Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm feeling all kinds of emotional tonight because my kiddos are tucked in and snoozing, all ready to start another year of school tomorrow! How on Earth did I get here?? How do I have two kids in school (1st and 3rd grade...unless you're Canadian - then that translates to grade 1 and grade 3, eh?)? I love watching the little suckers grow up, but they have a certain knack for leaving me in the dust of which I'm not especially fond. Sigh. Am I the only one suffering from this weird feeling of being really, really happy about school starting, and yet, really, really sad? I think the already-sad parts of me get even SADDER because I feel guilty about the smaller-and-less-significant part of me that is happy.

Let me explain the happy. You see, at the end of the summer the season just becomes abusive. It's like the sun itself is so tired of being so freaking hot that it sends cosmic rays of crazy to land on my innocent children, who then turn into raving lunatics, the end result of which is just a general atmosphere of armageddon at my house. Or maybe it's more Lord of the Flies. Either way, there's only so much that I, or the kids for that matter, can take. The pool isn't fun anymore. Bounce houses are only moderately amusing. The slide at the park is actually a giant cauterizing tool.

I refuse to disclose the amount of time the kids played Wii last week.

So can anyone really blame me for being the teensiest happy that my kids are going back to their friends, teachers and social lives?

But the sad part is SO SAD! My wee ones are not wee. The day is not far off that Cameron is going to be taller than me, and I'm pretty sure I'm not okay with that. And Miles, who has had that redneck hick gap-tooth grin since he was two is now growing a big person tooth in that spot. A BIG PERSON TOOTH! Oh, the humanity!

Clearly I need a distraction from the melodrama that is my brain. So I figure I'll go back to blogging. Or not. I'm such a commitment-phobe with blogging these days. But at this moment the stars are alligned (and my friend from elementary school - How's it hangin' Stanilla?! - messaged me and said I had to start blogging again. Who can say no to their friends from elementary school? She knew me when I owned a Max Headroom t-shirt!).

Stay t-t-t-tuned for pictures of me sobbing hysterically and jumping for joy as I kiss the big kids goodbye!