Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, January 26, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

1. Superheroes. They save people. They look great in tights. They are often portrayed by very handsome men (and sometimes they are not ...*cough* Toby Maguire). And I'm lucky enough to have superheroes in my house on a daily basis.

2. The Library. Love, love, L-O-V-E the library. Fun place to go and we always come home with a stack of books. It's no secret I love reading. I just recently added the weRead application on Facebook and I'm amazed how many books I've read in the last few years! But what I love is that my kids also love books and reading. I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I happen upon one of my children sitting in a corner of the house with a stack of books.


3. PBS/NPR. PBS for Great kids shows, great adult shows, fantastic news programming. NPR for great news and radio shows. You can't listen to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" and say NPR is boring.

image  image


4. Ghirardelli double chocolate brownie mix. I have yet to find another brownie on earth that can compare. These are the final word in brownies.


5. The Park. Any park. It's free, the kids are running wild and I can usually get some talk-time with other mommies.

6. Ikea. For a lot of the same reasons as the park but add in yummy meatballs and french fries.


7. Having a washer and dryer in my house. Okay, it's been 2 years now and I still get a little giddy over having my very own matching washer and dryer. It's going to take a long time to overcome the memories of 4 years of college followed by our first 4.5 years of marriage. Laundromats suck. Laundry rooms? Awesome. (p.s. to my old Wymount girlfriends...does anyone still get terrible deja vu when they see a Red Flyer wagon go by?)

8. Outback Steakhouse. Honey, if you're listening, let's go Outback tonight. Fo rillz.


9. Holiday dress clothes. For my kids, not me. I love getting little matchy-matchy outfits for my kids to wear to church. Bonus that I have a girl now and get to do dresses and mary janes!

10. Netflix. I decided to sign up for Netflix at least during busy season when I know Chase is going to either be working late or going to bed early. For 9 bucks a month I can get one DVD at a time (currently watching Gilmore Girls) and watch unlimited movies online. If anyone is looking for girly movies to watch I would suggest "Becoming Jane" and "The Jane Austen Book Club." Both are very cute.

11. Blogging. I love writing blogs and mostly I love reading blogs. Especially UMC blogs. Keep 'em coming, girls!


Heather Lynn said...

Hey it's Heather, Sarah's freind. I decided to "Stalk" you again today. Remember we talked about this at the party? :) Anyway I was looking at you favorites and noticed the books from the library. Then I thought I would let you know I just started a weekly Children's book review. Check it out on my family blog. www.hardenfam.blogspot.com

peterfam said...

Anna- I totally agree about the washing machine! Laundry is my favorite chore. I LOVE haveing a washer n dryer in my house! Good old wymount... Thanks for the great posts!

Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

mmmmmmmmmmm outback sounds so good. did you gym it this morning???? I noticed that was NOT on your list of loves...
AND i also love those superheros in your house, very handsome and save-ing!

CC said...

I'm with you on #s 4,7 10 & 11.

I love double choc Ghirardelli brownies, owned my wash/dry for 4 years now and I'm also a Netflix phan! Of course, what's not to love about bloggin'? :D

Alyssa said...

Oh Anna, what have you done? I feel like there will be a rash of numbered blogs, leading to another trend frenzy with which I will not be able to keep up. Sigh. But I guess you just can't hold back a trend setter.

Also too, I like your super heroes. Who strip in the middle of the living room on Christmas eve to get into costume:) That was my favoritest!

Deb said...

... Even Chase (mine) wanted to know why the kids were naked in Christmas pictures. As if he ever wears clothes.

Since I'm too lazy to post my own blog ...

2) Hate, hate, H-A-T-E the library. It smells funny and I never know where to go or what to look for. But I love, love, L-O-V-E my mother-in-law, who is almost as bespeckled with books as a "real" library, but she smells way better and always gives me books I know I'll like. Plus, there's no stress of overdue fines and she doesn't charge me if the book falls in the tub. Now I just need to get Gracia to read from your weRead.

3. Love, love L-O-V-E NPR. I love listening to Louisa Lim and Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, and I want Carl Kassell to be my grandpa. Also too I am reminded that if Daniel Schorr can have a career in radio, then I can be anything I want to be when I grow up. I second your "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" and raise you one "Car Talk." Who doesn't love Tom and Ray Magliozzi?!? I *heart* NPR!

4. You're killing me with your brownie talk.

7. Girl, I hear ya on the washer and drying thing. I've had them for 10 years, but the flipping washer only spun for the first two. That's right, my washer doesn't spin. We adopted a crazy lid-slam-and-re-slam routine to trick it into spinning, and life went on. But I'm on the cusp of getting a brand stinking new washer and just the thought of it gives me goosebumps. And we're building a new laundry room around it. I can hardly stand myself.

11. Amen.

Sara K. said...

2. I love the library also too, though it's much more of a chore since the '08 flood ruined our main library. I stalk a book club blog and find many fabulous reads there. I also have a Gracia's Public Library card.

3. Ditto. I dream of getting Karl Cassel's voice on my answering machine. Love WWDTM, Love WDYK, Love the Splendid Table, Love Car Talk, grew up listening to Prairie Home Companion thinking my parents were so retarded and now thank them for exposing me to the beauty that is NPR.

4. Next time you make the brownies, substitute melted butter for the oil. Your taste buds will thank you, your thighs not so much.

5. I dream of park days. 52 days til "spring."

6. Don't share the love.

7. Indeed best perk of home ownership. Even crappy washers and dryers that don't spin or run efficiently are better than not having them at all.

8. Amen. Love me some Outback. CR is not home to many good restaurants so we have to settle for chains. Lydia's baptism is on Saturday and she gets to pick where to go. Immediately she said, OUTBACK! And I was like Yippee, then she remembered her absolute favorite place to eat... Red Lobster. Bleck!

11. I feel like I'm cheating on my blog with all my Facebook face time lately.

Thanks for being the trendsetter!

Pooh said...

6. It pretty much kills me that my nearest Ikea is 2.5 hours away in Atlanta. Because you're right. It's like going to the park, but indoors. And with food. When we lived in Germany, I had my choice of about 3 different Ikeas within 30 minutes. On a cold or rainy day, it made a much better hang-out than the mall.

I do love having my washer and dryer, but I hate my laundry room. It's tiny and cramped. I have a plan to make it work better without losing the storage, but that would require Karl being home to help hang a couple of cabinets. Since I still haven't gotten my light fixtures hung after having purchased them a year ago (and now the tubes in the kitchen shop light are burned out but I refuse to replace them), I doubt my laundry room is going to become a happy place any time soon. Deb, I hope you're building the happiest, most fabulous laundry room EVER! (But don't show me pictures of it.)

Clearly, I've lost count, but add chopped pecans and butterscotch chips to your brownies. Your thighs AND your butt will hate you. But mmmmmmmm........

My kids also asked why Miles was naked in the Christmas pictures. Gotta love that little redneck!

Deb said...

Sara, I think you're cheating on your blog too. Stop it.

Laundry room surely won't be the happiest, most fabulous laundry room EVER because it has to fit inside my existing house/walls etc. However, not being in the basement anymore surely will be fabulous (for Matt).

Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

um so yeah, I've totally been doing "busy season stuff" You know it's funny but sometimes I get so caught up in "my stuff" that when Chris comes home early I'm almost disappointed because I had plans of my own :)

By the way, did you get my evite about Friday?

Chandler Family said...

ok....so Matt and I are still in the dark ages and have yet to own the prize possession of our very own washer and dryer...sniff, sniff...but hopefully in the next year, and then I can leave my cloth in the dryer for 2 whole days and not have some nagging thought that I have forgotten something very important, and that someone is going to steal my quarters!!!!