Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Monday! It's about 5 PM here and I couldn't remember if it was still Monday or if it was Tuesday yet. That says something about my life, doesn't it. I often joke to Chase about the fact that I live in the movie "Groundhog Day." I walk into the kitchen every morning and say, "Wait, didn't I just clean this place YESTERDAY?" Right.
Moving on...this weekend was conference. It was wonderful to listen to the Prophet and Apostles and other authorities. Of course when I say listen I'm referring to what I'm doing while simultaneously wrangling three small children who are hungry, bored, tired, and easily excited. I'm just grateful I got to listen to Elder Ballard's talk at the end of conference! And I'm glad Chase got to hear it, too:)
In other news, I have a brand-new nephew and I am in love with him. I wish I could be in Georgia! I love new babies! I'm willing to be he smells fantastic! Of course, I'm not envying my sister, Chrysta, who I am SURE hasn't slept much in the last five days. But still...babies are so worth it! Yum.
Anyway, i have a bunch of pictures and videos to post so stay tuned. I'll do that later today.

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Sara Kilgore said...

Conference was great. I loved President Monson's stories. I threw in the towel after the fourth session started and the kids played in a different room so we could listen in 'peace.'