Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I just took Sophia to the potty and she managed to pee on the seat a little bit, at which point she tearfully said, "Oh no, I got pee on the potty. I didn't point my penis down!"

And that's when I realized I need to blog more often. Because what else do you do with that?

The problem with blogging, for me at least, is that I tend to think I need 'something to blog about." I've always leaned toward the side of the dramatic, and I really like to exaggerate. I do it about a bajillion times a day. So writing about the normal hum-drum of life doesn't always fuel my creative senses. And I don't like to blog unless I'm feeling creative-y.


So here I am. Mother of four with not very much drama going on. How is that even possible? Things are hectic for sure, but not dramatic.

P1050308 Dear Grandma, send food. I'm starving over here.

In other news, The Haley has arrived (as pictured above and below) and it is FABULOUS. The mix of yellows, greens and blues is incredible. When Sara asked if I had any color preference for it I just told her I trusted her to make something beautiful. She delivered. Oh, did she deliver.

P1050312 P1050263 P1050268

And speaking of deliveries, I have yet another niece!!!!! Jen had her baby on the 12th (Cameron's birthday!) and she is a juicy piece of baby. I still haven't figured out the physics of how such a big baby (9lbs. 4 oz.) fit inside such a tiny person. She honestly didn't even look that big at the end. But one way or the other, Courtney Lynne is here and we love her! So, for those of you who are counting, she is the THIRD Rawlins granddaughter born in the space of 8 weeks. Clearly we are a productive, hard-working group.


So yeah, that's about it. Not a whole lot going on aside from the usual, everyday biznass. But I thought my mom might appreciate knowing that I'm still alive.

That is all.

Go about your day.


Jeni said...

I miss you.
You are funny.
My baby is huge.
I love your kids.
Let's get together next week.

Deb {Confessions of an Ugly Mom} said...

I'm hearing you on the inspiration part. But as I re-read my blog, my posts are seriously about nothing. Ever. But it works for me and you, also too. So go with it. Give your fans more of what they want!

Proud Momma said...

I also missed hearing your blogging...hilarious potty story! I often feel like I have to have stories so lately I've only had pictures really. I'm boring.

abby and paxton said...

haha- Sophie and her penis comment. hilarious.