Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Friday, July 17, 2009

Open head, pour out contents.

There's no real purpose to this blog (note to reader/self: am in love with the use of italics in blogging. There's just nothing better to drive home a point...too much? Okay, yeah.). But I'm nothing if not an excellent sharer.

Firstly, you should know that during the summer months here in Texas my daily routine changes so that everything gets done before noon, when things heat up. The gym, cleaning, errands - all of it. So after lunch when nap time rolls around we've resorted to movies. One for the boys, one for me. Which brings about my point. I've become smitten with Netflix instant play. Why? Because they have so many, many BBC goodies. It's a veritable candy store for the Austen-lover in me. After stumbling onto this blog and finding the author's list of Sumptuous Literary Adaptations, I was hooked. So far I have North and South, Daniel Deronda, Under the Greenwood Tree and Wives and Daughters under my belt. And there are enough to sustain me through the entirety of the summer. Oh, netflix. How do I love thee?


Second, I keep hearing about this book. I can't make up my mind as to whether or not I will read it. The library doesn't have it, so I'd have to buy it. And that makes the decision much harder. I'm intrigued by the idea though, right? Am I? I can't tell. The best quote from amazon.com's Editor's Review is this: "But critics also pointed out that this parody shows that Austen’s novel has remained so powerful over time that even the undead can’t spoil it." Hmmm...so provocative!


Third, my boys play a lot of "good guys and bad guys" games. I fully support this. My brothers used to run around the neighborhood at night in full-on camo and face paint playing "war." And they all turned out pretty well. Anyhoo, we hear a lot of "he's a bad guy!" in our house, so Chase thought it would be fun to teach them to say, "he's the antagonist!" It's. Awesome. We took them to the mall play area a couple of days ago and they kept running up to us yelling, "He's the antagonist! Get him!"

Last, this song has me utterly convinced that Thom Yorke is not of this world. Because no earth-bound, CO2-secreting mammal should be able to come up with this kind of thing. It's just not natural. And that, that is why we love him.

Go ahead. Have a look-see. (To be continued...meaningful compversation about the evils of child labor. Feel free to watch North and South to bone up on this subject,)


Sara said...

I've heard good things about P&P&Z, but I haven't read it yet. I'm NOT a Jane Austen fan (the one thing that does not make us BFFs), but this kind of intrigues me. Let me know how it is. And have you heard of this one?


Nicole said...

Wow. Now I want to go throw away everything I have that wasn't manufactured in the United States. It makes me sick because I know it's happening all over the world and it's one of those things that feels too big to change.

Good reminder. Thanks for that.

Kelly said...