Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sophia is now 9 days old. I'm almost past the first 10 days. That's important because, as I was counseled by my sister, Chrysta, the first 10 days after a c-section are the days you feel "like you've been hit by a Mac truck." And it's true. But one more day and we'll be through it. Yay. Actually, I've been feeling pretty great for the past two days and I've been using less and less narcotics. Always a good sign. Of course, I'd probably feel better if I could sleep...but that's another post.
So I just thought I'd show the highlights of our week. Monday we checked out of the hospital. Chase's mom was working that day and had the privilege of removing my staples - all 18 of them. And then she discharged us. It was kinda funny.
Since then we've been just hanging out. I've tried to arrange some playdates for the boys because the weather was bad last week (as in rainy, not blizzardy or icy as some of you are experiencing...sorry). That helped alleviate some of their rowdiness.
Sophie also had her 1 week appointment and she's already about 9 pounds. She had already gained 7 ounces by day 6! She does love to eat.
Chase has been my knight in shining armor, as usual. He's gotten up in the middle of the night with me plenty of times, and he is always campaigning for more sleep for me. So nice. He's been doing laundry and dishes and keeping the kids happy. What a great dad and husband. Yesterday, after a particularly draining night for me, he sent me back to bed and kept the boys happy listening to music on the headphones. Miles wouldn't keep his on so Chase found some old fleece (does that fleece look familiar, Sara? It's from the big bird costume...) and fashioned a headband to keep it in place. Then he made a teenage mutant ninja turtle mask for Cam.
In terrible, horrific, awful, no-good, tragic news....my mom is leaving tomorrow. I'm so sad. She's been SUCH a huge help. She has kept my house clean and the boys fed. If it wasn't for her I'm sure I'd be an under-slept, under-fed emotional and physical mess. She has cooked all of my favorites; home-made bread and sweet rolls, pot roast, fudge. She's spent hours walking the floor with Sophie when her tummy doesn't feel good. She has stocked my fridge, freezer and pantry so that I don't have to venture into the grocery store for awhile. And she's always good for a ridiculous joke. There's just nothing better than having your mommy around when you need her. We will miss her so much. Ugh. Pennsylvania is SO far away!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics. There will be many more to come!


Lisa and Robert said...

Being away from Carrollton, I hadn't heard about your baby. How glad I was to hear about your blog and could keep up with you myself. What a beautiful daughter you have. I can't wait to meet her. After the holidays and you've settled in, Isabel and I will come by for a visit. Congratulations on beautiful little Sophie!

Sara Kilgore said...

Dang she's cute. Good thing she has super hero brothers to keep her safe!

Chandler Family said...

Yea yea yea yea yea!!! I'm so glad she is finally here! I just found out I'm having a girl, Yippee!!! I hope things go well after you mom leaves! I cried when mine left and she only lived 5 mins down the road!