Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Monday, July 13, 2009

A-camping we go

So in a couple weeks we'll be heading off for our family reunion. Have I mentioned I crazyexcited? No? I'm seriously CRAZYEXCITED people!

Anyway, our original plan was to camp along the way. We do this when we are on long distance trips. I think it's glorious fun. Mostly because it means I'll get to make s'mores but that's normal, right?

So as our trip approaches I started thinking about the fact that we would soon be camping. And I started to vacillate. On the one hand, I think camping is awesome. On the other hand, I really appreciate air conditioning and a mattress while I'm trying to sleep. But what really got me thinking was all the camping gear we were going to have to bring, in addition to the rest of our vacation crap. So I started to look at hotel rooms in our area...and remembered the OTHER reason we love to camp. We like to save money! To get a hotel in a decent (not nice, just bug/nast free) place with a pool was going to be upwards of $125!!! Holy recession, Batman! I mean, Chase did just get a nice little bump in salary but we didn't plan on spending it all on a hotel room for one night!

So I went back to the camping plan. And lo and behold, look what I found!


Did you know KOA campgrounds have these little beauties? For $50 a night you can sleep in a little cabin with electricity, air conditioning, a double mattress with bunkbeds?! Plus you get all the awesomeness of camping without having to drag all the gear. We just need to pack some frozen hot dogs and s'mores materials in the cooler and bring pillows and bedding and we're home free. The kids get to sleep in the woods, have a bonfire, go swimming and have access to a playground.

Needless to say, we're tres excited!


Sara said...

I'm glad you're excited about the cabins and camping, but next time, call me. Hello, Marriott discount!

Jeni said...