Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

If you're wondering, the answer is yes. If you dump a bunch of anti-bacterial hand lotion all over a walnut side table it will indeed leave a giant mark. Isn't it wonderful the things we learn by having children? Here are some other things I have come to know thanks to my resident magician, Cameron. My VCR comfortably holds at least 12 AA batteries, OR 8 wooden puzzle pieces. Said VCR can also hold a ton of DVDs. However, the VCR doesn't play the DVDs, much to Cameron's displeasure. I've also learned that the library is rather forgiving of ripped pages in their books, however they tend to frown on breaking DVDs in half (which I've also learned is more likely to happen when it's very cold outside); my toilet can handle a LOT of toilet paper without overflowing; a Cubs hat, when held out the window of a car moving approximately 45 mph, will never be seen again; if you take a 3 year-old to the Nauvoo pageant, be prepared to listen to him yell about "God's Tampon" due to his inability to correctly pronounce the word TEMPLE; a potty-training child will never fail to talk about his "poopies" during the quietest moment of Sacrament meeting; if you say a bad word (like "crap" for instance) once, expect to hear it repeated dozens of times while standing in line at the grocery store. Likewise, if you try to shush the child saying that bad word it will only result in the word being said at decibels normally only heard at rock concerts.
These are just a few of the moments I have been enjoying lately...Lucky me.
Anyway, we're all recovering from our illnesses now. Cameron has been going stir-crazy and is looking forward to seeing his friend Ki-ki today. Her mom, Joanna, is my visiting teaching companion. Yes, we're getting it done on the 29th...Oh well. Next month I swear we'll get it done by the 15th.
Chase had a couple of short days last week and is hoping for a day off on Friday. We'll see... Well, off to feed Miles. He's been very greedy these days. I think it's a growth spurt!

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J B & N Rawlins said...

Oh that is so funny Anna - kids are so silly, I CANT wait for ours to be at that point!!! haha those are the days and stories to remember arn't they?!