Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, May 12, 2008

This is my first blog, so be gentle.

I just had to contribute after our visit to the Oklahoma (aka jet-setting) Kilgores this past weekend. It was great. Very relaxing. One of those vacations that feels like a vacation.

The item I wanted to mention has to do with our infamous middle child: Miles. In case you have not been able to gather...he is a twerp. Not only a twerp, but also an ingrate. (Actually, all children are ingrates, but I digress.)

Milo's twerpiness was especially apparent upon our visit to the Oklahoma City Zoo.

The zoo was doing a fun Ostrich Egg Breakfast thing, and we signed up and stood in line (for an hour) for delicious, flightless-bird omlets. Miles accompanied me in the line the whole time but was completely unappreciative during the entire hour. Of course, he wouldn't even try the omlet, but the best part came later.
The event was attended by some pretty colorful folk, including the following: sweet old-person band, authentic clowns, and Elsie the Borden cow.

It is on this last character that my story focuses. Miles acknowledged his desire to meet the quadraped (on two hooves), by the cute utterance, "Cawoo", and an assertive point.

Miles' initial encounter with the milk mascot was typical: aprehension and distrust, mingled with mild curiosity.

Once again, the firm request came, "Cawoo." The proceedings of this meeting were also anticipated: excitement with a handshake. The fun did not stop there.

Again, this time more politely, "Cawoo, pease", with a multi-nod of the head. This time, Elsie got a kiss. I thanked the costume wearer for his (or her) willingness to play along.

You guessed it, Miles insisted on one more furtive rendez vous with the lactose-laden lover. This last meeting was awkward and ostensibly left Miles wanting more. And that - I thought - would be that. All done. Breakfast was over, and it was time to see the REAL animals. You know, REAL lions; ACTUAL giraffes; and living, breathing geese. As mentioned before, with simple reality, Miles was not pleased. I know he was unsatisfied because as we were leaving to see the animate objects of our arrival, all Miles could think about, mention, and want in the whole world was that "Cawoo."

I assured him that s/he was sleeping, and needed the nap. No. "Cawoo, pease." What about the animals, Miles? No. "Cawoo." We had come to see the animals. No. "Cawoo."




The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

Bravo Chase! Entry well done...and funny enough, after spending time with Miles, I can actually see this story play out the way you described!!!!

Hope your omellette was worth the wait and that you saw more animals than we did!

Sara Kilgore said...

it was great! miles is sooooo silly! we still love him though!

Alyssa said...

Seriously, why can't toddlers be more mature?? You think they would just appreciate their ostrich omelet, and go see some monkey's at the zoo!! I guess you just can't win!!

PaBlanchards said...