Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So the boys had their semi-annual dentist appointment yesterday and we got some bad news. No cavities, but Miles has to have his left front tooth pulled a week from today. Because he's a thumb-sucker his front teeth protrude a bit. Pretty much from the moment Miles got his left front tooth he has bumped or knocked it once a week or more. Seriously, every time he trips I look down and his tooth is bleeding. So we've known for awhile that it was pretty much dead and had started to discolor a little bit. Well, the thing has developed into an abscess and now the tooth has gotta go. I'm not looking forward to the process. Anyone who has had a couple shots of Novocaine knows it's not fun and I don't think Miles is going to take it very well. I made Chase take a half day off so he can be there with us because there's no way I could do it by myself! I just feel so bad for the poor kid!


Abby & Paxton said...

oh my- how sad- poor miles. that's good chase will be with you- that'd be so hard to go thru alone. good luck

Pooh said...

Oh poor Miles. I hope you have a good pediatric dentist. If so, it shouldn't be too traumatic. If it makes Miles feel any better, Hudson has a "dark tooth" in front, too. It's been quite dead for over a year now. So far it hasn't caused him any trouble other than embarassment when other kids tell him his tooth is dirty and he needs to brush it. He can't wait for it to fall out, though, so he can have a big new white one in its place.

critts said...

Poor Miles! I had to have all my baby teeth pulled as a child and I will say that it is no fun at all!