Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Friday, February 06, 2009

(almost) Weekend Update

I haven't blogged about my adorable offspring in awhile. Since I know for a fact my parents only check this blog to ensure the safety and well-being of their grandchildren it's probably time for me to remedy the situation.

Cameron is back in preschool and is as hard core as ever. He is obviously going to follow in his mama's punk rock musical foot steps. He walks around the house going, "A 1, a 1, a 1, 2, 3..." and then humming the tune to Mary Had a Little Lamb. That kid has some major chops. In addition to humming Cameron spends his free time (and he has A LOT of free time) building forts and playing "spaceship." By the end of the day everyday my house usually resembles some sort of refugee camp with blankets hung over every possible surface that could possibly be used to create a tent/fort.


Miles is loving nursery and play dates and everything in between. He seems to miss Daddy the most during busy season, but finds ways to distract himself. He is a complete mimic when it comes to Cameron. It's amazing Cameron can even handle it. If someone followed me around all day repeating every word I said I think I would freak out. Cameron doesn't even seem to notice it. Miles is going to be starting preschool at the very end of March and while I'm excited for him to have his own experience I'm less excited than I thought I'd be. He keeps me busy and he keeps it lively around here!


Sophie is awesome. She's so set on keeping up with the boys that she's practically running everywhere. She's developed a pretty thick skin and can take a lot of the abuse the boys naturally dish out. They both adore her but they don't make any effort to coddle her. She handles it like a pro! At heart, though, she's still a mama's girl. And that's fine with me. 12 years from now she's going to hate me so I'm enjoying it while I can.


Chase is muscling his way through busy season. So far it's going more smoothly than any previous season. But we're only a few weeks in so that's not saying much. But he has more responsibilities this year and seems to feel more comfortable being a senior now that he has some time under his belt. This is his 4th busy season! And, of course, on top of busy season he keeps busy with his calling, home teaching and the kiddos. He leaves the house at 6 AM every morning - including a lot of Saturdays - so that he can get home as early as possible. A lot of nights he isn't home before the kids go to bed, but he makes sure not to do it two nights in a row. So he at least sees the kids every other day - and they're handling it all very, very well. AND, tomorrow is Chase's birthday! I've got a fun day planned for him - after he gets back from a quick trip to the office:)

As for me, I've finally weaned Sophie and feel like that was the last step to putting Humpty Dumpty together again. I've been pregnant or nursing non-stop since June '05 and it's just amazing how depleted I was starting to feel! Constantly having babies in the house, being up all day and all night... I would never, ever change it. But I definitely felt like I was losing myself a bit. So I'm trying to make an effort to take it all back and get myself back to where I'm comfortable, weight-wise, health-wise. It means getting up at 4:45 so I can hit the gym before Chase leaves, but it's been worth it. I feel totally dedicated for the first time in a long time. Before I always felt like I would work out as long as my schedule allowed it - because my kids truly dictated my schedule. But now I have a little more control over it and it feels good. I want them to see that mommy is happy and I want to set a healthy example for them. Oh and I want to look like Elle McPherson in my bathing suit this summer. Is that too much to ask?


Sara K. said...

Certainly not too much to ask, but I may ask, don't be flaunting your SI swimsuit edition bod in front of me the reunion.

Sophie is so cute. She probably won't hate you when she's 13, she might pretend to, but when you stay up with her until 2 o'clock in the morning to bail her out of AP assignment, then she will worship the ground you walk on... at least until 5 o'clock the next day.

Jeni said...

no not too much to ask at all!! I will look like her this summer so you better be there too. I mean what is better than one Elle at the pool, TWO!

Deb said...

So glad I don't live near you people. I'm going for Ricki Lake. :-)

abby and paxton said...

Anna you're so funny. I laughed out loud at your comment about Cameron being like you and singing Mary Had a Little Lamb. haha. And it's true Sophie will hate you in 12-13 years.. so sad. Hope it doesn't last that long though. haha.
You are amazing for getting up at 4:45! Yikes! And I thought 5:20 was early! You beat me. Keep it up- just as long as you're still sane through the day though. You look great!!!

CC said...

No, you look great now, so Elle is practically at the end of the block waiting to compliment you. Great job on having a plan to get yourself back on track.

Advance HB to Chase and yes, I do agree with how wonderful your children are (having had at least one interaction with two of them and all... :-D)

Enjoy the weekend!

Ben & Diane said...

Cute kids! And I'm thankful for your parents because then I get to be updated too. I know way too many wives of accountants right now who hate busy season. I'm sorry you have to go through this every year. You seem to be taking it very well. And what are you talking about? Look like Elle. You can't improve on perfection, right?

Nicole said...

You ARE dedicated! If I had to get up at 4:45 to exercise, well, I just wouldn't do that. Ever.

I know how that feels when you finally get your body back (I mean from babies -- not like I am 100% satisfied with how my body looks) and it was such a relief to me. I am just over 6 months away from having 3 days a week completely kid-free, and I just can't even imagine what that will feel like!

Good luck with all your training -- you will do great with that kind of dedication!