Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Friday, May 08, 2009

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,

Last night my Cutie-McShmooper hubbers and I celebrated the big 7! Seven dreamy, magical years together. What a wonderful day!

We started out the day with the spouse rubbing my back as I gripped my head in agony, then shuffled to the kitchen to take at least 5 different pills in hopes that one or two might actually clear up my congestion. And, wouldn't you know, it worked! Great day already!

Then it was off to work for Chasey-poosey. I stayed home to mind the offspring, per the usual.

7:30 rolled around and it was date time! And you know an anniversary date is a special kind of date. Because no one (and by no one, I think you know to whom I'm referring, Diary) mentions the word, "budget." Yay! But as we all know there's a mighty recession across the land and it is prudent to take it easy on the 'ole wallet. So we head to Uncle Julio's with plans to hit Mr. Sushi afterward (couldn't decide between the two so we decided to do BOTH!). Uncle Julio's was fab. Guadalajara Plate, Mexican Butter, warm tortillas, Roasted Veggie tamales, chips and salsa. Mmmmmmm... Delicioso (see, I even understand Spanish better now)!

We eat while discussing plans for the future and reminding the other how loved they are.

Afterwards, heading to the car in the moonlight, we decide we're far too stuffed to hit Mr. Sushi tonight. And why not string this out a little, right? Mr. Sushi gets re-scheduled for Friday night! Wahoo!

So we go where every anniversary-night-dater goes. Target! I mean, hey if it's good enough for our wedding night, well by golly it's good enough for the Spectacular Seven Night! We cruise the aisle utterly unfettered, pick up some candy and hit the check-out line.

And what was for the finale, Dearest Darlingest Diary? Why, a trip to the cinema to engross ourselves in a lovely little film about a well-muscled mutant with a bit of an anger management issue. Fantastique!


Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

Happy 7th! Sounds like fun! I used to think my parents were so boring when they just went to the store for their dates. Now I realize how AMAZING it is to be alone pretty much anywhere!

Deb said...

Oh happy day. For your 10th, I highly recommend trying to work in Dairy Queen also too.

Alyssa said...

Anna. Wow. Spanish AND French in one post? You never cease to amaze me! Congrats on the Big Seven.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Well, duh. The Mexican restaurant helped me learn Spanish. (In just one hour! Muy bien!) And since part of X-Men Origins: Wolverine takes place in CANADA I must have picked up some subliminal French. Moi impressionnant!

Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

I really did lol for the final paragraph. I've always thought Wolverine had an anger managment issue. But I wouldn't argue with the guy who has metal bursting through his knuckles at the slightest hint of doubt over his suggestions or opinions. Happy 7th!! Glad you were congestion free!

Sara K. said...

Ah, wedded bliss, you two really are still in the honeymoon stage aren't you? I highly recommend a relaxing getaway to the all inclusive luxury resort and spa at the BEBB.

Alyssa said...

Anna just wanted to let you know that mike and I ended our date night tonight with a trip to Target AND Home Depot!! Woot woot!