Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Do you have yours yet?
Yeah, you. You know what I'm talking about.
Do you have it yet?
Mine hasn't come in the mail yet, but I'm hopeful that Monday will be the day.
So close, yet so far away.


Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

ahhhhhh suck I am so mad they didn't come today. I was hoping to read all day tomorrow :(
and wash my clothes to help thrush?? hmmm you will have to explain!

Sara said...

I'm sorry to say I have no comment on the book...I'm still on the waiting list at the library (hoping to get it by the end of the week!). However, you should know that you're always allowed to fix me up because you know what I like! And what's bad for me. :) This is why I love you (well, one reason at least).

Sara Kilgore said...

Got it today. Taylor and I are fighting over reading rights. I couldn't bring myself to buy 2 copies knowing that we'll both be finished with it in a few days. I make lists of chores for her to do and when she finishes the chores she gets the book. I read while she does chores and then I make lists for her to do while she reads. Win, win, I say.

Chris and Sarah Wise said...

Okay I just read your post from last week and I'm starting to think maybe it's something in the water or maybe it's just the heat, because Madison has been doing the same thing. She won't take naps. I mean will NOT no matter what I do. Luckily she's in a crib, and she can't get out, but today I let her cry for over an hour. I tried letting her just look at books... nope no go. So then she's awake all day getting in my way AND waking up Jaxon. So Jaxon isn't taking very good naps either. They both are doing okay at night. But like I said it's probably the crib. Madison should be exhausted right now, but no, she's in her room yelling to herself. And yes, the heat is driving me crazy. Why should I have to sweat INSIDE my house? AHHHHH!

kjkabm said...

Got it at Barns and noble on Sat night.. I ordered it off Amazon, but was at the mall and decided I couldn't waite! I am on the 8th chapter.. taking the one from Amazon back (that came today) to book store tomorrow! :)
Jeni M.

Sara Kilgore said...

I don't like it :-(