Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Friday, August 25, 2006

Well, what better time to sit down and really work on this blog than when the boys are sick and docile?! I feel like we're living in a leper colony. We can't go out because we're all in different stages of contagiousness. We've just spent the last couple of days laying around (see picture), watching movies like Madagascar, Wallace and Gromit (or Woose and Gromt as Cam calls it), and Star Wars. Miles was the first one to get sick and it always makes me so sad when my babies are sick! They just can't do anything to help themselves feel better. So sad. Cameron got sick quickly thereafter. He's more aggravating when he's sick because he refuses to blow his nose and wants ME to wipe it every 30 seconds. It's hard to keep up with. But both boys have just been SO pathetic. It's cute and sad all at the same time. Chase and I camped out on the living room floor last night so both boys could have their own room and hopefully get more sleep that way. Too bad it didn't happen like that... I was up with them once an hour for the entire night. Once I would get one of them to sleep the other one would wake up. Needless to say my eyes are VERY heavy this morning. And Chase, funny little boy that he is, rolled over this morning and said "How many times did you have to get up last night?" He sleeps SO HARD he never even heard them once. Amazing. Anyway, we think we're coming down with this cold, too. Just in time for a glamorous weekend of red noses and tissues. Yay.

Oh, and I just wanted to point out that in that first picture you can see Cameron massaging Miles' head with his toes. Miles doesn't mind at all. How funny is that? Oh, and just FYI, I'm using our computer camera for these shots because we're still waiting on a new digital camera. Soon, I hope...

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J B & N Rawlins said...

I think I will try to rub Brians head like that tonight.... My hands always get so tired but i have never thought of using my toes!!!
Hope you guys all feel better!!