Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, April 07, 2008

I hope her eyes stay this blue. I originally thought I wanted a brown-eyed girl, but how could I not be happy with blue?!
Sophie is starting to reach for things.
We're not sure why Cameron feels the need to sleep naked. We ARE sure that the boys love to sleep together. We put them to bed individually and this is always what they look like when we check on them a few hours later.
Miles in crisis mode. He's going through the "everything is a lovey" stage. You can see that he could only be consoled with his favorite blanket, his old crib sheet, a puppy, two basketballs and a Batman action figure. And he still looks sad!
Sophie is learning a lot of new tricks these days! She has figured out how to shove her thumb all the way to the back of her throat while sleeping. This is good and bad. Good because she's self-soothing. Bad because I've been trying to keep her on the BINKIE! I can throw a binkie away in 18-24 months. I cannot throw her thumb away. Trust me, we've got Miles who is a thumb-sucker and it's going to take forever for him to give it up.
Sophie's other new trick is rolling over! What a champ!
A big shout-out to the birthday girl! It's her four-month birthday.
The boys waiting for cookies to come out of the oven.
So, the cookies I made were pumpkin chocolate chip with pecans. I didn't have chocolate chips, but I had a couple bunnies that needed to die so I chopped them really finely along with the pecans. I gave the boys their cookies and went back to finishing up the next batch. A minute later I look over to find Cameron picking apart his cookie one molecule at a time. I said, "Cam, what are you doing to your cookie?" He said, "I'm taking out the chocolate and nuts. I don't like chocolate and nuts in my cookie." So he ended up eating about a teaspoon of cookie.
Miles could care less about chocolate and pecans as long as it's a COOOOOOOKIE!
The demolished cookie. (Yes, the crumbs tasted fantastic. No way I was throwing THAT away!)


Sara said...

Yea for new photos! Sophie is such a sweetheart. And Cam & Miles continue to crack me up. They're such interesting kids. I sure do miss you guys. Oh, and I checked out Chrysta's blog...Keaton is a DOLL. Those cheeks drive me crazy. Nice work Chrysta...

Alyse said...

Cameron and Charlie are so similar -- he sleeps only in a pull-up too! How funny!

Steph said...

Love the pictures!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

haha nice post. really.
sophie is ADORABLE and I cant believe she is 4 months old. I had a dream last night that she was sitting up and crawling. but really I love her eyes. I hope they stay blue... and the thumb sucking is soooooooooooooo cute I think!
and might I add that Miles cracks me up, he needs to teach nat to become attached to anything, including a dirty crib sheet!! Tongiht we were at the rawlins and natalie kept getting really giddy to see mile's picture. those 2 are soooooo funny!

Chris and Sarah Wise said...

How cute. I hope my kids love each other like that. I love it that Cam picked out all the chocolate and pecans. And Sophie is a DOLL!

Jon, Cristina and Austin (the Tayshus) said...

Anna your boys are adorable...But, that girl of yours...a doll, absolutely darling! I can't wait to see you guys in 2 weeks!!!! yay!