Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We are always trying to get good pictures of the kiddos. It rarely turns out, but I thought we got a couple good ones, here.

This picture is out of order. But Brian wanted to see how big HE was compared to Sophie...hmm...
I left Sophie sitting next to her open drawer for a minute (we had been deciding what to wear that day) and I came back to find her doing this. Taking clothes out and throwing them on the floor - which is a favorite game of her older brothers as well! A clothes horse already. Yay!

Okay, so here is Sophie at 7 1/2 months with new cousin Stephen. He's gonna have to work hard to get those legs plumped up!
New mommy again. Of course Jeni looks fabulous after giving birth! Of course.
This is a shot of Natalie and Stephen's first meeting. Natalie wasn't so impressed at first but it didn't take long. She was just really interested in the free saltines.
Paper Mache!
Miles the hillbilly.


Alyssa said...

Miles is so cute, sans-tooth!

Steph said...

Fun pictures! Glad you are having a good week. We too are trying to cope with the heat. My SIL and niece have been here....too much fun. Talk to ya later.

The Fowers said...

Great pictures and stories! The science projects sound like a great idea... any good resources to share?

Ben & Diane said...

why I laughed so hard at the word hillbilly the world will never know.....including myself.