Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, November 16, 2009

This is it.

The week has finally arrived and 12 year-old Anna (12 YOA) is beyond excited. To celebrate 12 YOA will spend some time doing things like, watching countless clips online when I should be steam-cleaning the carpet - because, let's face it, no 12 year-old steam cleans carpets; going to Jen's house tonight to watch a couple MTV New Moon specials; making a customized New Moon t-shirt; making said t-shirt at my Twilight Watching Party on Wednesday night with a boatload of friends (side note, will be serving "Blood Red Velvet Cupcakes" for Team Edward and "Puppy Chow" for Team Jacob); wearing a clock around my neck Flava-Flave style on Thursday so I know exactly how much time is left until 12:02 AM.

12YOA is going to have a good week, it seems.

Though, 29-For-8-More-Weeks-And-Cherishing-Every-One-Of-Them Anna is going to have to step in occasionally to do things. But I'm going to try to keep it to a minimum.

Also too? Saw THIS guy on Saturday night, which made my heart happy.

I used this clip for a few reasons: 1. You get to see how funny he is when he plays live. He's freakin' hilarious. 2. you get to see his sparkly red guitar strap, which I was admiring during the show. And 3. because he played this on Saturday and it's one of my absolute faves. If you've never heard of Rufus, well now you have and you should consider yourself accountable for this priceless knowledge.

Cool story from the concert: It was held at Bass Performance Hall, which is one of these places where rich, old people get season tickets and attend everything. So it was fun to have so many of them in the audience for this particular event. Rufus may or may not have been what they were expecting. So anyway, one of these rich, front-row-seat season ticket holders happened to make her way to the upper galleries where we poor (read: normal) people were sitting. I guess her husband decided not to attend the event and she had a ticket to give out. She saw a teenage kid in skinny jeans and chuck taylors sitting by himself and offered the ticket to him. I watched with complete envy when he disappeared with her, only to have my envy escalate into green-eyed monster jealousy when I saw him re-appear with her. She was LITERALLY front row, center. Like, 5 feet away from Rufus when he was standing with his guitar. In the end, though, I decided this kid definitely deserved it. I mean, if you're a big enough fan that you're willing to come to a concert completely by yourself, you deserve to be hangin' with the sugar-momma in the front row. That's all I'm sayin'. Cheers to THAT kid.

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Sara K. said...

Hi, this is 12 YOS, can I please come to your party?

I'll be your BFF!!!!!