Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The True Meaning of Playtime

Tonight I was reading a story to Cameron from the Friend magazine. In the story there was a boy who was being bullied and another boy helped him out and told him how special and important he was. After reading the story I was pointing to the pictures and I said, "Those boys were mean to Rusty. Why do you think they were being so nasty?" To which Cameron quickly replied, "Those boys haven't learned the true meaning of playtime."


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Greatest Hits

Time once again to update the blog with some fantastic and dazzling pictures of my kiddos. (p.s. bonus points to the people who can name the books I referenced with my kids pseudonyms...)

Princess Elizabeth: Sophia has turned 1 and is as strong-willed and independent as ever. But she's not afraid to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants. Watch out, world!

P1030023                 Reorganizing the music in the piano bench.


All gussied up for church.


Accomplice. That's two boxes of Fruity Pebbles (I use them in Rice Krispie treats, not for regular morning breakfast!) on the floor behind her. The kids managed to get it over about 1000 square feet of my house. And my vacuum bit the dust two days before this incident. And I was just about to make dinner.


I put her hair in a mohawk in the tubbie and it stayed for a long time. And was insanely cute.

P1030099 P1030100

Birthday cake. Mmmmmmmm...


Heartbreaker. Dream maker. Love taker. Don't you mess around with her.

P1030132 P1030128

Park mastermind.


Max: Oh boy. Miles is two. Lucky for me he's a kid that's FULL of life and spirit and he's happy a large majority of the time. But a couple times a week he likes to put me in my place and remind me just who is in charge around here. Additionally, Miles is taking up the Super Hero mantle with amazing finesse and grace. It's quite a burden for a young kid but he's bearing up quite well. Now if he could just decide if he's going to use his powers for good or evil...

P1030053 Miles put so much mascara on his head/body that when I washed him up it left a black ring around the tub. Of course! One more thing to clean:)

P1030074 The newest superhero accessory.

P1030085 Miles just being...Miles.

P1030061 P1030062 Chrysta, it looks like our kids/husbands have similar napping strategies.


Dash and Spidey all in one cute package!

P1030119 P1030139

The Energizer tantrum. It kept going, and going and going...


Alexander: Cameron. Cam, Cam, Cam. Poor kid is going through a bit of a rough patch. His big deal right now is that life isn't fair. Most of the day he's happy to play, run around outside and color. He LOVES learning to write and draw. Coloring inside the lines is a big thing around here these days. It's very impressive. But when you've been done wrong, you've been done wrong. And Cameron wants to let you know just how unfair his life really is.

P1030055 P1030058

After watching Kung Fu Panda (which features Master Tigress), Cameron disappeared into his room and came out COVERED in stripes. He even managed to get one on his back.

P1030078 Pulling faces.

P1030093 Fruity Cheerios. Now THAT'S a breakfast food I can get behind.

P1030123 Keepin' it real.


(all together now) AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

No one enjoys a long, hot shower like a mom (specifically an Ugly Mom)...

Since my kids decided to be sick this week (I say "decided" because I'm starting to think it's a conspiracy. No normal human beings could possibly be this sick, this often. It's not natural.), it's been a bit crazier than usual. And that's saying a lot. Anyway, with the craziness I may or may not have taken a shower yesterday. I'm going to go ahead and plead the fifth on that one. So this morning after steam cleaning my carpets and putting Soph down for a nap I realized I had a few free minutes to take a shower. Glory, hallelujah. My shower routine - if you want to call it that - consists of turning on PBS, handing the boys a couple granola bars and making a mad dash to the shower. Sophie likes to crawl behind me and then stand next to the shower repeatedly trying to take the shower curtain out of the tub. Or she stands there wailing. She's going through a kicked-puppy phase. If I'm lucky Miles will just come in and inspect the situation, making sure everyone is following proper shower ettiquette. He'll pull my towel down and throw it on the floor and then flush the toilet and then walk out, leaving the door open behind him. If I'm not so lucky Miles will decide he's filthy and needs a shower immediately. No, it cannot wait until mommy is done, it must happen now. This is where Miles jumps into MY shower and then starts pointing out really obvious things. No need to repeat it here; my dad occasionally reads this. Anyway, the whole thing, start to finish, is usually about 7 and a half minutes long and terribly unsatisfying. I mean, I'm clean. That's nice. But you can't really thrive on being clean because that's only going to last until someone spits up on you.

So TODAY was such a nice treat! I realized I could take a shower without Sophie standing there and thought how nice that would be. I got in and turned the water as hot as it would go. I kept expecting Miles to come crashing through the door to interrupt my bliss. But it never happened. I just stood there under the stream soaking it all up, wishing I could do it everyday. I still only took about 7 and a half minutes, but it was all by myself. Let me say that again. IT WAS ALL BY MYSELF! I TOOK A BIG GIRL SHOWER TODAY! I'm pretty sure there is no one in the world who enjoyed their shower more than I did today.



(p.s. It's been a long time since I've put up any pics of my cute kids. I need to find my camera and remedy that situation. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my kids are incredibly adorable...)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

As I was looking at dresses (and almost bought the Shabby Apple one) I realized why I liked it so much. I already have a dress a lot like it! I bought it when I was five months preggers with Sophie and I've only ever worn it once or twice so I totally forget I even own it. I wore it to church two weeks ago and got a lot of compliments on it, so I think it will be good to go. I call it my Leave it to Beaver dress because it makes me feel like June Cleaver. It's got a full 50's-style skirt and the cutest collar and sleeves. The party dress code is "dressy casual" (whatever that means), so I think it will be perfect. Dressy, but not overdone. I'm going to wear it with my peep toe black pumps and I'll have to figure out the jewelry situation. It's all black so I can do pretty much anything!
Yay! I'm so excited, especially since I've been Christmas shopping (for myself and others...I just bought these and these...Yep, I've succumbed, and it feels SO GOOD!) all day. I feel like someone just gave me a free dress! Woot woot!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Let's put it to a vote...

The time has come once again for the company Christmas party. Since I've missed every one of these shindigs due to recent moves/babies/etc. I figure it's time to actually go and schmooze myself silly. But that means I have to find a dress. UGH! It's always interesting trying to find something that is modest, dressy and doesn't make me look old/frumpy. I mean, it would be no sweat if I had an unlimited budget. Apparently the high-priced designers are all over this whole modesty business...

So, after a bit of online window-shopping I've found these. It's time to put it to a vote.

The Calvin Klein Belted Crepe Dress is CUTE, classic and still modern. I think it would be fabulous with a cute chunky bracelet, clutch and a pair of heels. Earrings would have to be somewhat subdued. Maybe pearl studs? Remember, I have shorty short hair that shows off my earrings.

The Calvin Klein Belted Ponte Knit Dress is also cute. Not so sure if it would look good on me. I like the idea of a wide belt since I'm not a size 6 anymore (I'm between and 8 and a 10 most days...).

The Adriana Papell Dress has some cool details. I'd have to add fabric in at the bust line because that v-neck looks pretty deep. I like that it's a clean, straight, pencil skirt that comes all the way to the knee.

This Maggy London Dress is crazy cute. I think the darts at the waist are going to be either cute and forgiving or they're going to puff out and make me look enormous. Can't tell. I love that it has longer sleeves, too. It's at the absolute top of my price range, though, and if I'm going to spend that much I'd better do it on Cyber Monday (is everyone else just hearing about this for the first time?!) while there are free shipping and %off deals.

I've had my eye on this lacey deal from Shabby Apple for awhile. I think it's SO cute and the price is pretty fantastical, also, too.

So? Any thoughts?