Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness

As I was scrubbing, scraping and painting over the last couple of weeks in preparation for visitors I kept thinking that normal people don't have to do this. And by "this" I'm referring to the intense amount of work required to make up for the state into which my house has fallen.

My house has been bebusyseasoned. It's like being bedazzled but with the opposite effect. Whereas bedazzling usually creates a more, uh, beautiful result, bebusyseasoning almost always ends with things being splattered on the walls, home projects going half-finished, and cobwebs collecting in corners for months at a time.

My day-to-day routine usually involves cleaning and tidying. Deep cleaning is saved for the weekend when I can pass the kids off to Chase and get some stuff done without it being immediately undone before I'm even finished. During busy season, however, this routine is replaced with the, "Oh my goodness. Let's just shove this in a drawer and try to survive because you're crazy, I'm crazy and none of us has seen your father in 7,463 days" routine. It's my own personal version of March Madness.

And what the heck is with the mess anyway? I mean, they are three small children and I am one full (some may even say over) grown adult! What is the deal? How do they create such monstrosities?! And why are my powers so useless against them? Perhaps it is some strange theory of overcompensation. Like how short men always drive enormous trucks. Maybe my kids are trying to make up for their size by showcasing the largesse of their capacity for disaster. Who knows. I'm stumped. And tired. I'm Stired. And to prove just how stired I am I'm going to hit "publish" and walk away because I don't even care anymore that this is the most ridiculous and time-wasting blog ever created in the history of the world and that I am ending it with one of the longest run-on sentences in the history of blogging and for the fun of it I might even throw in a misused homonym or word just four kicks and giggles and because eye no it will piss of Chrysta two know end.


Alyssa said...

Eye Hart Ewe. But I hate that you're getting the company, and I am not. But I am glad you are bebusyseasoned, and I am not. Well, I'm not "glad" you're bebusyseasoned...

Moving on...this blog made me think that perhaps your children really are more like pets than people? Of course I say that in the most loving way possible...I'm starting to see Emma that way. I have to clean up her poop, I have to take her for walks (in the stroller or Beco, of course), and she gets me up in the middle of the night...

No wonder people test their parenting skills with dogs, first!

Pooh said...

Annabananabadingdangdoo, eye hart ewe, two. I can handle the misused homonyms when I know the person doing it is in on the joke and not serious. (That WAS a joke, right?) I also have to congratulate you on your terrifically run-on sentence. I'm rather fond of them myself.

As you know, I, too, have been bebusyseasoned. It's just that Karl's busy season consists of three straight years, so my house is starting to look like a good candidate for that show "Clean House." (Which Hudson LOVES, btw. Go figure.) This week I stayed up half the night Wednesday night trying to clean some of the corners where random junk and clutter has piled up, because a new friend was going to bring her son to Hudson's birthday party Thursday night. I just wanted the house to be clean-ish the first time she came over so that she would know that it's possible. Then Anthony wasn't feeling well and they called with their apologies. Oh well. The kicker is that Emilie and Anthony came by on Friday afternoon to drop off Hudson's gift, so she walked into post-party, post-boy-cousins-from-Atlanta-overnight-visit CHAOS. So much for clean.

Lyss, kids definitely have a lot in common with pets. Especially if they're boys.

Deb said...

Does anyone else have this problem: whenever I read Anna's blog, then switch over to the white comment screen, I have stripes and dots all over the place. Trippin', dude.

Boys are definitely pets. Since we've been rather preoccupied with ourselves during our demo, we're basically allowing the children to do as they please. Outside. And that includes the 3-year-old. I fully expect the police to show up any minute. If the police were to show up, they would find two children who haven't bathed in two days while spending most of those days in a child-size hole in our mulch bed that used to have an azalea in it. I can confirm one of the aforementioned children has been eating dirt. To top it off, we've had three ticks amongst us from a trip to the trails last weekend, the most recent discovery last night. Who's concerned about more ticks? The female, that's who. Because males are animals.

Animals who pee on the floor. What is up with that? How can you possibly miss the toilet when your tinkler is only inches away and the target is the size of a basketball?

I have no excuse for my bebusyseasoning. I'm just lazy and hate to clean. THERE -- I'VE SAID IT! Man that felt good. I'm not busy or allergic to dust, or even watching three kids by myself. I'm laying around eating Hershey's Kisses watching Renovation Realities. Life is good.

Mike and Rachael Hohmann said...

I laughed all the way through the post and the comments. Hahaha! However, I'm a bit confused at the use of the word "season" in reference to being bebusy-ed. It seems to be year round for me. A friend mentioned spring cleaning last week while her boys were home for spring break and it was like learning a whole new concept. You clean your baseboards and blinds more often than the one time you move out? I'm flabbergasted. I started attempting this new phenomenon and haven't made it past the kitchen in a 1400 sq.ft. apartment. blah.

Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

I feel your pain. I guess maybe I just feel 2/3 of your pain since you've got 1 more kid than I do, but I do feel your pain. Most of the time I think Chris Who? Will busy season ever end? It feels like it is going on For-ev-er!

Ben & Diane said...

I loved this. Ben doesn't even have a busy season but my house does. Actually, my house is messy year round. Why? Because just like you, my little ones seem to cause the same effect on a room that a tornado mixed with a hurricane would. And my meager efforts to clean up at the end of the day go unnoticed by 8 am the next morning when it has been destroyed again. I too have to clean like never before when I have guests. I am hosting Easter this year for my family. I should have started cleaning yesterday, if you know what I mean.