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Rawlins Family

Monday, November 02, 2009


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We trick-or-treated for a full 90 minutes. Sophie walked every stinkin' step of the way. And I'll be honest and say that I was kinda hoping she was going to get bored/tired/distracted by candy after the first couple of houses so that I could just take her back to the house. But no. Sophie wanted to prove her mettle and she would SHRIEK every time I tried to pick her up. She was SO tired but just wouldn't give up. By the end she was struggling to walk up the ramp parts of the sidewalk (you know, where it slopes up from the street), her legs were so tired! But would she let me hold her? Nope. Her little pumpkin got so full because people were letting her grab as much candy as she wanted. We had to keep emptying it out because it was too heavy for her to lift. She screamed every time we emptied it and kept screaming until more candy was put back in it. By the end of the night she was a MONSTER. (how fitting) She would walk up to a house and people would duck down so she could pick the candy she wanted and she would literally SCOWL IN THEIR FACE and belligerently  grab as much candy as she wanted. It was both hilarious and horrendous.

As for the boys, they are seasoned trick-or-treaters. They rocked the neighborhood. At one point Miles did embarrass us by looking at the proffered candy bowl and saying, "Um no. I don't like that." And then staring at the man as if waiting for him to go find something else he would like. That was pleasant. Miles also wanted to stay at the door talking to everyone. I literally had to pull him away from almost every door. He's just a friendly kid...

And now we have 20 tons of candy. I've been trying to convince Chase to let me donate it to Operation Gratitude, but he's not buying it. He has some pretty incredible willpower and can limit himself to a specific number of candy pieces per day. I, on the other hand, have no such willpower. For me it's a simple math equation. Me + Giant Bags of  Halloween Candy = Gaining Forty Pounds in Two Weeks. So I'm going to keep working on him...I'll let you know how it goes.


Nicole said...

We're facing the same problem here re: mountains of candy. I was hoping it would be a bunch of Airheads and Smarties and Pixie Stix that are easy to resist, but no. No no no. We have piles of Butterfingers and Snickers and Reese's PB cups and Milk Duds. Freak. And while Boone does NOT have willpower to avoid this when he is home, he gets to leave for 12 hours a day while I sit at home and stare at the bowl and think lustful thoughts of nougat and caramel and chocolate and holy run-on sentence!

I'll be packing it on also too, amen.

P.S. Your kids are adorable and Sophie sounds like one tough chick!

Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

I love Sophie's costume and I hear ya on the candy. But that's the mark of the beginning of the holidays, right? From here til' Valentine's Day it's nothing but candy and sweets.... cool!

Jeni said...


i also suck at not eating the candy. see you soon!!

Deb said...

Is this Candyeaters Anonymous?

Hello. (Hello.)
I'm Deb. (Hi Deb.)

I would like to say, for the record, that this is the first year EVER that I didn't have to re-buy my Halloween candy several times because I ate it in the days leading up to the big night. I think that's because they were all Chase-proof, which puts them in the same category as Nicole's Airheads for me.

Post-Halloween -- not doing quite as well.

(clapping, random sniffs)

Sara K. said...

Jerry actually hid the trick or treating haul from ME! I have no idea where it all is and I can't ask where it is for obvious reasons.

Sophia is so stinking cute as Super girl! A family of supers. Love it!

Christy said...

OMG, so adorable!

JanaLee said...

We have no candy due to Bridger’s lack of enthusiasm for the holiday. So it makes it very easy to not eat it. I am sure I will thank him next time I stand on a scale.

Sara said...

I need to get a kid...there's NO Halloween candy in my house. Anyone who wants rid of theirs can send it my way!

Ben & Diane said...

We had the opposite problem. Cami, who is just shy of 17 months, would not let us put her down. She is a lazy little fat girl. And unfortunately she knows all too well about the deliciousness of chocolate. She lines up along with her older siblings every morning and night for their one piece of candy. BTW, Sophie has to be the cutest super toddler ever!