Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cameron is currently spending time on the potty choo-choo train. He hears us talking about "potty training" him and he thinks it's an actual train that he will be taking. So everytime he sits on the potty he insists that he's on the potty choo-choo train. It's funny...
SO this weekend has been lots of fun and very restful. I love holiday weekends. We kicked off the weekend with some take-out from a Chinese place we've been wanting to try. We've heard it described as the "best take-out in the South 'burbs." It was okay. For such a big city you'd think people would have more refined tastes. I guess that's the midwest for you. We also watched a movie called "An Unfinished Life"with Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman and J. Lo. It was pretty good, too. Yesterday we got lots of deep cleaning done, and Chase studied for the CPA for a couple of hours before playing basketball with his work buddies. He came home sunburnt and totally spent, so he tried to sleep. Cameron had other ideas because he spent all of Chase's "naptime" climbing all over the bed and all over daddy.
Today we spent the morning at Church and then we ALL got naps this afternoon. That's a miracle! Cameron doesn't take naps everyday anymore, so it's a real treat when he does. It was SO nice to sleep for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. After dinner we read some excerpts from Jesus the Christ (Cameron didn't even pretend to listen), and sat around the piano singing Primary songs. So much fun! I love how easy it is to teach gospel principles with the primary songs. Cameron is catching on to the songs and getting better at singing them.
Tomorrow we are going to just hang out! Chase will have to study in the morning, but it will be nice to all go to the park together, or maybe hit the beach. We've got to soak up this beautiful weather while we've got it. In a couple of months we'll be in the dead of another Chicago winter and dreaming of the sun... Meanwhile, we're trying to decide just how many more of these Chicago winters we're going to endure. Dallas is calling our name...

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J B & N Rawlins said...

Oh WInter... I dont think Dallas knows what that means! Good luck with the Potty Training... I hear that can get tough and very interesting! Keep me posted!