Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wierd, I can't figure out why those videos won't post. Basically they were of Miles running. When he walk fast or runs he only pumps his left arm and it's hysterical.
Anyway, here's me today at 15 weeks. Getting fatter. Awesome. Those are, in fact, maternity pants and let me just say thank goodness for lycra.
The other pics are of the boys and there's one of Chase's dinner last week. I made yummy chili (I know it's too hot for chili but I had leftover meat) and Chase was having a side of apple sauce. Before I know it he's dumping the applesauce into the chili. Yes, this was Chase, not Cameron or Miles. For those of you who are not familiar with the eccentricities of Chase's palate, just know that he does this wierd stuff all the time. Yuck. And there's one in there of Cameron's milk fu-man-chu. It was awesome. You also get to see Miles chomping it up with chopsticks. Lastly, there's a pic of Miles carrying a pink thing. Those are my pajama pants. For some reason Miles has decided they are quite nice to cuddle with. He will scour the house and come up with these every time. He cuddles them up to his cheek and sucks his thumb. It's wierd, funny and cute.


stephanie said...

You are so funny. I hear ya about the lycra! On your video...see if you set as an option (on you tube) that no outside website can use the video. You have to leave that option open so you can use it on the blog. Hope it works!

Pooh said...

Love that about the PJ pants. You may just have to cut them up and make an official "lovey" out of them to save yourself the embarassment next time the HT's come over. Reminds me of Bird and Mom's G's...

And, oh yeah, Chase is weird.

Steelergal said...

I love the video of Miles running with the arm pumping. So cute. WHY DO YOU LIVE SO FAR AWAY?!? Great photos too. Cam cracks me up.

Nice food Chase.

Steelergal said...

It'll take me a while to get over the Toyota betrayal...but sending that borscht recipe will help.