Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I've been inspired by my sis-in-law (or SIL to those of you who can read 'internetese') to write about why my day is great so here it is.
Today is a good day because...

...I only have one load of laundry sitting in the washer and only one to follow it (notice I'm not mentioning the laundry waiting to be folded...).

...I skipped most of the things we were supposed to do today and stayed home with the kids and ate cookies. A lot of them. Diet what?

...I played Candy Land with Cameron while Miles was napping. But instead of using the Candy Land "guys" we used Spiderman and Robin. Spiderman won.

...I hung out in my pj's most of the day and didn't regret it at all.

...Sophie is staring at me with that very satisfied, "I just ate and pooped and I feel GRRRRREAT" look. Charming.

...I finally mailed my last Christmas present (sorry Ty).

...It's snowing (ish).

...It's leftover night. No cooking for me!

...Sophie slept from 7:30 pm to 4am last night. Here's hoping she repeats tonight.

...Dad Rawlins called out of the blue and asked if he could watch the kids while I ran errands. I got out of my pj's just long enough to take him up on it.

So what made your day fabulous?


The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

Candylane huh? Our fave (the boys' fave) is Chutes and Ladders. Guess who gets the most Chutes? ughhhh!!!

Alyssa said...

My day was good. Because I didn't go to work. Mostly because I didn't feel like it!

Mandi said...

My day was fabulous because they closed down Parker (due to the snow) and Burke got to come home early. PS- I'm jealous of Sophie sleeping that long. Matthew has never slept that well. Oh, someday (hopefully).

Sara Kilgore said...

Yay for fab days... and cookies!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

that was such a happy post! I love it, I may have to copy!

Steph said...

I loved that post! I'll have to remember the Spiderman-Robin Candyland Edition for when Preston gets older.

Abby & Paxton said...

how fun and relaxing and happy it all sounded. almost unrealisitc. dang. I will have to tell you someday what makes my day fabulous.