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Rawlins Family

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crazy Delivered: Straight to your doorstep

Thursday was a busy, busy day. I appreciated that. I was excited ALL DAY and it would have made it horrible if I'd been watching the clock.

So around 7PM I headed out to meet up with my girls. And can I just take a minute and say that for me, the whole Twilight business is really about MY GIRLS. It's all bonding all the time when we're talking Twilight. Jen, Kathleen, Mama R and I have all loved doing this together. I'm so glad I caved and read these books.

So yeah, 7PM, dinner with my lay-days. We hit up Jason's Deli in our "Edward Prefers Brunettes" t-shirts. Mom and Abby are blond and if I had thought about it I would have made them "Emmett Prefers Blondes" t-shirts. Next time, chicas. At dinner I swear I was so excited that I ate super fast and gave myself a wicked case of indigestion.

After dinner we hit the theater at 8:30 where we met up with more people. Chase and Eric joined us as well as BFF Steph and a few of Jeni's girlfriends. We proceeded to stand/sit in line (me subjecting everyone to my griping about my indigestion - sorry!) until 10PM when they let us into the theater. We couldn't really tell how far back in line we were, so Jen starts literally BOOKING IT into the theater. Partly to be funny, but I think partly because we weren't sure if we'd get good seats. But it wasn't necessary. We got awesome seats all together. We were a large group so there was some worry we'd have to break up. Though, Chase and Eric did choose to sit by themselves apart from our group. I'm not sure what they were accomplishing with that. It just looked questionable. And for those who know Chase, yes. He did bring his laptop so he could stare at spreadsheets all night long. That's my monkey man. Boatloads of FUN AND NON STOP ROMANCE! OOOOOHHHHHH!! Ladies, he's taken.

Two hours of girl talk later the lights went dark and a lot of screaming commenced. And after 45 minutes of trailers I think they finally decided to start showing the freaking movie.





I know I said it would require a TI-82 to figure out how many times I would see this movie. I was wrong. It's going to require something more sophisticated. A complex set of algorithms and a couple spreadsheets at least.

There was less cheese, more muscles, better action, less blue tint to everything, and (somewhat) less awkwardness. Bella may have even smiled. And I don't think I saw her bite her lip once. NOT EVEN ONCE! The werewolves were fantastical, Edward was swoon city. Jessica Stanley made every scene she was in, per the usual. Rosalie was actually drop-dead (pun intended) gorgeous! Chris Weitz did a phenomenal job, overall.

My only gripe? Not enough of this guy. Sad face!


See why he's my favorite???? Good gracious!

And now! The crazy!


IMG_2298 IMG_2299 DSCN2930  DSCN2927 DSCN2924 DSCN2923 (see Chase sitting on the floor below me? See Abby's sad face at not having a t-shirt?)

And, I had to tag this on. It's hilarious.


Sara K. said...

Chase was obviously there for the cliff diving scenes.

Love the shirts.

The only thing better than Chase and Eric sitting together sans ladies would be Chase and Eric sitting together sans ladies one wearing a Team Jacob shirt and the other a Team Edward shirt.

I expect an invite to the Eclipse partay. Nicole and Deb can have B4O, I'll take EPB.

Deb said...

Why, hello Crazy.

Love the photos of the shirts from the back of the theatre.

Sara, please bring Twilight (the movie). I need to understand why cheesy, awkward, blue frowning is so alluring.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Sara, you can only imagine Chase re-living his cliff-diving during those scenes:)
EPB 4EVR!!!!!!
Deb, oh please watch it. And then write me a personal essay for me to put in my pile of "stuff Deb gave to me that I'll be keeping like forever." Mmmkay?
THEN, go watch New Moon. Take Bird, too. She's fun to watch this crap with.

Nicole said...

Who said you can only belong to one club? I have read no rule that states I cannot heart Barack AND Jacob at the same time...

Yes, I said Jacob. Because although I loved Edward in the books, he just doesn't do it for me in the movies. And I may have made an audible sound when Jacob's shirt came off the first time, because YUM.

And Deb, this is all just so much fun it's silly. I resisted the books for awhile (did the same thing with Harry Potter, actually) but I'm glad I read them. I would recommend reading the books before seeing the movies, because really, I think the movies are just a'ight. Except the shirtless Jacob parts. Did I say Jacob looks good half-naked yet? Because he does.

Deb said...

So, if we have Team Edward and Team Jacob, who is this Emmett The Character dude? Are there three options? And is he wearing a shirt? (I know, read the books/watch the movie... sigh)

And I agree with Nicole. I almost typed that very thing, about multi-memberships. But then I got distracted by sparkly things and forgot.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Emmett is one of the other vampires. And sadly his shirt is on all the time. It's unfortunate.

Jeni said...

I dont know if i should admit natalie just watched that with me.
but we both enjoyed it.

Sara K. said...

Deb - if you like sparkley things, and I know you do, you'll clearly be in the Team Edward/vampire camp. However, I agree with Nicole that on paper I'm Team Edward, but the very first trailer Anna posted of New Moon months ago had me quickly changing sides.

critts said...

Unbelievably I still haven't seen it. I'm dying, really.

Sara K. said...

this is Taylor.... first i have to say that Edward made me want to throw up all over the people in front of me! ug he was so nasty! now Jacob was another story... i think the movie would have been better if it was all about Jacob.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Tay, that's funny because I thought the movie WAS all about Jacob...

Cris, Jon, Austin and Ethan said...

you are too cute A!