Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gaby, this is going out to you.
Okay, so this picture is almost 2 years old (Halloween weekend '05) but I needed to use a pic of Cam's cousin Gaby (with whom he is madly in love). As Cam gets bigger it always astounds me the silly, and yet totally logical (to an almost 4 year-old, anyway) things that come out of his mouth.
So tonight as we're putting Cam in bed we lay down for a few minutes to read stories and sing songs and I said something about needing to get up. Cam asked why, as he does at least 1000 times a day. Chase said something to the effect of, "because mommy has a baby in her tummy." And Cam, again, asked why but in a somewhat negative way. My response was, "But Cam, I thought you wanted a little brother or sister." He didn't seem sold with that one. So I tried again, "Cam, don't you want another little friend to play with?" His response was swift. "Yeah! I want Gaby to be in there!"


Sara Kilgore said...

AWESOME! After a day like yesterday, you can have her. I'll see if I can fit her in with the maternity clothes I'll be sending. Love ya Cam. Less than 2 months to cousinpalooza.

abby & paxton said...

HAHA- how funnY! Oh that is so hilarious. its funny when little cousins have crushes on eachother! hehe

Alyssa said...

Well wouldn't that be a shock for you if you had a gaby in your belly... I don't think the world could handle another gaby! hahaha!

Steelergal said...

I'll say it again...Cam cracks me up.

P.S. I never said you had to "love" Pink Martini. They're definitely better in concert than just listening to them on CD. But you should be introduced to them. I'll make you a CD and you can decide from there.