Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Friday, June 05, 2009

The lazy days of summer are here!

P1030730 P1030731

The boys' self portraits. Love the details, Cam. (and just fyi, that backwards letter "P" located directly on his crotch is to signify that he is wearing pants. And you know, I appreciate that. Miles appears in his usual ensemble.)

P1030721 Shari, check out those wings! I got this pink Radio Flyer MoPed-style trike at Walmart after Christmas for $15!!! I was going to hold onto it until her birthday in December but after Miles pushed her off HIS bike for the 80 millionth time I decided that the girl needs her own whip. So Chase put this together for her and she spent about 5 minutes posing on it before hopping off to let the boys have a turn. Later I noticed her sitting happily on Miles' trike while he and Cameron fought over Pinkie. Problem solved.

P1030720 The Trio of Spideys...

In other news, with the end of school/beginning of summer I will find myself with a wonderful addition to the family. Every Monday and Friday Chase's cousins, Brandon and Danielle (ages 11 and 9), will spend the day with me as my mother's helpers. I am beyond excited! They are so great with my kids and I know we're going to have a great time together. I'm already dreaming up all the things they can help me with and all the stuff they can do with the kids. I may even just plan on taking a NAP on Monday and Friday afternoons. What would that be like?! Oh, joyous day.

Also too, it bears mentioning that the Kilgore Fizz-amily Reunion is less than 2 months away. Good golly miss molly I'm looking forward to this. We're going to be taking up residence in this fly lodge. I. Can't. Wait. So fun. L to the O-V-E my fam.


critts said...

Love the backwards "P"! Hilarious. And I'm so jealous of your Mother's Helper's - that sounds fantastic! And what great little mother's helper's they will be. I love Brandon and Danielle!

Jeni said...

that place looks off the hook. you guys are super lucky.

and yes Cam I love the pic of yourself. Your teeth are especially awesome.

Shari said...

Love, love, love the wings!

Pooh said...

I adore The Three Spideys. I think you need to trademark that and go on tour, like The Three Tenors. That would be quite a show, I'm sure!!!!!

Also too? More big Keaton grins upon seeing Cousin Sopie in all her pink moped glory... LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!!

Chandy said...

Cute portraits! Love their creativity!

Bird said...

I love Cam's new picture face! I can't get enough, I'm so excited to see this in person!

Alyssa said...

I also love Cam's picture face!! And the 3 Spideys!