Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mark your calendars...

Saw the doc today and we scheduled the c-section! July 30.

Woooooo hooooooo!!!!!!!!


Also too, Cameron made this card for me today, totally out of the blue. Being a mom is a dream job:) Why didn't any of my employers ever give me performance reviews like this?

P1040833 (translation: I like my mom. She is cool. I love my mom. I like my mom because she loves me.) (And I'll admit I was kinda hoping one of those superheroes was supposed to be me. It wasn't. I should have known I'm not THAT cool.)

And just for an update, Mom and Dad came to town last week. I love having them here. They're both big helps with the kids and I usually find a job to keep my dad busy - he's never been one to sit around.

Anyway, we ended up finding a B-I-G job for dad to help with. If you didn't know, Chase spent a ton of time putting up radiant barrier in our attic. He finished the job right before dad rolled into town. The next step was to put in a couple attic fans and blow in insulation. So dad got wrangled into that. Poor, poor man. It was a HUGE job. They spent the first day doing the attic fans and getting ready for insulation. The next day they spent over 15 hours doing the insulation. 15 HOURS! Wowzers bowzers.

At least they got started with some sweet golf...

Now if I can just convince Dad to ever come back:)

P1040816P1040820 P1040824 P1040826 P1040831 P1040832


abby and paxton said...

congrats on the scheduled date!!! How exciting! I'm going to the doc tomorrow... not to schedule any c-sections though.. I don't even know the gender! Dang it!
Nice super hero pics by Cam. haha.

Pooh said...

Super-fab on the Cam-loves.

Glad you have a date scheduled. Now I can schedule a trip to Pee-Yay before that. Oh, and you know, glad you'll have a baby and all that. You know.

Way to put Dad to work. Did you, ahem, get your cabinet doors repainted???

Sara K. said...

So, pretty much anything we ask dad to do while they're here will be a cake walk? Too bad we only get them for a weekend.

Yay for July 30th, it's almost as good a sharing a birthday with Gaby and Nicole :-) That's like soon, kindof, also too. I should probably get to my backlog of quilts. Any requests?

Nicole said...

The only way this news could be better is if your date was 2800 minutes earlier;)

Your dad rocks. Chrysta, are you sure you don't need him here for the next 2 weeks for a few projects...around the corner at my house?