Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Baby girl turns one

I know I'm not caught up on anyone's birthdays, or any events, or anything. And it's too overwhelming to try to get caught up! I've got pictures and blurbs posted all over the place, so I'll have to compile those at some point and get it organized. But for now, THIS GIRL!

This girl has been the dreamiest of dreamy babies. So dreamy, in fact, that I was in deep, deep, way down deep denial about her birthday coming up. She just kept getting better and better at being a human. Who wants that kind of baby-ness to end? AND, she's my last little person. I had some serious thoughts that Haley might be my last, but it was never a sure feeling. I always had the idea that we might have another wiggling in the back of my brain. But throughout my pregnancy I felt a peace and contentment at the thought of Emilyn being my last. And so she shall be!

On her birthday we had our family come over and eat some pizza and cake with us. And Emilyn ate her cake with GUSTO! I think she must have been expecting me to take it away any minute, because she double-fisted that sucker. Yummo.

Happy first birthday, Emilyn Pearl! You have the most amazing ability to make everyone happy. We all light up when we see you, and you love unconditionally. And thanks for finally learning to sleep. That helps.

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