Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wait, I have a blog?

I'm pretty sure no one reads this thing anymore, which is understandable. I mean, I can relate. I drop in and out of readership of other people's blogs. And those are blogs where the blogger actually blogs. And still I forget to check in.

So when the blogger in charge of blogging stops blogging there's bound to be some blog-nesia on the part of the readers.

So if there's anyone out there, just know this.

I'm cooooooooooming!

Also too, this afternoon whilst watching Word Girl (on pbskids...if you're not watching it you're seriously missing out) I said, "Miles check out Captain Huggieface's dance moves!" To this Miles, in a voice that can only be described as hushed and reverent, replied, "Yeah I know. He's a incredible dancer. I don't know how he does it."


Pooh said...

I. can't. stand. that we have to wait until Christmas to see you guys. I sooooooooo wanted to do my summer world tour and come see Miles in his natural environment! Wah!!!! I'll be sure to have some Word Girl on the DVR when you come.

Also too, SOME of us have blog readers that let us know IMMEDIATELY when one of the blogs we're following posts something new. So it's not like we're not checking in, it's just that you're not writing anything hil-freakin-larious about you and your rad fam. Like I'm one to talk, I KNOW.

Shari said...

Word Out!

Stephanie said...

I'm singing Captin Huggieface's dance music in my head right now.

Hohmann Family said...

I super-excited to read about your funny self and your fam when you get back. Why is it that you have such a gift with words that I laugh out loud almost every time I read your blog? It's totally not fair...

Rena said...

We're HUGE "Word Girl Fans." My favorite villain is "Lady Redundant Woman." So clever and SO hilarious.