Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I know, it's been a long time since my last post. Naughty Anna! But, I've been busy. To my credit I have (through the power of email/computers) finally gotten almost every last detail of the reunion in order and ready to go. That's right! It's almost party time. To all Kilgore's: Don't forget your Iron Chef Chocolate Challenge recipes, your baby monitors, your bug spray, your t-shirt money (shameless plug), your hiking boots and your advance copies of Harry Potter. For the sake of the group we're going to have Taylor put together a power point presentation entitled "Harry Potter, and How He Has Changed My Life, Like, Forever Because He's So Totally Radical And I Really Really Love Him and I Hope My Dad Let's Me See The New Movie Even Though I'm Not 13 Yet Because My Friends in Young Women's Saw It and Now I'm Really Really Jealous." Okay, kidding. But y'all know HP is going to be a hot topic. If you don't believe me, check the Iowa Kilgore's blog (seriously, maybe we should be doing a HP INTERVENTION for all of the addicts in our family).

SO anyway, the last two weeks I've had a sinus infection followed up immediately by poison ivy. For those who were living at home during the summer of '98 you may remember that I'm slightly allergic to the stuff. So, it's been an itchy couple of weeks.

I don't really have anything to say. This is mostly just a random blog because I know people check it and I thought it was unfair not to put something new up every once and awhile.

OH! We got a cartop carrier. I'm excited about it because we don't have a roof rack on the CR-V and I've always thought we couldn't use a cartop carrier, but we found a kind that works. It's a soft-pack kind, too, which is nice for storage. Anyway, even though we're getting a van in a couple of months I am happy to have some extra space to bring stuff to the reunion and not have to JAM the car full (Jen, next time you're shopping you could just borrow this instead of trying to fit yourself into the Accord...:).

Um...well...I think that's it. I'm attaching a picture of Cameron. I found him asleep in a corner of his closet this week. It was awesome.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Now I'm officially convinced that your kids never wear clothes. He's getting one of those reunion t-shirts right??! LOL.

See you in a week or so! Safe traveling everyone!

J B & N Rawlins said...

that is so funny.
You guys are funny!
and thanks for the post Anna! I do check daily!

Pooh said...

You know, the day will come when Cam will wish he'd worn clothes as a child. Probably when he discovers that he's wearing not much other than super hero underpants (and maybe a mask to go with them) in nearly every photo of his childhood made public on the World Wide Web. And as soon as a 16 yr old Cam catches his first girlfriend Googling for undie-Cam pics, his mother will be TOAST for posting them. I can't wait! Seriously though, the closet-sleeping pic makes me wish we had photos of Scott sleeping under the bed, on the back porch, etc. etc. etc.

Sara Kilgore said...

I hope you plan on dressing your little girl a wee bit more modestly...