Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Saturday, October 27, 2007

So do you wanna hear my new obsession? You'll laugh when you read this, but it's true. My newest obessesion is BUDGETING! Perhaps it's because stuff keeps breaking and we have to keep paying through the nose to fix it, or perhaps it's the idea of having 2 in diapers. I like to think it's just me following the counsel of Marvin J. Ashton...but one way or the other I started budgeting a couple of months ago and I love it.
It started small. I just wanted to know where all my money was going! I kept track of everything in excel. Then the next month I decided I was going to actually put better LIMITS on myself, now that I knew where the money was going. Now, one thing to know about us is that we aren't big spenders. We don't go shopping unless we actually need something, and even then we try to find the cheapest available thing. So we've always been relatively wise about our spending. But a budget can REALLY reveal what's going on with your pocket-book. I never counted all the quick trips I was making to the grocery store, or the trips through the drive-thru when I was too tired to cook. I really was shocked to see all of those little purchases add up over the course of 30 days! They put a big dent in the budget!
So, I have to say that I was actually having a harder time than I thought this month when I was trying to stay within the parameters of my new budget! At first I was feeling slightly constricted (as I had chosen to give myself VERY conservative limits). But something funny has happened. It's now become some wierd competition that I have with myself. Seriously! It's like, "How much can I save on my grocery budget this month?" Or, "Where can I get the cheapest and cutest baby clothes?" I don't want to feed my poor family spaghetti every other day. Everyone knows Chase needs more variety in his diet than that. The good thing, is that I've found lots of other people out there with the same obsession! I found some "online friends" who are super-crazy about coupon clipping and know where to find the best "deals and steals." And I've found some cool websites to help with dinner planning (my first lesson in grocery budgeting is to have a good meal plan every week). I signed up for the local paper and I'm going to start clipping coupons more!
Anyway, I encourage everyone to join me on the budgeting bandwagon!
Oh, and here's a fun website I'm currently loving...it does all the work for you! Hooray!


Sara Kilgore said...

Kudos to you - hopefully Jerry doesn't ever read this post, as budgeting is the #1 source of disagreement between us. I actually taught a class to my Laurels about budgeting and financial planning - Jerry thought that was really funny.

Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

holy cow we need to talk - MAJORLY!
I am in need of some of those needs and skills. I LOVE To save mney but I also love to spend it. I know we need to budget but it gets really hard for me. So help me and I will help you!

The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

Good for you!

Anna, this bares repeating again, mommysavers.com is a board I frequent a lot. You will find it to be the LARGEST resource available online!

Good luck!

Jon, Cristina and Austin (the Tayshus) said...

Your words are from God, I felt the spirit of budgeting when I read that. Please help me stop buying unnecessary things like gas and food so I can Have extra money when I really need those new Jeans...Just kidding, but really. We need to talk. I miss you guys, I never check old posts for new comments so i never knew u left one. We will get to gether in december when we are home..Love ya!