Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

COOL! I read in the Church News that there is a new movie about Emma Smith out. It's already playing in Utah but it will be playing in select theaters around the U.S. this summer.
Anyway, check it out and watch the trailer here
http://www.emmasmithmovie.com/ it looks really good!
To try and bring the show to YOUR AREA, email your name, city, state and zip code to movies@candlelightmedia.com (check under SHOWTIMES for more info).
Let's try to get this movie to Dallas!!


Stephanie said...

Oh wow, that looks awesome!!! I'm glad to be back in Dallas, but I have to admit that's one BIG thing I miss about living in Mapleton Utah... all the great movies that played in the theatres there that we never get to see here. I hope it plays out here!

Oh yeah, by the way... it's me Stephanie Lisonbee from the ward. I thought I'd stop in and visit your page. Hope things are going well!!

Chris and Sarah Wise said...

Yeah, we saw the billboard while we were out in Utah! It should be cool.

Oh and by the way, I always look at you and think "I wish I could be as cute and patient as she is". For real, I do.