Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Miles is crawling! He's been working on it for the past month and this week I just knew he was going to do it before Daddy got home from training. Sure enough this morning I was opening the mail and looked down just in time to see him crawl about 2 feet to get a toy! I can't believe it! He'll be 7 months on Monday. He's got two teeth and he's crawling. I feel like he's losing his baby-ness too fast! I'm so proud, though. What a smart little monkey! Now if I could just get him to sleep through the night. Sara, since I know you're wondering, he was up three times last night. Midnight, 3:15 and 5:30 and then he was up for the day at 7:20...I've GOT to get him on a better schedule. He's just SO STUBBORN! If we could cut out the 3 am feeding that would really be ideal...
In other news, for those of you who did not get the email, WE'RE MOVING! Long story short, we originally planned on moving next September and Chase just happened to see a bunch of people from the Dallas office on Monday. They convinced him that he should come ASAP. We talked about it and prayed about it and by Wednesday the deal was done. Now we just have to get packed up here and find a house when we get there. 11 weeks feels like a long time until I realize how much packing I have to do by that time. Oh, man. My head is totally spinning. We're so excited, though! We'll either live in Carrollton or Allen. Carrollton is more central and it would be a better fit for Chase's job since he has to travel in all directions. I'm more interested in Allen, though, because house prices are lower, houses are newer and I think there are more young families. We'll just have to wait and see what shakes out! Yay for Dallas!


J B & N Rawlins said...

We cant wait for the 11 weeks - yay!! I say Allen, but that is juts me! What do I know!!
Congrats to MILES - Yay for crawling!

Jake & Kelly said...

wow! how exciting that you guys get to move back to Texas...i know that it's Jake's dream to move back, and with all of the fun people there, I think I could give up Idaho in favor of Texas. anyway, as for running, I get up at 4:30 to feed Maria and usually go running after that...from 5-7 ish...depending on how many miles. I usually save the really long runs for Sat. morning...giving Jake and Maria plenty of time to bond! My goal is to run a marathon between each child..and beings how I already want another one, i thought i'd better get my marathon done! After the race, I'm going to scale back on the distance and just do some shorter 5k, 10k and half marathons! Just sign up for a race and that will get you out of bed...I always think, "i'm not going to be able to do a marathon unless i get out of bed today!" Happy running!