Rawlins Family

Rawlins Family

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mama Rawl turns...

Yesterday was Mama Rawlins' birthday. She turned an age that I will not specify out of my great love for her. But I will say that she was 20 when she had Chase. And he will be 30 in February. But that's all I'm saying.

So to mark such a momentous occasion we had a little party. We originally thought about doing a BIG to-do; you know, whoop it up Texas-style. But the sons reminded the wives that their mommy isn't really one who loves attention in that manner. So we put our party planning books away and focused on something smaller. A surprise dinner - family only! - at Logan's Roadhouse. We got a little room in the back so the kids could all have freedom (freedom which included Chase allowing Miles to wield as many as THREE STEAK KNIVES at a time, but that's another story). It was nice. T-Bull was surprised and seemed to enjoy herself. A good time was had by all.

P1030904 P1030905 See that sweet blow-up of Tori? Looks a lot like Miles, don't you think?!

P1030906 P1030907 P1030909 Brandon, Danielle and Cam at the kids' table. Brandon should enjoy this. He's intensely impressed whenever he's featured on the internet.

\P1030910 P1030917 She makes her age (which will not be mentioned) beautiful, right?!

P1030918 Opening her AARP card. I've been holding on to that puppy for a couple weeks.

P1030926 The Cake*.


P1030935 The tables were decorated with pictures of T through the years.

P1030937 P1030936 P1030929 Happy Birthday Tori!!! We love you!


*As usual with my brood there is always a Story. The story behind the cake is this: I ordered a beautiful custom cake for Tori. We brought it home and set it on the counter. Miles went down for a late nap and I took Sophie into her room to play. A few minutes later, Chase came in looking serious, got down on the floor and gripped my shoulder. Looking right in my eyes he said, "The cake is destroyed. I don't know what else to tell you. I don't know how to say it any other way." Apparently Cameron had wanted to either hold it or take a look, we're not sure. But he pulled it off the counter and it landed top down. After scraping it off the floor it looked like this.

P1030903 P1030900 Here's Cam being remorseful.

Anyway, with only about an hour until we had to leave for the restaurant I called Jen to tell her what happened. She made a few suggestions, but we both figured we'd have to just get a generic cake. As I was scrubbing icing off the floor, though, I got a call from Brian. I guess he found a Walmart in the area who could do it but he had to get there fast. And they couldn't do any writing or anything. BUT, he got it done! I like to think there was probably some charming smooth-talk from Brian. There usually is.


Sara K. said...

I hope you saved and ate the ruined cake. It's what an ugly mom would do, anyway.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Well, it's not ice cream, so technically it's allowed. And I did have to try a couple bites because I wanted to see how good it was (it was scrum-dilly to the max). But that's it. It's currently on the very bottom of my garbage can baking away in the sun.

Jeni said...

You know, it is probebly a good thing the origonal was smushed. I LOVE target cake. So I would have been forced to have a piece. So thank you Cam!

great pics anna! It was fun!

Jessica said...

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