Reunion is less than 2 months away. Good golly miss molly I'm looking forward to this. We're going to be taking up residence in this fly lodge. I. Can't. Wait. So fun. L to the O-V-E my fam.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Because sometimes it totally pays to blogstalk...

Step 1: Go to the bathroom.

Step 2: Watch video.

Step 3: Get off the floor.

Step 4: Send video to everyone you've ever known.