Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

After posting yesterday's novel I realized I didn't use the opportunity to personally THANK everyone who helped me on Saturday, which is a shame because I wouldn't have been able to make it happen without my helpers!
So without further adieu, a big shout out goes to the following people who will forever remain in my good graces and who earned MAJOR brownie points in Heaven for giving up their Saturday morning/afternoon. Credits appear in no particular order.
Abby Hobson - painter extraordinaire, drop cover fitter, baby watcher (said baby was also pooping the whole time, sorry Ab!). Abby was able to paint an entire wall faster than I could say BOO! She was even able to run off to see her Young Women finish up their bball game and got back in time to help me edge the corners. Thanks for being left-handed, Abby.
Stephanie Bean - painter extraordinaire, tape master. No one can tape a room off the way this girl can. Stephanie also braved the window wall and managed to get an even coat of light pink paint over the entire surface despite being blinded the entire time with the sun glaring in her eyes. You're a doll face, girly.
Pop Rawlins - gossip monger, painter extraordinaire, aspiring blind hanger. This was Tony's first time painting! The south wall of the room thanks you, Tony. Tony also kept the girls laughing with his repeated requests for girl gossip. Tony was also the one who returned at 5 pm to help me hang the blinds when the paint dried. Unfortunately/fortunately Chase made it home before we made the attempt and informed us that: 1. We needed anchor bolts to hang the blinds, and 2. The curtain rod was about 6 inches too short. Thanks for your willingness, T-boss!
Mama Rawlins - baby watcher, loving grandmother, seamstress from heaven. Tori showed up prepared to paint, but armed with a sewing machine. She took on the responsibility of hemming my very wrinkled, very LONG curtain panels. She did this all the while being in charge of little miss Sophie. By the end I had two perfectly hemmed, perfectly ironed curtain panels and one happy baby. You rock, T-bull.
"Aunt Denny" Jen Rawlins - mod podge expert, drink-getter, Hobby Lobby runner, cheerleader to painters, baby holder. It was Jen's job to make my vision of a beautiful toile lampshade come to life and she succeeded. I'm no good with the 'podge so it was up to her to make it happen. In addition to that she would peek into the room periodically to let us know that it looked cute. She rounded out the day by running to get the rick rack (is that what that stuff is called?) and bias tape from Hobby Lobby and stopped at Sonic to get drinks. Someone had to do it. You made me love you, Jen.
Garrett Rawlins - lawn mower, food eater. The lawn was nice and high when Garrett arrived and was sweet and low when he left. Garrett is also a very appreciative eater. I made some cupcake thingy's and Garrett swooned. That makes a girl feel good. Peace out, G-Rawl.
Aunt Susan and Grape Grandma Rawlins - Miles watcher, Cameron watcher, Natalie watcher (need I say more), lunch feeder, diaper changer, Easter egg hunt planner. Let's face it people, there's NO WAY the rest of us would have been able to paint walls, mod podge, mow or sew if Cameron, Miles and Natalie had been around (okay, mostly just if Miles had been there). Aunt Susan and Grandma answered the call and generously watched the kids for about 4 HOURS! The kids had the best time and, by some voodoo magic that Susan has not yet taught me, they ate their lunch! When returned to us, the kids were all so wiped out that they took nice long naps. Susan and Grandma, I'm your biggest fan!


Sarah said...

very cute room! I love it. Let me tell you I CAN'T wait to be able to paint. We've moved up from Wymount, but I'm still anxious to have different colors on my wall. Very nice! You're so creative. Great that everyone pitched in to help, too.

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

I know I am pretty awesome, even if the lamp isnt SUPER!

Steph said...

You are so welcome! I wish I could have stayed to do more. Let me know about the bumper and the blinds.

Alyssa said...

I have a pretty good/easy stromboli recipe that I got from KRAFT magazine. Mike loves it, and you can pretty much put in whatever type of cheese/meet/veggies you want, depending on your tastes. It's really simple, so let me know if you're interested and I can email it to you!